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I recently had the pleasure of getting a candles and some tarts from Countrytrail Candles to review. I have to say I’m loving their candles, they are soy candles and burn very clean. They also have amazing scents you can chose from.

I picked Patchouli for my 16 oz candle, it’s a very strong scent and before this review I had never had any in this scent before. I love the candles, but this is not a scent for me and it has nothing to do with the company it’s just me :) I know it’s just me because my son loves it.
Product Review
I really love the idea of the matches on top of the candle, such a neat and wonderful idea. I can’t count how many times I’ve had to go looking for mine since I misplace them all the time. Well I don’t have to worry these they stay right on top of the lid and you can make them stick back on there after you use them.

Product Review

Our favorite so far would have to be the Blueberry Muffin, I got a tart of this scent and OH MY GOODNESS it makes you want to eat it as soon as you smell it. My son has taken the tarts over and keep them in his bedroom on a warmer. I have also noticed he’s been wanting a lot of blueberry stuff lately, they really do make your house smell like you’re baking.

Candle Review

Here is something else I have never seen before or even heard of, a wick dipper. I’m a fan of these now and always want one in my house. Instead of blowing your candle out where you get that smoke afterwards, you just dip the wick into the wax of your candle and it goes out without that yuck smell at the end. Awesome invention and even more so that Counrytrail Candles included one with all my other amazing stuff to review.

Candle Review

I feel like I hit the jackpot when I opened my package from Counrytrail Candles not only did I get a candle, but I got the big thing of tarts and 3 scent samples of tarts. So in one review I already know how 5 of their scents smell. Lavender Mil Bath is my favorite out of these three, with Craig’s Sugar Cookies following right after, then County Campfire is one that my son loves.

Candle Review

I will be ordering more candles from Counrytrail Candles not only do they have so many wonderful scents to choice from, but they’re also affordable. Now that is something you just can’t beat these day, quality and a great price too, yep I’m for sure a fan.
Product Review

I look forward to my adventure of finding my all time favorite scent from Counrytrail Candles and trust me I have a lot of scents to go through till I can make my final pick, I don’t think it’s going to be an easy choice.

I received the above items from Counrytrail Candles to review. In no was was a positive review promised, only an honest one.

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