Copper Bracelets Affect On Your Arthritis Pain

There have been many studies that say copper bracelets  and magnetic’s can help you with your arthritis pain. I’m all for trying anything that is not medication to help control pain, if I can get the relief I need from not putting something in my body, then I’m 100% going to always take that route.

These copper bracelets come in a verity of styles, so there is no problem finding one you’d wear, even if you’re a man. Copper bracelets are used a lot by athletics, plus are highly recommended by golfers. With golf there is a lot of wrist action, so it makes since they would have some pain in their wrist.

I plan on putting these copper bracelets to the test, I want to see if they can help me out with any of my pain, if so I’d be so happy. Stay tuned for an update, if they work as good as the athletes say they do then I’m going to be a customer for life. I can’t wait till I get mine in and give it a test drive. I will make sure I give it a good test drive and make sure to give it a month or two so I can give it a accurate review. In the mean time you can join me and test them out yourself, or have a loved one test them, these would be an awesome Christmas gift.

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  1. judy watts says:

    I could sure use a bracelet for my arthritis

  2. Lolli S says:

    Please let me know if the copper bracelets work for you. I have fibromyalgia and get a lot of wrist and hand pain. I am looking for natural pain relief/reduction.

  3. Kimberly says:

    I will for sure let everybody know what I think after I know for sure :) Thanks.

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