Furby Of Choice 4 Hours ONLY Flash #Giveaway #PayItForward


Welcome to another Edition of


You have exactly 4 hours to enter to win the prize tonight of a Furby of choice
8pm-12pm est!!

We love to Pay it Forward to our Fans for being so amazing!!

Tonight’s Pay it Forward Crew is:

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  1. amie boland says:

    an xbox 360

  2. Elizabeth Bottarro says:

    My 11 yr old daughter is really hoping for a laptop for Christmas!!

  3. heather schwartz says:

    furby! (dream lights)

  4. Kim. Ockhuysen says:

    He’s such a cutie :)

  5. Jennifer E. says:

    a furby

  6. michelle yarbrough says:

    This would be great to give to my 6 years old grandson. He is a new big brother. With so much attention on the new baby and his mother not being able to work, there is very little for his Christmas this year. I would like to give this to his parents so he will have something.

  7. Mary Ann Knox says:

    Lol, one gift…my daughter wants EVERYTHING she sees on T.V.!!! Easy Bake Oven, Gak, Cinderella stuff, Barbies, Bratz, you name it!!!

  8. they want furbies like i can afford them so im praying some good comes my way

  9. Frannie King says:

    Ipod Touch and a Ferby

  10. Lisa Paone says:


  11. Athena says:

    A dreamlight

  12. tina kausek says:

    pop the pig game.

  13. Linda Hays Hock says:

    My granddaughter really wants a Furbie!

  14. Chelsea Jones says:


  15. sharon miller says:

    love this!!!!

  16. Kristi McDowell says:

    My Autistic non-verbal son would like an Ipad so he can get the app to be able to “talk” like his peers!

  17. Kimberly Frazee says:

    Disney Princess fake finger nails lol It was a have to have from Santa and she told him so

  18. Allison Wilson says:

    furby :)

  19. Patricia Henderson says:

    Oh boy my kids want every toy they see but this here furby is on the list for sure!!!

  20. Casey Beruete says:

    My kids want a couple things, the older one wants Legos that is his top of his list and a host of other greatly priced items, the lil ones wants cars and thomas the trains

  21. Anna Marie ross says:

    Kendal fire

  22. Barbara T Dunaway says:

    video games

  23. Amber Lovell says:

    Well it is a furby or a figit LOL Thanks for the chance!

  24. Victoria Dunaway says:

    The top gift on her list is legos, but furby was also on that list :)

  25. He wants a real live T Rex! I want the furby for my niece, she would love it!

  26. Wynonah says:

    Oh, yeah, so we don’t have kids … but my nephews are all about legos. We’ll be getting them some this year!!

  27. Linda says:

    Great Gift, my grandson would love it.!!!

  28. melissa teears says:

    The fur by and hot wheel track sets

  29. CORA says:


  30. lauraya duarte says:

    Nintendo 3ds

  31. Chrystal says:

    My daughter wants a furby, she tells everyone daily LOL She also told santa she wants a membership to the gun club… my child is a trip!

  32. Lori Monterrosas says:

    This exact Furby is on my daughters list.

  33. Misty Taylor says:

    American girl doll and furby

  34. Trista Morrison says:

    A furby and leap frog products.

  35. Tiffany H says:

    My son wants LEGO’S and my princess wants it all!

  36. Debra Moore says:

    Thomas tank engine

  37. linda says:

    This would brighten my grandchildrens lives

  38. Melanie says:

    My son would like a nintendo 3DS. My daughter wants Doc McStuffins

  39. They have asked for nothing as we can’t afford Christmas.

  40. mary ellen ashenfelder says:

    Legos and crayola items

  41. Gloria P. says:

    The mini kitchen sets are very popular with the girls. Boys love the Xbox 360.

  42. DeAnn Pilch says:


  43. Christina Pickens says:

    I have 4 girls. 3 of which have asked for a furby. :)

  44. Mikki Cross says:

    A Barbie Playhouse or a train set is on “the list” this year.

  45. veda poff otto says:

    fortune cookie maker

  46. brittany says:

    a little tikes kitchen

  47. Peggy says:

    My daughter would love this

  48. peggy cioch says:


  49. Kelly young says:

    My daughter has furby at top of her Xmas list

  50. Trisha Kuster says:

    a remote controlled helicopter

  51. Valerie says:

    my little girl wants a kitchen set and my little boy Hotwheel race set

  52. Miesha L says:

    My daughter wants a Disney Princess Dream Castle!

  53. christy Eckenrode says:

    I used to collect furby I love them

  54. Sue Long says:

    My granddaughter has been asking for one of these little guys everyday! Thank you for a chance at giving one to her on Christmas morning!

  55. Carol Munger says:

    cotton candy furby is one of the things on my daughters list this year

  56. Toletha Farrar says:

    The only thing my daughter wants is a furby and my son wants spongebob legos. So far neither of them are getting what they wanted.

  57. Debra George says:

    I would be so excited to win a furby….oh yea my grand daughters too lol

  58. Glenna Evans says:

    She is too young to really tell us yet…but the way she plays with the Ipad… I believe that is what she would want! lol

  59. Sarah Carr says:


  60. My granddaughter wants a dreanlight Furby

  61. Dottie Chestnut Lewis says:

    A furby!!!

  62. Danielle Harrington says:

    My daughter would absolutely love a furby for either Christmas or her Birthday is the 23rd of December. Thank you for the Giveaway!!!

  63. peggy fedison says:

    grandaughter wants a tablet and alot of craft things. i want the furby for me heheheheh

  64. Jane Boyd says:

    So fun!! I would love a furby!

  65. angela m behlen says:

    An Ipod

  66. susan kirby says:

    my grnaddaughter would love this its the one thing she wants so bad.

  67. pam bailey says:

    Nintendo Wii

  68. Jessica Yourko says:

    My kids really never ask for anything but this is so darn cute!

  69. Michelle says:

    My daughter is asking for a furby, while going through my old toys we found the little McDonalds toys of furby and she thought they were the coolest things ever and now that she seen them at walmart that is all she is asking for! but i am thinking that she won’t get one unless i win one with 6 kids we have a budget and like to get them a few things instead of just one!!

  70. jennifer says:


  71. Abby Larsen says:

    A pink razor scooter

  72. Wanda Rountree says:

    playstation 3

  73. angela montgomery says:

    Both my grand kids want Furbies…I can’t afford them. Also looked for them and they are out of stock everywhere.

  74. Heather G says:

    My daughter wants a foot spa this year.

  75. Jenny says:

    My son wants a furby.

  76. JJ Caraway says:

    An American Doll

  77. janelle ehlert says:

    I would love to win a furby for my daughter! Thanks for a sweet contest!

  78. Krys Robinson says:

    My daughter wants a new Ds cause hers has broken and my son just wants a game. They know they can only ask for 1 item and it has to be something reasonable.

  79. 1955nurse says:

    The Furby, of course!!! Also Angry birds game too (HollyC) Thanks for the chance…..

  80. Susan says:

    Furby and a tablet….

  81. Lynn Z says:

    awe, gotta love furby!!

  82. Cynthia JM says:

    Train set and games for his DS3D. thank you for the chance to enter your giveaway!!

  83. Deborah says:


  84. Thank you for the chance to win. The kids have a mile long list but one thing that is on one of theirs is a computer.

  85. Jennifer Hedden says:

    Mine wants a kindle.

  86. Becky M says:


  87. Mary r says:

    My daughter really wants a lap top but she will be happy with a blue furby like her friend jadyn has

  88. Alison King says:

    A furby, of course!

  89. Sherrie says:

    Horse riding lessons

  90. Danielle Winn says:

    My Daughter wants a Furby sooo badly, we can’t afford one! Even if we could everyone is sold out!!!! Thank You for making this possible…… Happy Hoildays!!!!!!

  91. melissa k says:

    one of my sons wants a lot of books.. makes me very happy :)

  92. Shaela Toni says:

    My son asked for “the biggest Optimus Prime” that I can find.

  93. willis flanagan says:

    Ipad for sure.

  94. Marti Thomas says:

    A cell phone! :-)

  95. angela reed says:

    i have 2 amazing kids that deserve so much and i cant give to them.. this would be something to brighten their day a little

  96. Renee Eaves says:

    My son is only 21 months old so not a whole lot on his list. I would give this to my nephew. He would love it!

  97. Kayla rice says:

    My daughter wants a Barbie :)

  98. Cindy Bowling says:

    A Furby

  99. Sofie H. says:

    A furby is on both of their wishlists.

  100. tess says:

    son daughter watns lots of baby dolls
    tcogbill at live dot com

  101. Martha Norman- Temen says:

    Furby is the only thing wants

  102. Allison Hutson says:

    Lego Friends & a furby!!

  103. melanie p says:

    My daughter has a furby on her list asd it is one of the last of the items I still have to get!

  104. Melissa Curran says:

    both of my kids asked for a cat

  105. Megan Naramore Harris says:

    my son wants Skylanders!

  106. Judy Lydick says:

    I don’t have any little kids just grandchildren and great grands. My granddaughter wants a birthstone ring and she’s going to get it!

  107. Tabatha says:

    A furby

  108. sonia ball says:

    A furby, Merry Christmas…:)

  109. Kellie Johnston Hawthorne says:

    Skylanders Giants and of course a Furby lol.

  110. Amanda K. says:


  111. terri carney says:

    i’d wish that i could get better gifts for my family, seeing there happyness christmas morning is my gift to me:)

  112. Karen Smith says:

    A Furby! Thanks for the chance!!!

  113. Rachel Kurowski says:

    Would love to win one for my daughter

  114. Pam says:


  115. Tami Stapleton says:

    a Furby of course!

  116. My grandsons want Furbies, but if can’t get them they said they will settle for dreamlites.

  117. Bella Madrueño says:

    My daughter asked for my little ponys.

  118. maryann says:


  119. Wendi Scharrer says:

    A guitar

  120. samantha mchenry says:

    daughter wanted a tablet so i got her one son wanted a xbox 360 but didnt have the money for a new one so im buying him a tablet also and for his bday next month getting him a xbox

  121. nikki says:

    my grandkids want a furby

  122. Holly Domer says:

    Ipod Touch

  123. Crystal says:

    On my daughters list it’s be monster high dolls, no on my sons it would be angry birds

  124. allison says:

    a Furby,

  125. Bec says:

    Anything Barbie

  126. Debbie Rhode says:

    ugh, she wants heelies.

  127. Marsha Goggin says:

    Spongebob Pillow pet

  128. yaso albi says:

    I pod,,thank u!

  129. My grandchildren want an xbox.

  130. Julia says:


  131. Kimberly Frazee says:

    WAhooooo WTG SWEETIE !!!!!!

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