Pay It Forward for the KIDS for the Holidays #Giveaway Event #PayItForward

Pay It Forward, what does that mean when you see it? How many of you have seen our giveaways before? Let me tell you a little about what it means to 28 ladies in this group. This group was started by a very special person who had a vision and she reached out and grabbed (they didn’t have to be asked twice) 2 other bloggers to help.

Her vision? To Pay It Forward to the fans, why? When you’re a blogger and you listen to your fans, you get to know them, their family’s and their needs. So she wanted to do fast, quick flashes that the fans didn’t have to wait weeks for to win. When it all runs smooth Monday, Wednesday, Friday there is 4 hour ONLY flash giveaways. Most Pay It Forward giveaways are provided by 1 if not all involved in which ever one is going on at the time. There are some weekend flash giveaways at times and there are time sponsors will help with the giveaway prize or prizes, depending on the giveaway. But I have to say some sponsors hear 4 hour flash giveaway and they don’t want to take the chance, the ones who have are never disappointed and they decide to be a repeat sponsor.


I LOVE being a part of the Pay It Forward group and giving back to our fans, I love the whole concept. Without our fans we wouldn’t have our sites, you are what makes us and what makes the sponsors want to work with us.

This giveaway is because we did listen to our fans and we did read your comments and we heard your needs and wishes. I’ve read comments that has made me wish I was rich so I could reach out and help everybody, reality is I’m not, but it don’t make me help any less than if I was.

Do you want to help Pay It Forward? Look to your right, see the contact Kimberly? Hit that tab and I don’t care if you’re a fan or a sponsor, if you want to, or you can, help make their be a lot more winners in this giveaway by sponsoring a gift for a child. If you are reading this and you can’t do it right now, I truly understand that, but if you are thinking I can do that, it just may take a month or two. That tab will always be there, as I pray will this group, it may not always be us, but I hope it’s something that is passed down from blogger to blogger.

God Bless and Happy Holidays. 

Welcome to the Pay It Forward for the KIDS for the Holidays giveaway event!!

The Pay It Forward crew has teamed up to make some kids a little extra happy this Holiday Season, and hopefully some Parents have a sigh of relief they may be needing.

Our Grand Prizes are 2 Columbia Coats, 1 for each a boy and a girl!

We have 12 Crew members that also all donating items, making this numerous gifts for numerous kids!!

Including but not limited to:

2 Board Game Mystery Boxes

La La Loopsy Doll

Disney Cars Huffy Inline Folding Scooter, Red

$15 toys r us gc

Board games

La la Loopsy Carnival of Friends Nintendo 3DS Game

3 in 1 Direction dolls for girl or for a boy a Remote control car $60 value

a Girly Goody box for girls ages 2 to 4

Plus MORE!!

We ♥ Paying it Forward to our Fans!!

Crew Members for this Amazing event are:

Emptynester Reviews, Couponing4You, Powered By Mom, Donna’s Deals and more, Coupon Hauls, Cajun Couponer, Acadiana’s Thrifty Mom, Coupon Nurse, Free Fun Fab Findings, Kimberly’s Thoughts, Two Couponing Friends, Zoe’s Printable Coupons

Sorry Open To US only

ends 11:59pm est 12/10

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About Kimberly

I'm a 37yr old single mother of three amazing kids. They are the light, and joy in my life, the best thing I've ever been called is Mommy. I'm new to blogging and websites, it seems I caught on really fast and found something I feel I'm good at. But I'm not new to talking and rambling. I'm great at it :) I'm a writer, singer, photographer, and I Love to Laugh.
I do product reviews, jewelry reviews, recipes, poetry, family friendly, giveaway host, organic living, PR friendly, I Disclose


  1. sara says:

    thank you!!

  2. athena d. says:

    my daughter is currently obsessed with dinosaurs and Toy Story. so basically anything involving them she wants lol:)

  3. soha molina says:


  4. Kiki Bacaro says:

    Stompeez and Dreamlites

  5. Krystal Mercier says:

    Furby, and a Nintendo dsi for my oldest and anything that moves for my youngest.

  6. Virginia Rogers says:

    Stompeez, Lala loopsy Doll, Furby, Wii Games- kids dance, Leap pad 2. Thank you so much for chance to win such a great giveaway!!

  7. Michelle Harasewicz says:

    I need to get a rechargeable pack for the Leap Pad 2.

  8. Sandy Gebhardt says:

    remote control car….

  9. Linna Turner says:

    She wants the Littlest Pet Shop toys, a pogo stick, craft things and everything she sees on tv.

  10. Tyler Brown says:

    I’m not sure. I haven’t been able to afford presents this year, still not sure if I’m going to be able to.

    • Danielle Winn says:

      I have had to do this in the past, shop at the Dollar Tree if u can! They don’t care about the quality, usually with young kids they want quanity! Happy Holidays!!!! :)

  11. Michelle says:

    Our son is very simple this year, but so much fun. He is 19-months old and his favorite word is “truck”. His favorite everything is TRUCK. haha So, all he wants for Christmas is truck, truck, truck.

  12. anything Disney

  13. shes two and a half and she doesnt talk much so she cant really ask for things but i know what she likes

  14. Tammy says:

    Doc Mcstuffins, Leappad games, Lalaloopsy, Dream lites, Stompeez, Little Mommy Dr. Mommy doll….And it goes on and on!! LOL!!!

  15. Heather R. says:

    My 3 year old wants EVERYTHING but especially an easel and coloring stuff, and my 14 month old will be getting some cars as that’s the only thing he’s really “into”. :)

  16. Jenny Divalicous says:

    So much to list, skylanders, stompeez,littlest pet shop, monster high.

  17. jamie lafever says:

    my daughter wants a dollhouse and my son is wanting xbox 360 games.

  18. Derelys Peterson says:

    I was laid off so my daughter asked for some perfume, a purple fish with a purple fish tank.

  19. Tiffany McBaine says:

    Color books
    crayons , trucks and Legos.

  20. deanna boyd says:

    my son is ALL about remote control vehicles.he also loves dinasours

  21. Elizabeth Parker says:

    Our oldest changes her mind every day, but we will probably only be able to afford necessities such as clothes. Her grandparents might send her toys, though. Our youngest has almost grown out of her infant seat, so for her, we are saving until after Christmas to get her a Convertible car seat.

  22. melissa myers says:

    my daughter wants a Scooter, ds games, barbies, a dollhouse ,cars little pet shop house

  23. Adrienne Kelligan says:

    bouncing tigger

  24. Sherry Timmerman says:

    How exciting to get to play Santa to some deserving children.

  25. Patty Kraft says:

    American girl doll, Leapster 2, Star Wars legos and bikes.

  26. Carren Larsen says:

    barbies, baby dolls, Anyhting Dora, Anything Thomas, trains, and a million other things. :)

  27. Jahna Smith says:

    my daughter wants an ipod but she really needs a coat!

  28. Pauline says:

    I have 2 girls. My oldest wants a furby, monster high dolls, the dork diaries chapter books, and a kindle fire (of course!) My youngest likes monster high dolls, level 2 reading books, littlest pet shop, polly pockets, and barbies.

  29. Danielle Winn says:

    My daughter will be 1yr old on Dec. 28th. So I’m not sure she has any idea about Christmas! But I would love anything for her age group! Plus with her B-day being so close to X-mas she ‘ll prolly feel jipped every year…

  30. Sue Wilson says:

    One grandson wants dinosaurs, the other grandson wants a nite light pillow, my granddaughter hasn’t said.

  31. kendra boese says:

    My grandchilern are going through any car and hello kitty and princess phases!

  32. emily childers says:

    My son loves to be hands on and he plays with balls and any toys he can drag or that make noises! :)

  33. I am their great great Aunt and because I live on a limit income they did not give me a list.

  34. Kathy Ross says:

    Tons of toys!!!

  35. Amy Gyure says:

    Music, art stuff and clothes

  36. kim thompson says:

    wii games & board games

  37. Dawn Ganey says:

    I am trying for a 16 year old girl, her mom was killed in a car wreck in 2007. I help her out, my kids are grown.

  38. Carmen Rudnick says:

    The barking dog from hallmark, clothes, activity gyms, learning toys.

  39. Sue Hull says:

    My daughter is grown but I still have a list of what she wants. Lol! She likes kitchen stuff, frames and surprises. If I won anything I’d give it to my neices. Thank you for the Absolutely Awesome giveaway!
    Thanks to all the sponsors too :)

  40. Lisa D says:

    My daughter loves anything Elmo, Mickey/Minnie, or Yo Gabba Gabba. My stepson is into Legos and video games.

  41. Kathleen Hiskey says:

    Ipads, 3ds games, everything(4yr old lol) and things that make noise for my 16 month old girl :) this is an awesome giveaway! Thank you to everyone who helped with it :)

  42. Patricia Lacy says:

    Books and toys… lol

  43. Ellen Shullaw says:

    Would love to win this then I could send gifts to lots of the young kids I know..Thanks

  44. michelle fall says:

    wii u

  45. Jacki Begay says:

    My little guy loves balls and anything resembling a cell phone or computer LOL! My daughter is into crafts and princesses.

  46. wanda jewell says:

    I actually don’t “have” a child to buy for but have chosen a child that I would like to provide Christmas presents for. She is from an extremely poor family situation. Thanks for the contest.

  47. Leah Morgan says:

    Dora gymnastics doll

  48. charissa dryman says:

    doll house is the biggest request this year

  49. Juana Rose says:

    Anything Thomas and Friends related

  50. Judy Bradley says:

    Princess dolls, lalaloopsy items, dragons & dinosaurs, castle, bikes

  51. Brittany S. says:

    My son wants anything wrestling (especially John Cena) and spy gear. My daughters are preteens and they are wanting clothes, boots, curling wand, One Direction stuff and tablets.

  52. Amee Burr says:

    Wii games, DSi Games, a Kindle Fire, stompeez and some Justin Beiber Girlfriend perfume!!

  53. April Williams says:

    My oldest wants stompeez, a unicorn dreamlite, Novi Star lamp, and a Furby.
    My middle child is a bit harder because he has an Autism Spectrum Disorder so he changes him mind a lot. So far he has said anything firetrucks, Ninja Turtles, or Rescue Heros.
    My Youngest wants anything Minnie Mouse and a Cozy Coupe.

    Unfortunately I don’t think they will get any of those things because my husband and I can not find work after his time in service ending after 5 1/2 years.

  54. liz heppel says:

    I do not want anything for me so guess my wish is I can make a Christmas for my children and grandchildren. Being out on Workmans Comp does not pay alot so just trying to get little things for them to have. Thank-you for your giveaways

  55. megan cromes says:

    my 10 yr.old son wants a new bike.;)ty;)

  56. megan cromes says:

    a new bike.;)ty;)

  57. Christina Hampton Kline says:

    She really loves Monster High Dolls! :)

  58. Kelli Easley says:

    dora, princess dress-up stuff, tablet, bike, games

  59. stefania cunningham says:

    My daughter is asking for a leappad (which isn’t happening) or a ds (again, not happening), littlest pet shop coaster and doll clothes. I lost my job after being out injured for 3 months so anything we end up being able to buy will be a miracle!

  60. Linda Smith says:

    Hot Wheels And Train Sets

  61. TEresa says:

    Taylor swift barbie or 2003 barbie The boy clothes and BMX Bike.

  62. Wendy Pesce says:

    beleive it or not, my 18 would go crazy over the 1D dolls!!

  63. Lori Monterrosas says:

    My 13 yr old is obsessed with 1Direction my 10 yr old is absessed with Justin Bieber and my Son age 2 loves Mickey Mouse.

  64. Rebekah Mara says:

    More than anything I would love to be able to get my son and daughter whatever their heart desires but in all reality I know I won’t be able to. I am unable to work because of an injury I got while on the job. It caused permanent damage and is progressing quicker than all my doctors thought. My son has been asking forever for an iPod touch thing, my daughter an iPad. Lol I wish I could but the prices are so much, it will take me forever to save up to be able to get them for then. So ice been trying to look around and find them something similar for them, they’re one big Santa gift and hopefully if I have any money left from my budget, they may be able to get maybe 3-4 things depending on the price of it. They both love playing games so I may combine their gifts together this year. I know it’s not the same as having their own individual things I’d get them, I don’t want anything for myself, just for them to be able to see their faces light up Christmas morning would be all the gifts I need. Thank you so much for giving myself and everyone else a small chance to be able to take part in this giveaway and best of luck to everyone too

  65. Penny Delgado says:

    My oldest daughter thats 6 years old wants a trampoline and barbie furniture and barbie dolls mostly barbie furniture and play make-up,dress up shoes,clothes
    My youngest daughter just turned 2 years old and she hasnt told me she is learning to say words little by little but I assume she likes baby dolls and ball pit and also battery train set or even if its wood train set play grill play food that she can cut ect

  66. Kim says:

    games for his 3DS

  67. gaming stuff says:

    furby , leappad2 , and games for her leapad , and also a pikachu back pack

  68. jenny green says:

    My four year old son wants the stompeez one eyed monster slippers and my ten year old son wants the terrain twister

  69. Jen5253 Range says:

    Legos, Spider Girl comic books, Kings in the Corner and Uno card games, and books are just a few of the things on their lists

  70. Debra Getsinger says:

    trucks, cars

    baby doll

  71. Ashley Hawley says:

    6.5 Yr old wants a CuddleUppet and Ironman toys… 3.5 yr old wants a Minnie Mouse Kitchen set and Paint set….and the 2 yr old wants a Furby.

  72. Erin C says:

    Everything! LOL

  73. My older daughter wants new toys, and I’m sure the baby will be happy with anything. :)

  74. Jackie Griebel says:

    a pirate ship!

  75. Heather howard says:

    cars ipad

  76. oscar says:

    iTunes gift cards, Barnes & Noble gift cards (he loves to read), Target gift cards, and video games.

  77. Misty Taylor says:

    American girl doll, trampoline, DS games, kids Tablet, music player, clothes

  78. krista grandstaff says:

    La la loopsy and a furby :)

  79. Jessica Rinker says:

    my 5 year old will take just about anything, especially if its girly. she hasnt made a list because i’ve been keeping her away from the toy aisles since i don’t have money this year, but when she watches tv she wants everything in the commercials lol

  80. april says:

    “army guy stuff”, Imaginext, Lego, books, Playdo

  81. terri carney says:

    my grandson loves lego’s, pokeymon, anything he can fidget with, he is a tinker,

  82. Kathy M says:

    Castles and big wheel

  83. Kimberly Frazee says:

    she told Santa she wants disney princess fake fingernails lol

  84. Allyson Hunter says:

    My granddaughter wants anything with Spiderman and my teenage son wants video games and a WiiU.

  85. Carrissa R. says:

    My 15yr old asked for nothing, said you don’t have to buy me anything Mum it’s okay. I think he does want something just thinks I cannot afford it. My 12yr old son only asked for a remote control crane, but I’ve not been able to find one. My daughter who will be 11yrs old ,11 days before Christmas wanted the Monster High set where you create your own doll? I’m not sure what it’s called though. And new board games, for family night. I am also trying to buy for 3 other children , an 11yr old Girl an 8 yr old Girl and a 4 yr old Boy. I’m not quite sure what they would like, as I don’t want them to know that I am trying. Just in case I can’t. I hope someone very deserving recieves this wondeful giveaway. Thank you

  86. Chelsea says:

    a leappad 2 :)

  87. Tyler Brown says:

    My nephew likes spongebob

  88. Carol says:

    Their list is endless, but one wants an American Girl doll, the other Jets Bronco uniform with pads. :)

  89. Shannon Wilckens says:

    My youngest is in love with Dolls and the Movie Brave:)

  90. Carol says:

    **** that should have said Jets or Bronco uniform with pads****

  91. Jill says:

    Books, trains, cars, blocks, Mickey everything, Diego and umizoomi!!!

  92. Rebecca says:

    With 4 kids they all want something different…the 10 year old wants Monster High dolls, the 8 year old wants legos and other boy stuff, the 2 1/2 year old wants whatever is on the commercial at the time….lol, and thankfully the 1 year old doesn’t understand so would be happy with diapers or snacky stuff….

  93. kayla previti says:

    my son loves cars and toystory and my daughter is lalaloopsy my little pony and zoobles lol <3

  94. Leslie L. Stanziani says:

    The 5 yr old wants a bike while my 10 year old wants monster trucks.My 12 yr old wants jewelry(cocktail rings mainly) and the 15 year old is all about Justin Bieber.

  95. Jessica Balutowski says:

    This is so nice for you guys to think to do.

  96. Jessica Balutowski says:

    A lalalloopsy ds game

  97. melissa teears says:

    Planes,trains, & automobiles

  98. anything expensive….a notebook


  99. My daughter wants elephants (anything), la la loopsy, tablet and wuggle pets.

  100. Amanda Rauch says:

    Money, video games, books etc.

  101. rebecca day says:

    my daughter wants a kindle fire

  102. Deborah B says:

    He wants hot wheel cars and hungry hungry hippos

  103. Dana Denay says:

    Mine wants a new bike and a Furby…and any old tea party set!

  104. Krissi says:

    Baby dolls and accessories

  105. lori scheirer says:

    He wants the game spot it travel !

  106. michelle fall says:

    wii u and games

  107. sherry says:

    fixing an old house a hot water that went out and now my husband is working a job that is costiing nme about 50.00 in gas a week this package would def help love legos thanks

  108. barb h says:

    furbies, Wii-U,,,cars, dolls,

  109. laura says:

    matthew would love to have anything that can give him input he has autism and loves anything that can help him focus his body.

  110. Jennifer Keeler says:

    My children are asking for books and games to p,ay for family game night!

  111. Dawn Sterner says:

    Stompeez, clothes, dolls, Nintendo 3DS.

  112. Diane Wolf says:

    Lalaloopsy and a Yellow Furby

  113. baby toys, little einsteins stuff

  114. helen says:

    dolls for miss Emma/ the 10month old and fijit, furby and anything else for miss Bethany

  115. Elizabeth Whitmore says:

    He wants a air hog vehicle, a ice cream maker, and the one that warms my heart is he wants his daddy to feel better, due to cancer and illness.

  116. Tiffany Stufflestreet says:

    My oldest wants an xbox 360, 3ds, games, helicopters, etc. The baby dont really care but he likes play kitchens, tool benches, and pretty much everything else.

  117. Allison Revilla says:

    8 yo wants anything karate, 15 yo wants anything to do with Houston Texans

  118. Kami Bryant says:

    My 7 year old son wants a skateboard, Dr. Dreadful Alien Autopsy, Furby and Slurpee Drink Maker

  119. aggi says:

    legos , and cars

  120. Denise Donaldson says:

    3DS games

  121. Emily C says:

    My kids aren’t too picky. My daughter is into Monster High and Shake it up and my son likes all things Space and he likes Angry Birds and the Avengers. They are always really happy with anything that they get. We are a family of 4 and the only income is mine and I work 25 hours a week so its barely enough to cover bills. Thank You.

  122. Amy Clark says:

    My oldest son loves Star Wars – so anything related to that…and my youngest son loves everything. He will play with anything we give him. But, he especially loves cars, bugs and dinosaurs. :)

  123. carrie s says:

    cloths, boots, bed spread set, and a game

  124. Susan L says:

    gifts fir my grandkids

  125. My children are grown and they really don’t ask for anything for Christmas. My girls love make-up and my son loves anything to do with the Falcons.

  126. My grand kids however, have a mile long list of things they want. My 4 yr old grand daughter wants a new car. Lord help us all when she’s a teenager.

  127. Donna Sears says:

    This would be for my grandchildren; they are not picky yet!!! so anything would do….

  128. JoAnn F. says:

    jofo120 at yahoo dot com

  129. Kristen says:

    I can’t get it out of him this year. he is 5 and will not say it by far has been the hardest year to shop for him yet!

  130. jaime hendrickson says:

    My daughter wants a baby doll, any sort of crafts making things (sbe wants to be a fashion designer) she also wants a new red coat!

    , l

  131. Kristy Couch says:

    NERF, Leggos!

  132. Becca Wilson says:

    He wants all sorts of army men and trucks :)

  133. My son loves anything to do with sports and the out doors. He loves playing baseball and basketball. My daughter loves clothes, make-up, reading,Taylor Swift. They both adore country music!!!

  134. Athena says:

    My daughter loves anything Monkeys and Penguins and Phinneas and Ferb, Dora, Spongebob.. On her list this year is accessories for her baby dolls like bottles, diapers,clothes food (baby alivestuff), and a diaper bag, baby doll bed, and she needs clothes Size 4T,Shy also loves books( I read to her about everynight. One good thing about my daughter is she will accept whatever shes not picky at all, I usually try to just go to the dollar tree and get her stuff.

  135. Becky Bain says:

    My oldest son number one want is Skylander’s Giants, my oldest daughter’s is an American Girl doll, youngest daughter wants Dora’s gymnastic doll, & my little guy isn’t old enough to declare his wants. ;)

  136. one direction items, Nintendo, wwe and a camera…my 3 kiddos want a little of everything

  137. Esther Anders says:

    Legos!, Lego Batman 2, Trains, dolls, doggies, cars, ect.

  138. Laura Mckissock says:

    My 4 year old DD wants nail polish (she is obsessed with painting her fingers and toes lol….My 6 year old DD wants crazy socks and a gymnastics beam so she can practice her routine at home and my 16 year old DD needs a new laptop…Of course I could wrap nothing but socks and underwear and they would be happy hahaha

  139. tina harris says:

    i have two little girls and a ruff year.. period

  140. amber thompson says:

    dream lite, stompeez, psp, dsi, lalaloospy doll

  141. Francine Werlinger says:

    Would love to win

  142. Debby Etling says:

    A WII u that is way out of my league. Thank you for the giveaway.

  143. Marylee says:

    Wants to see santa Lol

  144. megan l says:

    This would MAKE our Christmas this year. I haven’t been able to do any shopping and this just looks so beautiful. Thank you for the chance to win.

  145. Aimee says:

    I have 6 kids ages 16 mo – 10. They want all sorts of things ranging from video games to barbies to blocks and cars.

  146. Amanda C says:

    My 2 year old doesn’t have a list she is satisfied just seeing the lights on the tree lol. Our 5 year old says she just wants skates & “a bike with NO training wheels” lol!

  147. Jane says:

    Awesome giveaway

  148. Jackie Jenkins says:

    She really wants trains!

  149. anna m says:

    an ipad

  150. Brittany Coursey says:

    My 2 year old doesnt really have a list. But from what I have saw she is so interested in the Bouncing Tigger toy. & Loves Dora!

  151. Hope chamberlain says:

    These 2 children want “high tech”..sad they don’t know how to play with cars/trucks or dolls…
    NOW, my daughter is asking for insulated curtains and a clock.
    She thinks the children should have gifts that require imagination. I did a good job with her, huh?

  152. casey says:

    my daughter wants anything dora and kai lan and my son would be happy with anything that makes noise and lights up but we prolly wont be having christmas this year due to the fact that we are struggling just to put food on the table for our kids

  153. christina flynn says:

    I have 2 grandchildren aged 2 and 3 that I need to buy for. My daughter is donating me one of her kidneys. She needs to take time off from work to recover. I would love to be able to help her out for helping me live a longer life.

  154. Bonnie Silver says:

    All 3 girls would like a new bikes (1 24″ and 2 20″), DS games for girls, and a few board games for their ages.

  155. andrea strait says:

    Clothes and games for my 3 and toys for my grsnd daughter and unborn grandson.

  156. Anna ross says:

    Dolls , makeup& nail polish , scooter, x box 360 games , ds games , bikes ,

  157. Tony says:

    playstation 3, games, clothes shoes etc

  158. Elizabeth Davis says:

    My daughter says “hello Kitty”, a couch & chair, puzzles, and games.

  159. Shannon Stotler says:

    We recently lost everything so my daughter doesn’t have much of anything but she is such a greatful little girl, she says all she wants is a baby doll but mommy and daddy want to work with Santa as much as we can to make it a great Christmas and replace what we can…

  160. Cathy Alger says:

    9 yr old wants clothes,games,n wrestlers, 3yr old want cars, planes, superheros

  161. Kira Leavens says:

    The Barbie sisters cruise ship, Barbie clothes, and a toy kitchen to help me cook dinner!

  162. kelly bernstein says:

    he says he wants anything cars,but he isnt picky he loves and appreciates everything!!

  163. Dawn Bruce says:

    My 2 yr old daughter is obsessed with baby dolls and dressing up. She loves costumes and jewelry. Anything for a 2 yr old would be a god send as our funds are very limited at the moment. Thank you so much for the opportunity. God Bless all of the Bloggers!

  164. Lisa v. says:

    my 3 year old loves blocks, games and cars, he loves to play. my 6 year old told me he would love a scooter, cars, games anything drawing or creative.

  165. Amy Moncrief says:

    My youngest is wanting anything scooby doo,my oldest is up in the air about it,and our middle son says he doesn’t care what he gets.

  166. Amy M says:

    Gracie wants a nintindo DS with games suitable for her age. She also wants a IPad, Lala-Loopsey dolls, drawing paper, dress up clothes and a lot of surprises.

  167. heather smith says:

    Ryan wants a new scooter, rain boots, jammies, slippers and a new helmet and shoes. :)

  168. Dannan Beltran says:

    A Dsi for my oldest daughter.. and polly pockets for my 8 year old & 7 year old daughters even my son would love to play w/ polly pocket with his sisters. Barbies, Barbie Jeeps things that my 3 year old son can drive his “girl friends” around in (Barbies) lol

  169. melissa swanson says:

    my six year old wants a dreamlight, lala loopsy doll, an easy bake oven, and twister she also wants a puppy ….the eight year old wants play make up and an american girl doll and me. …..thanks so much for the giveaway

  170. Kassie Jo Lauhoff says:

    A PS3

  171. Lisa Paone says:

    Furby, Monster High dolls, Wii U, you name it….and of ALL things…a trampoline.

  172. Tea set, LaLaLoopsy, RC Car, RC Helicopter, Art Supplies, Shoes, Snow Boots

  173. Daneita Renee Morgan says:

    Minnie Mouse kitchen, clothes for winter, to have daddy come back from deployment, dollies,books and puzzles.

  174. Dree Getz says:

    I want to get my daughter a swing set.

  175. angela dupree says:

    She wants a Ipod touch but I really don’t see that happening!

  176. Trista Morrison says:

    He does not have a list, at this age, I like to let family and friends choose. We did buy him some more clothes as the hand me downs are the wrong season, books, some exploratory learning toys to assist in his fine and gross motor skill development.

  177. Patti Wilder says:

    a doll would be nice

  178. mary taylor says:

    Would love to win

  179. Amelia Pickens says:

    My daughter asked for Monster High dolls. My son trucks and buses and my twins asked for The Avengers action figures or Power Rangers.

  180. karen lanois says:

    loves elmo

  181. cheryl f says:

    At 19 mths all he wants is trucks and balls!

  182. Karen Hedden says:

    My nieces and nephew live with my husband and I. The 5 yr girl wants a Cabbage Patch doll with Red hair. The 4 yr girl wants anything Hello Kitty and the 2 yr boy wants Curious George or Toy Story. Thank you to the WHOLE pay it forward team! May God bless you ALL!! Merry Christmas!

  183. tammy says:

    Remote control cars, board games and Toys r us gift cards and Batman And superman stuff…

  184. Lora Ellingwood says:

    I have 4 wonderful children three boys and a girl. I entered for my youngest son and all he really asks for is the PBS show Dinosaur Train toys. :) This is so amazing what you are doing!! I am so thankful that Someone will be a little less stressed and a child will be amazingly blessed. God bless you!!! <3

  185. Brenda Zuniga says:

    My granddaughter wants a camera. She says she wants to scrapbook like grammy!

  186. Jennifer Crane says:

    My nephew Aiden will be 3 in a cfew days he dose not have alist.He is the sweetest baby ever.So easy to please.He’s used to his Aunt Bunny (jenny) getting him goodies bit the husband is not working.H e wont notice much but I would I would, love to hear his delight over goodies this year

  187. Robyn L says:

    dolls and Princess things
    games for Xbox, toy trucks, remote control airplanes

  188. My two teen’s would love visa gift card’s as both have specific shoes & clothing items they want to pick out themselves. My daughter that is 2 1/2 want’s anything minnie & mickey mouse or dora the explorer. She loves books, to color and to play with kitchen stuff

  189. veda poff otto says:

    Fortune cookie maker, legos

  190. veda poff otto says:

    Fortune cookie maker n legos

  191. Ash asked Santa for an electric train set to go around the Christmas tree, like he saw at a friend’s house last year. He asked us for a butterfly toy. That’s all he asked for, but our own list for him — of things we know he’d love, things we know would be good for him — is longer. I’d love to be able to get him an e-reader….he’s hyperlexic, and reading is a favored activity, sensory escape, and mode of learning — but we don’t have the space or budget to keep buying normal books, we can’t make enough trips to enough libraries to keep a fresh flow coming in, and when out and about, there is only so much we can tote around with us! I’d love to be able to get him a new weighted blanket, as his is baby-sized and not nearly soft and snuggly enough for my tactile boy. I’d love to get him some toys that would be entertaining for him to play with, with other kids, if we try having them over for play-dates. Developing his social skills are important. I’d also love to be able to get family memberships to the local zoo and to a local museum that has sever days a month when they specifically accommodate special needs kids.

  192. Lori L says:

    My 2 girls love baby dolls and girly stuff, my boy loves legos and games. There happy no matter what and very thankful <3

  193. Lacey Burd says:

    Anything My Little Pony is at the top of my daughters list this year! Thanks :)

  194. Amy C. says:

    my son anything WII and my daughter dolls.

  195. Caitlin Clark says:

    My Oldest Daughter, Erini, wants Ponies! Ponies ponies ponies!
    My youngest daughter, Bronwyn, just wants stuffies and animals.
    For the more part, I can usually manage for them, but this year has proven rather difficult in terms of Christmas dreams… No sob story, but I’m just glad to get my stresses off my chest!

  196. rachel says:

    my 4 year old claims to want every toy he sees in the store or on tv or in an ad. but dinos especially the switch and go dinos are tops of his list this year.

  197. Erin Morfin says:

    My daughter would LOVE a minnie’s bow-tique fairy playset this christmas!

  198. Jane Ritz says:

    Thanksfor this give away. If I’m blessed enough to win this, it would finish up my shopping. This would take care of 8 grandchildren for this unemployeed Mimi. I really appreciate this chance. Merry Christmas!

  199. Kristi McDowell says:

    My son has Autism, really needs an Ipad to communicate like his peers but probably not going to happen this year… so anything that lights up or makes noise or reads or sings are the kinds of things he likes!

  200. Tanya Messer says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to have a gift for our children! These times are so tough! I hope to one day soon help pay it forward! God Bless you all!

  201. courtney hennagir says:

    my son wants a new game for his ds and some books.

  202. Tanya Messer says:

    My oldest son wants blue jeans. My youngest is wanting a bicycle or anything Toy Story or Caillou

  203. Leah Wall says:

    wii games and lego for the boy, leapster and horses for the girl

  204. My grandson is from a single parent home and his mom has SLE Lupus which has devastated her physically,medically,financially and jobwise. I have been surrogate mom for our sweet Eli for the past 4 yrs. He doesnt really ask for anything for Christmas. He has simple needs, clothes, shoes, and since he loves the outdoors so much, he would probably really love a bicycle, used or any. Or any other outside toy. Balls to play with,or anything else that someone may be blessed to forward to him. Thank you for your contests and for listening. I have never been in this position before where we have been in need and have always helped others.


    My son wants anything starwars

  206. Jennifer R says:

    My oldest wants some new video game and my youngest wants a Leapfrog Tag reader

  207. Linda Heyde says:

    Caars, trucks, airplanes……..

  208. samantha mchenry says:

    son-clothes from hot topic ps2 games
    daugher-monster high dolls art stuff makeup

  209. Donna Quarles says:

    she wants a spirit wolf hat & a my chemical romance cd & we cant find either one anywhere

  210. Lisa says:

    monster trucks, CARS, Monster high, barbies, super heros…

  211. Danita Vojta says:

    My youngest wants a new winter jacket,a scooter,DS games,and cars. My oldest wants an XBox, a jacket,PS 2 games,PS 3, thank you

  212. She is asking for a Rainbow Hair Barbie that has a swimsuit and her hair changes in the water. (Seriously, can NOT find one like this anywhere!)
    Innotab2, and Furby. :) Thanks!

  213. Melanie C says:

    My grandsons would love any of these gifts.

  214. samanrha says:

    anything doc mcstuffins.

  215. Amy says:

    ds games a remote control car and a fijit friend . Thank you all for the chance to win this for my daughter for Christmas . :) Good hearted people :)

  216. Heather Badgwell says:

    My kids want electronics..the oldest (14) wants a laptop…the middle (9) wants an xbox 360 and the youngest (6) wants a leap pad gaming system.

  217. Amanda condry says:

    My girls just want daddy to have a safe flight so that we can all be together. We are thankful that the Air Force could let him come, even just for a few days. Anything else is just icing on the cake for them!

  218. Jennifer Sharpe says:

    Thomas the Train EVERYTHING!

  219. DAvid Wi says:

    A family we know cant afford presents for kids this year.5 boys 1 girl, twins (16) 14,12,10 girl 9

  220. Nancy Riley says:

    With 8 grandkids from 1- 18 boy would this be a help

  221. Barbara D says:

    kids wish for legos, furby, craft supplies, ponies and anything to build with.

  222. Theresa Werner says:

    My granddaughter and grandson moved in with us a couple years ago – Daddy finished college and student loans were too much financially. It’s a blessing that I get to see them everyday – my life is filled with sugar! I barely got a job after 2 yrs unemployed – it’s commission only – so there hasn’t been any commission yet. Scarlett loves dolls and Xavier loves superheroes and Legos – for them – it doesn’t take much to make them smile.

  223. kirk warrington says:

    HE wants “legos and guns” we want to get him a leapster or innovate type interactive learning game set up. Or Kinect games for kids.

  224. Cheryl Soliz-Sisson says:

    I have 4 grandchildren, 2 boys and 2 girls….they want everything that is new this year but their favorites are electronic devices, of course!

  225. christian hutson says:

    The boys like matchbox cars, the 9 yr old girl likes barbies, and the 11 month old loves the boxes they come in . LOL

  226. Tammy Moore says:

    Dolls games clothes cell phone

  227. gloria habel says:

    I was looking for an LOL Elmo for my grandaughter but they are sold out before they even hit the stores.. My daughter is virtually a single mom since her boufriend is in prison so she needs all the help she can get with the baby.

  228. gloria habel says:

    I already commented , but I just wanted to say how awesome I think all of you are.

  229. Lisa Rose says:

    My girls asked for American Girl dolls. I knew I couldnt afford them so I did some investigating and comparison. A friend who works at a small toy store and told us about the Madame Alexander dolls. They were half the cost and our friend help us with her personal discount. They ended up costing us $33 each. I would love to be able to give them a little more than just the dolls. Anything would be appreciated. I found out yesterday that I lost 3/4 of my self employed income. I transport children and I have been transporting homeless/displaced students. My students moved elsewhere but I lost my school runs. Thank you for offering this awesome giveaway.

  230. Danielle P says:

    Our daughter would love a puppy but we’re waiting till she’s a little older.

  231. Caroline says:

    Batman toys, teddy bears, art supplies, books.

  232. Crystal Lane says:

    monster high dolls tablet little people one from each kids list

  233. Marti Booker says:

    Skylanders and train sets.

  234. Debra Pauley says:

    they are a 3 year old boy, wants thomas and a 4 year old girl, she wants anything princess.

  235. Debra Pauley says:

    anything thomas the train or construction sets and anything disney or princesses

  236. brenda lund says:

    My daughters wish list is DOLLS and a princess CAR!

  237. Cheryl Chervitz says:

    My grandchildren just want toys and more toys, they are just getting to the age where they know what Christmas it!

  238. Jana Davis says:

    This is a fantastic giveaway. My children would like a puppy this year but Mom is not quite ready for that yet.

  239. Angie baldridge says:

    Furby, Xbox games, moxie girls, hot wheels,

  240. Heather Reid says:

    Literally ev’ry toy commercial on the TV, 1 of them says “I want that!!!”

  241. Tanya Wagner says:

    dolls for my girl and xbox 360 games for my boy

  242. Tonya Coon says:

    Things for his truck

  243. Heather Garcia says:

    My son wants a new bike!

  244. Jo Ricker says:

    Football, LaLaLoopsey doll, other dolls, tea sets, shimmer, pogo stick and many other things.

  245. zonra says:

    not sure

  246. holly says:

    My son loves action figures and Legos.

  247. Kristen Wirth says:

    This would be a wonderful gift for my Hannah !!!!

  248. Dara Holley Brown says:

    My daugher is currently all into Monster High and the Winx Club

  249. tina kausek says:

    my daughter will not stop talking about the pop the pig game

  250. samantha says:

    My girls all asked for books (dork diaries), jewelry, barbies, bratz, monster high and clothes :)

  251. Vicki VanSipe says:

    5 years old, boy & unborn (due Feb18) unknown sex

  252. Vicki VanSipe says:

    Motocross riding boots, Spongebob Chia Pet, remote control dirtbikes

  253. Holly W says:

    Video Games & a Wii U

  254. Jessica says:

    My children want board games,legos and a dreamlite.

  255. Lilyana Cruz says:

    My Kids loves sonic the Hedgehog!!

  256. Tonya Bowman says:

    My first son would love the $60 dollar remote control car, that is my 10 year old, my 12 year old would love the would be the Mystery Box Game as for me and my 14 year old girl, we would just like the Board Games to bring the family together, so they would be something under the tree this year. Thank you!

  257. A Wright says:

    My 4 year old nephew wants big trucks that go fast (his words). My 1 year old nephew wants anything that makes noise. My 2 month old niece…well not really sure what she wants! No doubt she will get lots of frilly clothes!

  258. Alecia says:

    She really wants an IPod touch this year.

  259. Julie Keyworth says:

    My 15 yo boy wants clothes, 13 & 11 yo boys want Black Ops 2 (video game on xbox), 9 yo girl wants headphones and a phone, 4 & 2 yo girls want anything Hello Kitty or My Little Pony and my 11 mo boy wants food…anything edible, or even not edible…lol ;)

  260. Roe Clark says:

    the girls want dolls, the boys cars

  261. samantha says:

    Really hope I win this for my daughters :)

  262. Julie Sullivan says:

    My kids aren’t expecting anything,it’s been another broke year for me…

  263. Misty Taylor says:

    Any of these would be amazing

  264. Katy says:

    Hoping to be a winner since I haven’t been able to sell my car I have no christmas money so I’m not sure if my kids are going to get anything this year because our bills as well are like beyond past due. So I hope we’re picked as winners. I have a 5 and 2 yr old girls and a 8 month old son. Son is into the jungle stuff things to help him walk, diapers, etc. 5 yr old wants a la la loopsie and barbie stuff my 2 yr old wants spongebob stuff. Thanks so much!

  265. Would love to win a few things to put under the tree.

  266. Kelli Joyce says:

    An xbox and everything on TV!

  267. Cassie Q says:

    Fijit and Barbies are the top list items for my girls.

  268. colleen says:

    DVDs for my daughter, mcdonalds train, combine hayster, and angry birds alarm clock for my son.

  269. Sharon says:

    For my daughter is Just Dance 4 for the wii. My son would like tools.

  270. Tina Lousberg says:

    the boys anything boyish-cars dinos agry brids– the youngest daughter anything princess or lalaloopsy—ty for the oppurtunity

  271. Rebeckah White says:

    My kids are wanting board games, we use to have family game night and then due to a house fire in the past and moves we dont have any games for them to play anymore. So If I would be lucky enough to win that is the one prize I would like to have to surprise my kids with Christmas morning. Thank you so much for the chance.

  272. My children want lego ninjago toys, polly pocket toys and video games. They love the avengers and princesses too.

  273. michelle napier says:

    my daughter is a single mother of 3..she hhas no income because she goes to college full time..she also doesnt recieve no child support. her father and i help her as much as we can but it is hard..i would love to win this for them!! thanks

  274. Michelle Craft says:

    My nephews would love anything that makes noise and drive their parents insane!

  275. karen m says:

    My 5 year old daughter wants a Leap Pad 2

  276. sharon miller says:

    My grown daughter is going through some tough times right now and she has 3 children. I would like to see her happy to see her kids happy!

  277. melissa S says:

    Legos and a minecraft hoodie.

  278. Deborah D says:

    arts &crafts anything to do with nerf

  279. alena svetelska says:

    Stompeez, Lala loopsy Doll,and barbies

  280. kim pangborn says:

    my daughter wants the singing dancing lalaloopsy and a tablet, my son wants Jake and the neverland pirate toys.

  281. Mary Mudd says:

    I would love to be able to give my 3 grandaughters a doll. We had to get them clothes for Christmas, and still have others to buy for. Im tapped out :(

  282. Billie Pesanski says:

    I have boy/girl twins age seven so what is not on their list…hahaha..Seth wants the party sauras boat from toy story, and sage wants crayola art stuff..

  283. Kayla Coleman says:

    My son loves cars and race car tracks and my daughter is all about her babies and being the best mommy out there!! They each play with each others toys though lol. Thanks for the chance.

  284. Jenny Lozano Strength says:

    Know many families in need this year and financially I can’t help so this would be amazing to win!

  285. Jenny Lozano Strength says:


  286. Becky M says:

    My son really wants a psycho cycle and my daughter wants lalaloopsie or moxie girls doll

  287. Cindy Rieber says:

    On my daughters wish list is lalaloopsy

  288. denise smith says:

    toys and electronic things like a laptop or a tablet

  289. Cathy says:

    for my grandkids plz

  290. Zoleaykah Whittaker says:

    toys and clothes

  291. shawna durk says:

    she wants a fairies bedroom set

  292. Teri says:

    My daughter is only 3 months old and my son has a disorder that makes his mind only a year old so he doesn’t understand what Christmas is.

  293. Trisha Kuster says:

    remote control helicopters

  294. Melissa Vaught says:

    First I have to say how amazing you are for doing this giveaway. I know a LOT of people are struggling this year, including my family. My hubby lost his job in July and has applied everywhere without finding anything permanent yet. We are very worried about Christmas for our kids. Knowing people like you are doing something to help really makes me feel better, knowing someone will be able to provide some fun gifts for their children. Thank you for offering this generous giveaway!
    Now, my kids wishlist: My daughter wants Lalaloopsy dolls and playset, Bratz dolls, and art supplies. My son wants Star wars action figures, an Xbox!, and surprises!

  295. Lindsay says:

    My girls want a bike.

  296. Janine Ann La Page Martinez says:

    I would like Santa to give my son a set of wooden alphabet blocks! :-)

  297. Connie Quick says:

    video games, of course

  298. June Ebinger says:


  299. Lisa Crouse says:

    My son really wants a toy story action figure set.

  300. Tamara Dyer says:

    Dear Kimberly: We have been through a very long nightmare of a life for the past two years and we were just awarded back my three grandchildren three days ago. I have alawys been the one to donate every year, every holiday and had stores in Washington, D.C. where I helped with the Toys for Tots. I never, ever thought that I would be on the other side of the fence, but somehow made it there and I suppose that God had a reason for it. It’s been the toughest time of my entire life, however, we have our three children (my grandchildren) and so it will b a beautiful Christmas because we just didn’t even really celebrate any of the holidays without them. I know that they will b happy and we will celebrate a true Christmas with stories of Jesus and God and we will cook together. I am hoping that the children will understand that there will not b much at all, in fact, so far all I’ve been able to collect is candy. Never, did I ever believe that I would be on the other side of the fence. We used to drive Mercedes and lived the life and year after year my stores were drop offs and collections for Toys for Tots in Alexandria, Virginia, the Washington, D.C. area. But there was and is a reason for the nightmare we’ve been through and of course the attorneys deserve to be paid first for all that they have done for us. They turned our live back around and our family is back together and there isn’t much more that we can ask for. However, If u would possibly no of any help, as I’ve been searching for them, it would sure b a blessing. We have 2 girls, 18 months and 5 years old and my grandson is 4 years old. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity. Thank you. Tamara Dyer, 7707556820.

  301. valerie y says:

    Lalaloopsy, video games!

  302. Sarah sinkus says:

    Board games and beyblades, monster high

  303. izzy says:

    she wants tablet

  304. Jennifer Jordan says:


  305. Amber Miller says:

    My 2 year old loves Thomas and Sesame Street

  306. John Travis says:

    dds games and xbox two grandkids

  307. Cathy says:

    playstation 3, clothes and other usefyl things

  308. Melissa Keller says:

    My three year old wants anything she sees on t.v.. The 4 year old wants anything Minnie Mouse and La La Loopsy. My 6 year old girl wants LeapPad 2 and the 7 year old wants a Nintendo DS

  309. Melinda Dartmann says:

    My grandchildren had so much on their Christmas list this year, unfortunately, my husband and I live on a set military retirement income. Times are a little tough, so we just couldn’t get them alot of stuff. This would be a blessing to win.

  310. Lynn A. says:

    My son just wanted video games and my daughter wanted a necklace she needs for things at her school. But, if i won, I’d be donating these items to a local family in need. I don’t have the money to purchase items to help them have an amazing christmas. So, this would be amazing to do for them.

  311. sarah gaines says:

    my 10 yo son wants a solar panel kit, my 3yo daughter wants a drum set and a pogo stick, and my 8mo son well I really cant find much for him

  312. Christie J says:


  313. Joeanne Steras says:

    Aflying helicopter!!

  314. Cassandra Sm. says:

    The older one really wants a truck, and the younger one loves Monster trucks that you push.

  315. Amy Yanick says:

    need something for my niece her daddy is in jail, i don’t have thew money to really get her anything

  316. Dee P says:

    tHIS LIL GIRL WANTS SO BADLY SOME BUBBLE GUPPIES AND A DORA DVD.It would be so nice to be able to get this for her.God bless you girls for helping others.Thank you for a chance to make a child happy on Christmas .

  317. TBer47 says:

    I have wonderful grandchildren, they usually will give me a list of what they would like for Christmas, but this year they told me to not worry about it that what ever I want to give them will be ok. I haven’t worked since 2009 and am currently waiting for a court date for my disability. Thank you all for giving me a chance to win this and give my wonderful grandchildren a good Christmas. And if you don’t pick me that is ok too, my grandchildren will understand. God bless you all.

  318. Rosie Kunie says:

    Hi Kimberly & gang, Thanks to all of you & a very Merry Christmas! During the past year my husband was diagnosed with diabetes 2 with neuropathy in his feet and cannot work any longer and I just had back surgery at the end of Sept. after being out of work for a year. Our daughter & 5 yr. old granddaughter came to live with us about 8 months ago because they could not afford to live alone & I am so grateful they are here with us. I do believe things happen for a reason, because she has helped us tremendously! She needed us & it turned out that we needed her too! My husband & I were not even going to do the “holidays” because of what was going on with our health, but decided we would do it for our granddaughter. We just love all the bubblyness that she has & makes us so very happy with her just being here. It would be so wonderful if she could get one of the things that she keeps on asking for which is the “dress-up” dresses from the Barbie & the Pop Star. Thank you so much for the contest. Have a safe & Merry Christmas!

  319. Amanda T says:

    Fun games they can all play together!

  320. yelitza says:

    HI i am new this blog ,, this year not much i able to give my children christmas but the most important give my big love to them each are equal same… i get laid off hard to budgets… but bless have them in my life. :) my daugther 12 yrs she want make up, iphone, shoe size 8, nails salon,bike, my son 8 yrs bb gun, bike, iphone, xbox360 with game , 2 yrs boy anything he love elmo, cars, truck thankk u merry christmas

  321. Jennifer M. says:

    mainly board games, Nintendo dsi xl (been asking for 2 years), trash packs, creationary game. But right now Christmas is on hold, don’t have the funds again this year. My poor little boy, he hasn’t even had a birthday the last 2 years.

  322. Becky Bartlett says:

    No lists here, money is really tight here so they are thankful for whatever they do receive.

  323. Sabrina slater says:

    Madison asked for a Barbie dream house, lalaloopsy dolls, monster high dolls, brave DVD, and for her sissy to get a ball popping Dino :)

  324. Cristina Gomez says:

    my boys are asking for anything that lights up their room lol. They like the new pillow that lights up and the pillow pets

  325. Tiffany McGehee says:

    Both my sons are into dinosaurs this year, as well as Disney’s Cars. My youngest likes Megabloks and my eldest loves books.

  326. michelle smith says:

    my husband and I have been laid off but My 2 little boys have asked for board games, games for their innotab, cars and trucks, puzzles, clothes size 2t and 5t, ipod, train sets and remote control airplanes…

  327. Heather E says:

    My kiddos are crazy about the electronics. What happened to the good ol’ days of dolls and GI Joe ;)

  328. Nicole fayard says:

    I don’t believe she has one at a year old… But if she did I’m sure it would say :learning toys//musical toys + CDs bc she loves to dance//clothes and shoes now that he’s starting to walk!

  329. megan says:

    My daughter told me she wants a lalaloopsy Christmas and my son has seemed to ask for everything!, but mostly some ninja turtles

  330. Jennifer Watkins says:

    My daughter wants a Password Journal and a baby doll.

  331. Carol Walden says:

    Actually doing this for a freind who cannot get her children something for Christmas. I don’t think it matters what they get as long as they can get something from Santa this year!

  332. kathy taylor says:

    Stompeez and anything dora

  333. kim jones says:

    my girl wants a one direction watch she is just mad about them xx

  334. Tricia Cowell says:

    Anything with the Avengers :)

  335. sarah clegg says:

    ok well as a mum of 5 im lucky my kids only give a list of 3 or 4 things each at the top of them my oldest 2 want jewellery,vouchers or anything one direction related,my 5 year old wants spiderman,cars,helies. my 3 year old loves baby dolls/barbie dolls,anything girly and pink or cuddly toys and my 19 month old loves anything esp if it moves,dances,sings,has flashing lights ect lol

  336. cathlene dantuono says:

    A build a bear, nintendo 3ds games, and so much more. Lol

  337. Jodi says:

    well my oldest is into dance, music, justin bieber, monster high, and peace signs
    my boy is into diary of a wimpy kid books, WWE wrestling, and soccer
    my middle girl wants la la loopsy stuff, barbies, babies, zebra stuff
    my youngest likes la la loopsy, soccer stuff, barbies, babies and leopard or cheetah stuff
    they all love games really anything since i am a single mom of 4 with no help from the dad

  338. Christal miller says:

    So wonderful. Love the pay it forward idea. Thank you to all who have donated

  339. Linda Hays Hock says:

    My granddaughter loves Lolla Loopsy, Furbie and dress up clothes plus Webkins. I would love to give her a great Christmas!

  340. shelley says:

    thank you for letting us have the chance to win,

  341. Melissa Wiley says:

    Well my 9 yr old daughter would like a Nintendo dsi 3D and my triplets are a yr old so any thing that makes noise is fine with them

  342. Jen Jones says:

    My oldest wants anything Cinderella and Barbie.

  343. christine porter says:

    Cash is on my kids wish list and i believe in PAYING IT FORWARD ALWAYS…THIS IS HOW I TRY TO LIVE MY LIFE……thank you

  344. My grandson wants video games n my granddaughters want games n baby dolls

  345. nicole cummings says:

    almost everything she wants lol
    my little 3 year old son wants a new gun

  346. debby crumbley says:

    a kitchen

  347. Dawn Luce Stewart says:

    gumball machine, and a swing set! Oh and barbies of course!

  348. the kids list leap pads, dinasors, dolls, cars the movie things , john deer stuff ,remote controle helicopter,girly stuff like makeup , dress up stuff,

  349. Ashley Drouillard says:

    my son wants cars, and whatever lights up

  350. CONNIE says:


  351. kelly woods says:

    My daughter has listed everything it seems. But she wants Monster High and One Direction stuff most. Thanks for the chance

  352. Victoria M says:

    American Girl doll, Kindle Fire

  353. RhondaP says:

    electronics. video games,cd’s,tablet,kindle that type of thing. Also hello kitty

  354. Candy fox says:

    There makeup, matchbox cars, bikes, furby, monster high dolls, Xbox games, iPod , kindle fire

  355. Nevaeh Cullen says:

    My girls want barbies , furby, games, little pet shop

  356. MilissaC says:

    My children are older ranging in age from 16 to 30. It isn’t so much about what they want for Christmas, but what they need. Yet, when I sat down to ask them about needed items, my younger ones looked at me and said they really can’t think of anything they even need. Now, we are not well off… as a matter of fact we are struggling a lot this year after my son was in a car wreck that left him with a wrist broken in two spots and surgery after it wasn’t healing properly. But, it made me proud to know that my children understand a bit more about the differences between material wants, material needs, and what family is truely about.

  357. Carol says:

    my grandaughters are taken care of…I belong to a wonderful group of ladies who give away things as we hear of a need. New baby clothes…formula,cribs,whatever a child needs. The main person in charge is named Suzanna,,,,her husband lost his job about a month ago…together they have 5 kids..she also takes in people who lost their homes….the lady with her has 2 kids a baby boy 14 weeks old and a 4 year old boy.She feeds whoever shows up at her door.I’d Lovvvvvvvve to give her these toys for her household.

  358. carriefort says:

    LJ wants borderland 2 for Xbox 360 or Jtsplatmaster

    I think this is a amazing thing you are doing!

  359. Micaela Swentik says:

    My Kids all asked for a Furby, but in addtion to that the younger ones want Dream Lites, and scooters, where as the older one wants Pokemon Cards and a Stuffies ;0)

  360. melissa martin says:

    i would to win this for my neice and 2 nephews thank you

  361. Judith Luscombe says:

    NINTENDO 3DS – my 8 year old granddaughter would love this, hopefully it would occupy her over the xmas period

  362. michelle bennett says:

    A 3ds or a pink furby x

  363. sally hall says:

    lego always

  364. K rystal Brown says:

    Some clothes and one of the talking puppys for my little one:)

  365. Winter clothes and shoes

  366. Joni Holt says:

    A power wheels

  367. Brenda Marquis says:

    My kids and grandkids are terrific! There’s nothing specific they HAVE to have, they’re happy with what they have and extra is of course, great, lol!

  368. Thank you for doing this!

  369. Tabitha Shadle says:

    My son said I would be the best mom in the world if I got him Bop It! Smash for Christmas and my daughter wants makeup.

  370. Christina says:

    I have 2 boys ages 11 and 7.

  371. karyn m says:

    They are so easy! Of course, bean bag chairs is what they asked for from Santa! :)

  372. Christina says:

    2 boys ages 7 and 11. I’ve been unemployed for awhile and my boys know they that this Christmas won’t be like every other Christmas which makes them extra special. They haven’t put allot on their Christmas list for this reason i believe. I do know that the one want a skate board and the other a sling shot. And they could also use new coats. Thank you so much for have something like this.

  373. Debra George says:

    i would love to get my grand daughters 2 of them wants dolls and they all want phones and some kind of electronics

  374. samantha says:

    Praying I win :) Thanks

  375. Amanda R says:

    Our 4 year old loves cars, so he wants anything related to cars. Our 13 year old hasn’t asked for anything yet, so I’m not sure. I’m sure he would love anything electronic.

  376. Melinda Hasel says:

    I have two boys, 11 and 12, and all they want are expensive video games and electronics. Makes it hard to afford gifts for all the cousins and nieces and nephews.

  377. samantha says:

    My 6 yr old loves Spiderman my 5 yr old loves princess and fairys and my 3yr old son loves cars and trucks

  378. Valerie Cowger says:

    My 4yr old daughter is in that stage where she wants everything she sees on tv, but as she isn’t really a picky child, that is her way of saying she would be happy with any presents she gets. The only thing she has asked for without a commercial being seen, is a remote control truck. She has also informed me that anything princess is awesome lol.

  379. JJ Caraway says:

    age 4 girl wants cooking stuff and dolls, age 3 boy wants spiderman mask and costume.

  380. crystie says:

    Any kind of game ,he loves psp,xbox ,wii,if it has remote he loves it…lol WWE Wrestling,tablet,football,hes diffently all boy.

  381. KimZebell says:

    I have 3 granddaughters and know some other children that parents are going thru tough times and would love to bless them.

  382. Brande says:

    Doc McStuffins!

  383. Pam Donica says:

    My daughter has only asked for a Pandora charm bracelet. I know you’re probably thinking “only” but it tells me that she is truly beginning to understand the value of a dollar. This is one of those parent smile moments :)

  384. tammy young says:

    my son is 13 he is in to game and was wanting a new one i cant afford my 2 yea old little girl love anything and wants anything dora and my 6 year old daughter want a light up pillow and cover but thank you for the great chance to win them samething i love all your giveaways

  385. Caitlyn LeJeune says:

    My little girl will be happy with anything she receives. She is too smart for her age and can figure out how to do anything! I find it harder to find toys that will actually grab her attention because she wants something above her age as a way of discovering and learning! :) I am very blessed to have such a sweet, smart little girl!

  386. joanna hacker says:

    a justin beiber bedding set is on the top but santa cannot find one anywhere! lol she loves furby n monster high n board games as well

  387. Judy Lydick says:

    They would be happy to get what ever they got. They would feel so blessed that Santa came.

  388. mary boyles says:

    Whats on my kids christmas list, well they all three want a PSP or an Iphone, the girls want some new boots, and my son also wants the Call of Duty II for thhe PS3.

  389. Susan says:

    Nano Speed

  390. Courtnay Cadieux says:

    Stoompeez and baseball :) That is what is most important right now.

  391. Emily baldridge says:

    Scooter, baby dolls, barbies, furby, bikes, Xbox games

  392. Randi S says:

    My son has recrntly become obsessed with Star Wars and has requested STar wars and angry birds star wars this year!

  393. My (almost) 3yr old, has asked for Barbies, anything princess related, candy canes, the movie “Cinderella”, a Leap Pad Explorer 2 and a car lol…

  394. Victoria Dunaway says:

    Legos, ds, k’nex, phone, and more

  395. Mary Fagans says:

    The only thing he asked for was some WWE wrestlers, but he would be happy with anything, he is a good kid.

  396. Carol Munger says:

    I’m not real sure what’s on the Christmas wish list this year because this is for my neighbor kids. I too want to pay it forward by giving this to these children who won’t be having much of a Christmas this year. I know they are age 3 girl and a boy age 7 and the boy loves a scooter and the girl loves her tricycle, and dolls. The boy likes video games but not allowed to have them as he is ADHD and mom won’t allow them.

  397. lauraya duarte says:

    3ds, clothes, dolls, video games and board games.

  398. Johnetta Dawson says:

    Monster High Dolls for my daughter and ps3 games for my son

  399. My son would like a InnoTab or something similar- not that we can get it, or maybe some of those VTech Dinos that are like transformers. I think my daughter would like a rocking horse or something similar.

  400. Kathi Davis says:

    My youngest grand daughter loves anything Barbie, and my middle grand daughter is into crafts and loves to make things with me.

  401. Cynthia Johnson says:

    Being a single mom, my son knows how tough things are for us financially. Although I do try my best to get him the things he wants it is still a struggle so this year he told me that all he wanted was a Steelers helmet and jersey, and that he also wanted Santa to bring me something too; because I also deserve a present!

  402. Jason McPherson says:

    My 7yr old daughter asked for a furby since the commercial comes on every minutes & my 11 year old son asked for a bike.

  403. 1955nurse says:

    Stompeeze, Furby , a new coat & binoculars!!!(HollyC) Thanks for the chance….

  404. Tammy Bliss says:

    A lot of baby toys and clothes…

  405. jackeline d says:

    An animal encyclopedia

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