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  1. Mommy Jes says:

    Favorite part of my day today is when I had lunch with my kids ;D

  2. Jerri Davis says:

    Went Shopping with My Mom Who’s been unable to go many places due to hip surgery. Thank you. Jerri Davis

  3. Lela L M says:

    My nephew making me laugh was the best part of my day!

  4. Melissa Hall says:

    Waking up with no worries for the day wa s great

  5. Helen Stockwell says:

    5PM… going home time!

  6. Abbe Brown says:

    Snuggling with my 2 year old daughter & hubby this morning!

  7. Lisa Paone says:

    Waking up!

  8. Lindsey Pegram says:

    My favorite part of today was when I got off work.

  9. fran gilmore says:

    the am having my coffee

  10. Susann says:

    Getting home before it was dark.

  11. Carole Ingram says:

    Typically between 10pm and 11:59pm, that’s when I get the most of my work done , when all the kids are sleeping :)

  12. Heather Bruggman says:

    My favorite part of today was swim class with my toddler. LOVE spending one on one time with her!!

  13. Ashley Schein says:

    Seeing my daughter happy when she got off the bus

  14. Ruth Reynolds says:

    Sleeping in

  15. kaye bee says:

    My best part of the day was hanging out with my dad and son before bedtime. Kiddo loves his Grumps.

  16. Leslie Luu says:

    Going to the gym!

  17. the birthday party of my grandson he turned 2

  18. courtney hennagir says:

    my daughter laughing at me for the first time!best sound in the world!

  19. Amanda Rauch says:

    Baking Snickerdoodle Bread for my family

  20. My favorite part of my day today was leaving the hospital.
    I just had to buy a new coffee pot but they were out of the kind I picked out at Walmart so I just grabbed a cheap one until they restock. Of course I could win one of these and not have to buy another one lol Thanks for sharing.

  21. Jessie C. says:

    My favorite part was when I had my morning coffee

  22. Pat B. says:

    Morning coffee! It’s 5:35 am!

  23. Brandy Batson says:

    considering I worked 8a.m. to 3p.m. then back again at 8 p.m. to 3 p.m. the next day…. coming home was my favorite part. I was soooo tired.

  24. stacey dempsey says:

    nap time (for me lol )

  25. Lauren sloan says:

    my favorite part of day ,was drinking my cup of coffee and k=getting the kidos to school :)

  26. when I have lunch with my princess and she calls it a picnic

  27. angeliqua trevino says:

    The best part of my day was watching my husband sing his heart out at a gig that his band booked!

  28. JENNIFER HART says:


  29. joanne gentry says:

    It’s still early, but it has to be the coffee…cool morning, a fluffy sweater, and a big cup of hot hot coffee.

  30. Dawn Cates says:

    Winning a flash give away lol

  31. Kasey Twardowski says:

    THe best part of my day was waking up to my two year old telling me “I wub you momma, det up”

  32. Waking up without having to take the dogs out.

  33. jennifer c. says:

    Seeing my beautiful 2 girls off to school and the bus and then having my coffee right now in a quiet house

  34. Megan Cromes says:

    my fave part of the day is when the house is quiet and everyone is asleep!;)

  35. Ginger G. says:

    Having my morning coffee : )

  36. InezbyDesign says:

    The favourite part of my day is when I get home after work and can spend time with my hubby! Love that slow down part of the day.

  37. Taryn Pasco says:

    My favorite part of my day today was waking up to my daughter & hubby :)

  38. Stefanie Gladden says:

    I loved having my favorite meal for lunch – spaghetti!

  39. Shauna Lynn says:

    My quiet time after my Goddaughter left and I was able to relax in bed with my kitties :)

  40. Rhonda W G. says:

    This aft. I made banana bread and the whole house smelled wonderful…Makes for a great day!

  41. Sarah Bailey says:

    Using a new phonics curriculum with my son and seeing the letter sounds finally clicking – he’ll be reading soon!

  42. Jane Ritz says:

    The late evening is my favorite time of the day. Thank you for the opportunity to try to won the coffee maker. I want it for police officer children and their co-worker. They could grab a cup when they want or need it.

  43. tiffany dover says:

    Having lunch with my husband was my favorite part!

  44. Leslie says:

    The best part of my day is when any of my 4 sons come over and I get to visit with them. 2 live close and 2 live away so always a pleasure to see any of them.

  45. Leslie says:

    Spent the day today and yesterday with my 4 year old grandaughter so much fun !!!

  46. Andrew Adamson says:

    First cup of coffee

  47. Sandra Kaczanowcke says:

    Oh, I would love to win this! So easy and no coffee grounds or filters to bother with.

  48. Sandra Kaczanowcke says:

    Playing with my kitten.

  49. Jennifer Clark says:

    My fav part of today was IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!! So today was all about me!!

  50. My favorite part of today was relaxing with my girls after dinner and watching an episode of the Munsters. (My husband’s in the field this week. :/ )

  51. Pam says:

    When I woke up and had my first cup of coffee!

  52. the best part of my day is afternoon when I have a cup of coffee and when my grandson comes to stay! tnanks for the great giveaway!

  53. michelle fuller says:

    Twelve noon when I make my soup and sandwich for lunch.

  54. jennifer willard says:

    my favorite part of today was spending time with my son! i finally got a day off from work=)

  55. ellen chevarie says:

    my husband coming home early with a coffee in hand for me

  56. Cathy Naughton says:

    Leaving work!

  57. jeanette sheets says:

    my favorite time of day is waking up early enjoying my cofee while the kids sleep and hubby gone to work its my own little me personal time

  58. Krysa says:

    My favorite part of today was having a lazy pajama day with my son. I even got to nap with him this morning! <3 he's 5months old :)

  59. Carol W. says:

    Favorite part of my day was when my daughters got home from college & told me about the awesome grades they got today :)

  60. Kathy Ross says:

    My favorite part of the day was taking our dog for a car ride and giving him a bath. His fur is long and it’s fluffy afterwords and he smells good! :)

  61. Rebecca L says:

    Sleeping. I know boring…..

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  62. Anne says:

    Helping my co-worker put together her boyfriend’s weight bench set while my son was downstairs with the co-worker’s dogs……he’s so cute and talks to them LOL :)

  63. Serena L. says:

    doing a paper mache mask with my 15 yr old son. Who put off his project an not sure if it will dry in time lol. But it was fun helping him build a mask. It will be used as an act for language arts (studing Greek Theater) oh what fun lol. I dont miss high school.

  64. Practicing driving. I didn’t realize driving a car was that much fun.

  65. diana robinson says:

    coffee but its not gettin done fast enough i swear i have the slowest coffee pot in the world LOL

  66. angela behlen says:

    My favorite part of the day is doing my glass engraving

  67. Vanessa says:

    Staying home and relaxing on a day off!

  68. Malinda Jackson says:

    My day just started, but my favorite part so far has been dropping my 5yo son off at school.

  69. ellen williams says:

    coffie always the best part

  70. Heather Jonny says:

    Well the day just started, but I guess I would have to say being able to sleep in a hour later than usual :)

  71. Jennifer McBride says:

    Nursing and cuddling with my 14 month old. =)

  72. brandy johnson-gable says:

    my favorite part of the day has been playing with my puppy!!!!

  73. Holly West says:

    The best part were no bills in the mail!

  74. krystal wethington says:

    checking my mail lol.I love checking to see what freebies i get.

  75. Nicole Stotts says:

    Seeing my son off to school knowing how much he loves to learn

  76. Petra W says:

    The weather! NV rain is great!

  77. Peggy Humbracht says:

    Today, for the 1st time in months, is waking up to moisture, even though it is snow. Generally it is mid-morning when I am sitting down having a nice hot cuip of coffee.

  78. Heather L. says:

    A few moments to myself has been the best part of my day so far…

  79. Debbie Hartfield says:

    My favorite part of today was going shopping for clothes for my kids and grandbaby.

  80. Kathleen Hiskey says:

    So far the best part of today is that my 3yr old has only screamed once today, which is a big improvement from the every 5 mins since he woke up yesterday lol thanks for the chance to win ;)

  81. ashley dickey says:

    taking my daughter to school

  82. Sandra M says:

    My favorite part of today will be when I get off work :)

  83. Cathy says:

    The morning having a nice cup of coffee or cappo

  84. Megan S says:

    My favorite part of my day so far was watching my husband play with our daughter when she woke up this morning.

  85. Marlene Cain says:

    The morning having a nice cup of coffee.

  86. Arline F. says:

    fav part of the day for me was picking my boy up from school

  87. Cara webb says:

    The best part of my day was getting to talk to my husband who is deployed.

  88. Canna says:

    The best part of my day was this morning when my husband kissed me before he left for work!

  89. Valerie Gentry says:


  90. illy says:

    in the morning having a cup of coffee with my laptop

  91. Paul L says:

    Having my first cup of coffee in the morning after getting up and ready. A small mini-break before the start of the day.

  92. Lethea B says:

    My favorite time today was having my morning coffee with my Hubby!

  93. Ann says:

    Best part was coming home to the boyfriend and cat.

  94. spending time with my daughter

  95. Malinda Dixon says:

    Going to the gym, starting to feel healthy. Hoping to not gain those “winter weight” haha Going to stay active all winter long.

  96. susan wiener says:

    getting good news on my DH’s foot x-ray. thx.

  97. Ashley T. says:

    Spending some time with my husband

  98. Lisa H. says:

    The quiet time with my boys after dinner and before bed.

  99. Pam Donica says:

    Spending time with my family!

  100. Christine says:

    Making Homemade Applesauce!

  101. Carren Larsen says:

    When my daughter gets home from work and we all sit down to dinner as a family

  102. June Ebinger says:


  103. shannon stotler says:

    Times are tough so this would make some an excellent christmas gift.

  104. Terry Young says:

    Spending time with my filmy this afternoon. I enjoy every minute I have with them.

  105. My 2 year old little girl singing “I love you,you love me” Barney Song.

  106. Donna Collins says:

    Actually all day was the perfect part, I work outside doing landscaping and so I got to enjoy the light sprinkling off and on all day and the perfect weather. Started it off with a nice cup of coffee with my loving husband, couldn;t ask for more

  107. Tara S. says:

    Walking my youngest son to school

  108. Jane Schueler says:

    Late in the afternoon is best for me…..

  109. Best part of my day today was the fact that I was able to clean a lot of things that I have been putting off…AND rearranged three bedrooms….Now everyone in the house is happy! LOL

  110. casey says:

    my favorite part of today has been that my 10 month old sn didnt have another seizure.he had one last night for the first time ever so i stayed up all night watching him

  111. pls,,let me win,,,lol

  112. Jackie Wolinski says:

    My favorite part of the day is just waking up and brewing that first cup of coffee. It always smells and tastes the best in the morning.

  113. Linda Childers says:

    The best part of my day is kissing my hubby bye as he leaves for work and the kiss when he gets home :)

  114. My kitty waking me up with snuggles!

  115. Jaclyn Goodman says:

    Having my kiddos home with me…they are on fall break ; )

  116. Joanne R says:

    My favorite part of the day is waking up and seeing what the day has in store for me!

  117. I love spending time with my husband, 4 kiddos, and my brand new granddaughter;)

  118. susan little says:

    made my son wear pants instead of shorts today… then had to go back and bring him a warmer jacket, cause he was too cold! :) )

  119. dENNA says:

    sleeping in today…now it’s trying to potty train twins!

  120. Katy Lamb says:

    Waking up to have coffee with my husband.

  121. Cassidy H says:

    When I had the realization that moving away was a great example, not a hazard, to my cousins and sister

  122. Carla G says:

    Having a peaceful & quiet breakfast /coffee after the kids left for school! :)

  123. Any day that my kids don’t write on my walls makes for a good day(all day)..I still love them though..

  124. Kim Bowler says:

    Finishing my first exam in Macro economics

  125. Michelle B. says:

    For the most awesome cup of coffee when the Hubby wants to drink tea…BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. Lara Winton says:

    Watching my husband and 15 mth old play in the floor. Makes my heart smile

  127. Laurie Harrison says:

    That is hard to say. I have been ill. I have also been following a dissapearence of a 10 yr. old girl South of us that went missing on the 5th of Oct. They found a dismembered body in a park 9 miles away. It took them a couple days to ID that it was the girl. Bad day because she is deceased at the hands of a murderer and relieved that Jessica is no longer a lost child. I just din’t have a very great day today.

  128. Samantha Riggleman says:

    Waking up next to my amazing boyfriend with a smile on his face :)

  129. Mary A says:

    Getting home after a long drive!

  130. Marie Ange'l Cernich Chouest says:

    Waking up before my family and watching the sunrise while listening to the rooster crow!!

  131. monica young says:

    fav part of day was coming home to my family after a hard day at work

  132. Vicky W says:

    When my brother called me and told me my sister in law is doing great. She has stage 4 breast cancer!

  133. ann beck says:

    sitting in the front room reading my magazines that came today and drinking a cup of coffee in the quiet

  134. Daneita Key says:

    Laughing at my 19 month old granddaughter take my coffee to drink with her cookies!! So very cute how she had to hold it herself!!

  135. sara m ford says:

    5am to 10am its where I get my best sleep lol on the real I am a night person I love the end of the day at dinner time with my family

  136. Heather Jackson Huynh says:

    My favorite part of today was my two mile walk

  137. Martha Boismier says:

    Having My Coffee All day and all night too!

  138. Leilani R says:

    sleeping. Oh how I miss that!

  139. Josie says:

    My favorite part of today was turning off the air conditioner.

  140. Michelle Harasewicz says:

    Cuddling my babies.

  141. marissa arioli says:

    Getting to take a nap… it’s Saturday!

  142. Donna Sears says:

    Watching my granddaughter playing soccer; she is 4yrs old!!!

  143. Alex says:

    When I found out I get to see my daughter 4 hours earlier than expected!

  144. bryan nicoll says:

    hanging out with my kids!

  145. Deborah Paul says:

    The favorite part of my day today was finding this real cool giveaway! Thanks

  146. marcia g says:

    this would e great to have in the house

  147. Fee (Phyllis) Roberts says:

    My favorite part of the day is when I’m sitting having my coffee and listening to the birds outside my window, a beautiful way to start my day :)

  148. Rae Ann says:

    taking my kids to a movie!

  149. kathleen miller says:

    carving pumpkins

  150. Jennifer Crowell says:

    Going on a walk with my little girl =)

  151. Lynda says:

    would love this

  152. gus c says:

    my favorite part of my day will be the BBQ birthday party i am throwing tonight for a friend!

  153. Sandy Erwin says:

    Today we had a chili cook off at my sister’s house so I was able to see and visit with a whole bunch of family. I guess my favorite part of the day was I got to see my youngest daughter whom I haven’t seen in a while and all the hugs I got from my niece’s and nephews.

  154. amanda says:

    Favorite part of my day was spending the day with the ones I love most ..

  155. Nora Lawrence says:

    Enjoying a delicious Vi-Shake, to help me lose this weight.

  156. Nora Lawrence says:

    A BodybyVi Shake taste soo good mixed with coffee. What a way to start the morning and lose weight at the same time. Coffee and Vi-Shake.

  157. Misty says:

    When my granddaughter comes in with a smile and a hug!

  158. Sarah says:

    It’s the weekend, so you know I’m sleeping in!

  159. Kristy Couch says:

    Spending QT with my sweet little boy!

  160. anne says:

    My Favorite Part Of My Day was Giving Away all the Lawn Sale Stuff for Free

  161. Angela says:

    Toss up between having the grandbaby over and then being kid free for the remainder of the day!

  162. Jasmine says:

    We ordered pizza so I didn’t have to cook

  163. KC says:

    My granddaughter coming over to visit!

  164. The special time in the morning in meditation before I get out of bed. Always gets my day off to a great start!!!

  165. the best part of my day is waking up with my babies snuggling with me =]

  166. chrissy reilly says:

    When my husband and 2 kids all sat snuggling and laughing under the same blanket on the couch

  167. Lisa Willey says:

    My favorite part of the day is when I’m sitting having my coffee

  168. lindy says:

    When I got off work!!

  169. Arts and crafts time with my daughter

  170. Kim Fountain says:

    Going to the Pineywoods Fair.

  171. James Kennedy says:

    When i saw the International Space Station fly over.

  172. ashley x says:

    Naptime with my 4 year old!

  173. Ellesse says:

    Winning a free gift card

  174. Ann V says:

    Being able to take a 10 minute nap!

  175. The great deal we got for wood for our wood stove

  176. veda poff otto says:

    Going to family fun day with kids

  177. Sherry S. says:

    My sister and niece came over and we went out to eat.

  178. Delainey says:

    My favorite part of the day is when I snuggle into bed with my cat, we watch t.v. then drift off.

  179. Nicole Davis says:

    The best part of my day was my daughters 5th birthday party! So fun, but so exhausting. A Keurig would be nice to have to start off long days like today. Thanks for the chance :) )

  180. Jugoslava Volz says:

    playing with my 4 boys

  181. Sherry J says:

    My favorite part of the day was being able to get some crafting done that i’ve been wanting to do for months :)

  182. Shannon V says:

    Getting off work and going home.

  183. Teresa Vincent says:

    The sunshine that was outside.

  184. tracy philips says:

    would love one for my b day on sunday

  185. Tiffany says:

    My b-day’s today & my coffee pot is in rough shape!

  186. Kele Wassum says:

    I got to see my cousin from Chicago

  187. Nikki says:

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  188. Taking my son to the Lowe’s Build and Grow clinic to build a “ghoul bus” He loved it

  189. Sunnie Burkhardt says:

    Spending the day with my girls

  190. Sarah M says:

    My favorite part was going to my in-laws and having dinner and laughing.

  191. Jennifer B says:

    finding caillou dvds at a yardsale with my son

  192. Colleen says:

    Going to my dear sister-in-laws- Birthday Party !!!

  193. jennifer wexler says:

    i enjoyed going shopping with my hubby tonight

  194. lauren says:

    hearing about my kids first day at ccd

  195. kathy tyrrell says:


  196. Katlin Wolfert says:

    I fell asleep with my little one all cuddled in my arms, were both sick unfortunately!

  197. ASHLEY GAYHART says:

    Seeing my sons face.

  198. Cheryl Bravo says:

    Grilled out with hubby and a couple of friends.

  199. Kim says:

    Snuggling with my daughter on a cold rainy day. :-)

  200. Natalie Kozaczka says:

    Shopping for my grandkids halloween party next week end!

  201. lori higgins says:

    Shopping with my mom and my boys:)

  202. KRS says:

    Is when I talked to my children.

  203. Wendy Pogrant says:

    seeing my grandson today

  204. Rebekah Mara says:

    The best part of my day is being blessed waking up to another day I get to have with my children and family and friends.

  205. crystal says:

    favorite part of my day was taking a nap ;) i was super tired!!

  206. Cristita Hodge says:

    my favorite part was shopping today

  207. Twila Keenan says:

    gong out to lunch with my hubby.

  208. Jazmin Flores says:

    The best part was spending time with my family

  209. Beth M. says:

    Babysitting my nephew

  210. Lee Ann Kaplan says:

    went to a birthday party! and got to give a lil girl a doll house and a tea set :)

  211. fayme s says:

    when the kids went to bed!!

  212. Angie Rogers says:

    snuggled the cutest little 8 wk old lab today at a fall festival.

  213. Mommy Jes says:

    Congratulations Krystal!!!

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