Memorable Moments Shutterfly #Giveaway

As a busy stay at home grand mother of five and an amateur freelance photographer, of , found an easy to use site to turn her photo’s into beautiful and memorable photo books.

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Hi everyone.
My name is Terri and I am the owner of a product review and giveaway website named Terri’s Little Haven.

I asked if I could have the pleasure of being a guest blogger today because I wanted to share with you a fantastic photo book site that I’ve been using for years. It’s called and I would love for you to view a really short video in just a minute, to show you how easy it is to make your own photo book.

There are a couple of things I want to point out about Shutterfly first. I store all of my photos in albums on there FREE. Their terms state that they will never delete a photo off of their site. I have some of my albums set for family to view. I have some set for friends to view. I can even go back in and make more copies of books in the event that something happens to any I’ve made. I’ve got photo albums stored on Shutterfly dating back to 2009 when I first discovered them.

Please watch this video.

Now, wasn’t that easy peasy? They really are fun to make. I’d like to show one of you just how easy it is to make a photo book, or perhaps a cookbook or even a quote book. The sky is the limit when it comes to making photo books.

One of you will win a Shutterfly hardback 8×8 20 page photo book with free shipping. If you live in the US and are 18+, all you have to do is mention something you learned in the above video, in a comment below (relevant comment please). The book code will expire on December 31, 2012, so if you won’t have the time to make a photo book by then, please pass the opportunity along to someone that will.

Thank you so much for the pleasure of your acquaintance and time.


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  1. Chrystal Lea Emery says:

    I learned how I can change the Style of the book I am creating if I do not like the current style of it. Which I love that they have that feature because I am one who ALWAYS sticks to themes :)

  2. mike smith says:

    ty so muchfor the giveaway liked and watched the video love to make and create my own stye of things

  3. donna says:

    Looks great, I would love to use it to document my family. Love that u can change settings to get that perfect look

  4. Noelle Quade says:

    I didn’t even know they DID this !!! I learned how easy it is to 100% customize something like this!! theme, photos, delete pages (I somehow always make a double page somewhere)

  5. Pam Donica says:

    I’ve used Shutterfly for developing photos in the past, but I did not know that they had photobooks. I have actually used a different place to create a few photobooks for presents, but it’s not the easiest platform. The video makes this step-by-step process seem much easier.

  6. Raina smith says:

    How easy it is to make a photo book!

  7. RebeccaAnne says:

    I love that it will tell you if you have gotten to wordy and it wont fit in your space! That’s awesome…. But I think the best is that it puts it in chronological order. I hate it when you finish then find out they are in the wrong stinkin order and you have to start all over. Oh sorry you only wanted one, but there is a lot to like about how easy this one seems to be.

  8. Missy Howard says:

    Thanks. I love shutterfly. The tutorial is helpful with learning to create styles.

  9. Brenda King Sumner says:

    Terri, I Love this site ! I will not be entering to win, as I think a newbie should get the chance. I have made family gifts on Shutterfly for 2 years now. Never have I received a complaint. The books are of great quality. Thanks for sharing :)

    • Brandi Brown says:

      Hi Brenda, I’m not sure if you remember me but your daughter & son-in-law (my cousin use to keep my son all the time before I moved. Its been almost 11 yrs since I’ve been back. Well I was back when they burried my dad.

  10. Desirae Rodriguez says:

    Wow I learned that you can customize your book according to your liking!! I’ma start using this shutterfly!:D thanks for the opportunity to win this !

  11. Katrina Fairchild Taylor says:

    I love how simple it is to make. Just click and drag! Even entering the text is easy!

  12. Susie says:

    I love how easy it is to customize your photos. Very user friendly.

  13. Ashley says:

    I didnt know about the arrange pictures option. That makes it much easier to do that. I would love this book! Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. Hope chamberlain says:

    I like that after Shutterfly puts my pictures in order, I have the option to move them around and to crop them. Awesome feature!

  15. Casey marshall says:

    This is amazing. I have little ones so i am always taking pics and posting on facebook but to be able to make individual photo books for each child and edits. Love it

  16. Dawn Bruce says:

    I have never used shutterfly before but after watching the video I think I could do. I love how easy it is to add pictures and pages after you have already selected some pictures. I also love that you can change your mind and move the pictures around with just the click of the mouse.

  17. Tracy Park says:

    you can share your book on line..

  18. Michelle Craft says:

    Love how I can customize it to be just for me and I am computer challenged so this would be great for my wedding pictures!

  19. Christine Solazzo says:

    ive made photobooks in the past but never actually bought one. they are so awesome with so many options and themes. i have wonderful professional pics that where done of my daughter and grandson that would be great to put in all in one book

  20. Brandi Brown says:

    Wow I didnt realize how easy it was to make a photo book on here. I have always wanted to make one just never thought I was smart enough to. Thanks for the info

  21. Jamie Coppernall says:

    I learned that you can add pages if you need more & how easy it is to drag & drop pictures to rearrange them

  22. MaryBeth says:

    I didn’t know you could store all the photos for free!

  23. Melissa Mizzoni says:

    I just got married and didn’t realize I could store my photos there and make a book. Great site and giveaway!!

  24. Leanne Jacobson says:

    I learned how easy it can be to make a book of my most precious of gifts, my girls.

  25. christina flynn says:

    wow! Shutterfly makes it so easy to make a photobook. I am a first time customer and did not even know that this can be done! You can even pick a title and cover. I like that you can even share pictures with others! If I win, I will make a photo book of my grandbabaies Christmas day for my daughter. What a great gift! Thank you for giving me the chance to make my daughter smile! Happy Holidays!

  26. Lee Ann Cameron says:

    I learned that you have so many choices to make this your One of a Kind book…that you can change things easily and See how things look before making it permanent. They automatically put your pictures in order and if you decide you want to change things around you can with the click of your mouse…you can get different cover options. I am excited about this. Going to check out the site now.


    You can make a shutterfly book in just minutes

  28. Heidi says:

    I learned how easy it is to rearrange photos. They show how easy it it to click on a pic then drag to where u want it.

  29. Brandi hawn says:

    I love that they will never delete your photos like another site I’ve used :) thanks for the info

  30. Carrie w says:

    I learned about being able to view multiple pages as once. Didn’t know that one. Awesome!

  31. Devon a says:

    I love how easy they make it to upload photos from your pc, plus use those you have already added to other shutterfly share sites!

  32. Lisa says:

    Love shutter fly and how it puts your photos in order automatically

  33. Heather Weisenfels says:

    This is great, thank you for the chance to win. I love shutterfly. My son spent 4 months in the NICU and the nurses put together a book for those first for months of his life, it was our going home gift. It will always be cherished. I would like to do one for each year of his life amd have a whole set of books by the time he turns 18
    Thank you again,

  34. Elizabeth zayden says:

    I learned how to change the theme and how to delete pages you don’t want.

  35. Jannet L. says:

    Thank you for the wonderful Shutterfly video How-to’s! I loved learning that they will take your selected photos and actually offer up a suggested page layout for each page. As well, I enjoyed learning that you can always hand-change the page layout and add additional photos to the page. I’m in love with Shutterfly now and would love to make a very special grandma a photo book gift of all the grandkids to cherish! Thank you so much for this lovely giveaway! :-)

  36. Deeann. says:

    Love how you can personalize it and make it the way you want, would love to win so I can make for my son who just got married would be a great gift. Thanks for the chance

  37. I like that you can store the photos with them for free and the ease and creativity you can use in making the photo books!!!Such a sweet memory maker for our families:) I made one at local pharmacy just recently for my grandson to remember all his family up here in SC whenever he is missig us all. He lived with us until this past month. The transition has been hard for him, and I thought what a loving way to keep his memories and his heart comforted everytime he needs to look at pictures of us all! Hopes to win this one! Will make another one for a grandparent for the same memory thing!!!

  38. every photobook is unique and you can use will tell you if the text is too big and you can click and drag your pictures where you like! love shutterfly

  39. Tammy Malfatti says:

    I love that he covers are personalized too! What a great gift idea.

  40. Jenny Green says:

    I learned that it is easy to customize your own photos. I love shutterfly

  41. shontina caudle says:

    i love these books, and have about 10 so far. awesome keepsakes!

  42. Ann oliver says:

    Love to be able to create my own style

  43. Angela B says:

    I had no idea I could make a book this cool so easily! Now that I know how easy it would be to customize my pictures, I want to make one! :)

  44. I have made these photo books before. The video showed me what I already knew from making them before.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  45. marie whitten says:

    i am a 40 year old mom of a 2 year old i would love this i like how you can change the pictures and style

  46. Tanya Pannucci says:

    I learned how you can share your photo book online so friends and family could see! Awesome :)

  47. amber hammond rivera says:

    I learned that shutterfly can arrange them or you can arrange the pictures the way you like. I also learned that you can crop to maximize your effect.

  48. Marty says:

    I think it’s awesome that it makes the whole book for you, and even groups like photos together on the same page! I learned that if you’re not happy with it, though, you can easily remove pictures, add new ones, switch the order, and add text. So fun.

  49. Lori leatherman says:

    Change the settings to what suits your photos

  50. Sarah Martineau says:

    I had no idea that Shutterfly won’t ever delete pictures! Cool beans :)

  51. Tiffini says:

    I like that they will never delete a photo.

  52. becky dunn says:

    I would love to have this i have so so many pictures that need to be sorted and put in albums with us raising grand kids and they play sports and drama’s at church this would really be a blessing thanks so much an old granny from t- town

  53. Christina Stimson says:

    I learned that you can totally rearrange your photo book by just a few clicks on the tool bar to the left. You can change the layout theme, rearrange photos, add photos, add pages, or remove pages or photos. It seems very simple so that anyone could do it. It is pretty cool!

  54. sherry says:

    ty! watched the video!!
    i would like to make a book for my son to give him someday!

  55. Janice Tanner says:

    I learned so much since I have never tried to make a photobook with shutterfly, but the major thing I learned about using shutterfly that shocked me the most was that it gives you a warning that the text won’t fit, I had no idea Shutterfly did tht

  56. StephanieYanik says:

    I learned that I can change the style of the book midway through working on it without losing all of the work that I have already done. I did a photo book on another site once that you couldn’t do that on, if you wanted to change the style/theme you had to start completely over!

  57. Heather smith says:

    I learned that you can change the style of the book that they created for you.

  58. Nakia Smith says:

    Editing is easy all you have to do is drag and drop you can change your background witch is cool

  59. Cynthia Pickard says:

    I learned that it is easy to make a photo book. I did not know shutterfly had photo books

  60. Linna Turner says:

    I learned that you can add text to any page that you would like. I also learned how easy it is to create a photo book :)

  61. michelle gilliland mcafee says:

    I knew shutterfly had photobooks but, I didn’t know you could share your photos with family on there. That is so cool. And I didn’t know they would never delete your photos. I just assumed they were temporary. Thank you for this review.

  62. Tiffany S. says:

    I learned from watching the video that if you do not like the way the pictures you uploaded were arranged in the photo album, you can easily click and drag the picture to where you want it to be. Easy Peasy! Thanks for the GIVEAWAY!! I love making photo books online but have yet to use Shutterfly!

  63. christine porter says:

    i learned a lot and some new words…you can crop, make title for the book, move pics, move pages, re-arrange, tag…wow…lot involved but they make it so easy!!..thank you

  64. Stacy Bauer says:

    I wanted to make a Memory Book for my son who is graduating high school this year!! I learned I can arrange the pictures in any order I want to, add pictures add text, save the pictures and send loved ones a copy of the book I create!!! Awesome!! Thanks for the Giveaway!!!

  65. Lori Barlow says:

    I’ve used shutterfly before but I didn’t realize there were all of the options in making the book. I also didn’t know they’d never delete a pic off their site! Thanks for the opportunity!

  66. Heather Ancel says:

    The photo books seem extremely easy to upload, edit and create. Simple and easy options create a beautiful masterpiece. Simply click, or drag and drop. Nothing complicated. I can’t wait to use the site!!!

  67. ally rowe says:

    I learned how easy I can change the style to the theme/style that best fits the photos I’m using. Thank you!

  68. Donna C says:

    I learned that the font style, size and color are set based on the style of the photo book selected.

  69. cindi janes says:

    it makes it all look so easy!! i’m going to have to order one soon!! will make a great gift for my mom!

  70. Jenn Boyd says:

    I would definitely use it to arrange my photos and set up a time line for my son’s growth and development into a young man :-)

  71. I learned how to change styles, it’s so easy to customize a book to any season or event!

  72. I learned that its a lot easier to do then I thought. I have so many pictures in my phone and on the computer n never having the time to print them out. This is a very simple process and I hope I win but if I dont Im going to do this and make these albums and not have to search my phone (over 2000 pictures) to find a certain picture. Id have all the albums and they would be titled and my pics would b easy to find. love it

  73. Kris says:

    I learned that I can crop pictures and change the style of the pages.

  74. JanT says:

    I didn’t know how easy it was to customize these books! I’ve never had one printed out, because either a) you have zero options and have to stick with the publisher’s pre-made pages (yuck), or b) you have to custom design every single page and worry about cropping pages, bleed space, bindings, etc. This seems so easy and basic to design a book that’s one of a kind!

  75. Yaso albi says:

    First thank u for this nice giveaway, usually i dn have enough creativity and imagination, however i was inspired by lot of things while i was watching the video..surely i ll apply a lot in the future!

  76. Tracy says:

    I didnt know in the terms of service that they wont ever delete your photos! Thats awesome! I have lost photis two seperate times from my computer crashing :( (

  77. ashley cox says:

    i liked/learned how you could change the style and also add more then 1 photo to a page

  78. stefanie arriaza says:

    I love using Shutterfly to make photobooks! I didn’t know you can personalize with photos on the cover! What a great way to give personalized gifts to Grandparents and other family members that live far away. My kids each have their own baby photobooks and love to show them to friends. Can’t wait to make one for my motherinlaw in El Salvador to show her how big her grandkids are! Thanks for the opportunity.

  79. Daneita Renee Key says:

    That it is easy to change the style and to arrange pictures

  80. I have used Shutter fly to make past cards but didn’t realize how easy it was to make a book….. Plus they never delete your pictures…. I am thinking the new year will mean alot of working on taking all my digital pictures to book :) Glad I watched this as I feel like I learned alot to do to save our precious pics. Thanks SO much for this video.

  81. I love being able to choose to have a photo or not on the front. Very cool!!

  82. eleanor says:

    Love how easy it is to navigate and create a style to suit you!

  83. peggy fedison says:

    so many different things that i saw and like. changing/moving pics around.. changing styles, cropping the pics, they dont delete any of your pics that you put on there. So many diff things, cant even list them all. thank you for this ever so easy giveaway!

  84. Casandra Kluber says:

    Changing backgrounds is sooooo easy!!! I love that video, it makes me want to jump up and make one myself since I didn’t know that I could make a book on there before!!

  85. jackeline d says:

    I learned that I can customize a book how i like it


  87. sandy vanbuskirk says:

    wow so easy to use mouse over the box til it turn green to eneter text I love how you can change the back ground I will be using this site thanks so much

  88. Deanna says:

    My husband has been telling me to find a site to store my pictures online. So when I saw this tonight I thought how perfect!

  89. Elizabeth says:

    I learned how easy it is to make a photobook and that u can share it too :)

  90. Jeanine says:

    It’s easy to customize your book any way you want.

  91. Jazzy says:

    It’s easy to change the background.

  92. Caitlin Bradley says:

    I love everything Shutterfly offers and their photo books are definitely my favorite! I love using these as memory books for my son. They’re so easy to make and very customizable! Thank you for the opportunity!

  93. Megan Naramore Harris says:

    I just made my first calendar with shutterfly and it was so simple! I’m excited to make a book now, because it looks easy and super fun! Thanks!

  94. Allison Sprague says:

    It sure looks easy I need to do something serious with my recipies and SOON before they get up and run away!Thank you for how your vision worked.

  95. laura mccue says:

    How to drag pictures- and place them on a page – how to drag them off the page

  96. Vicki VanSipe says:

    I hav worked with Shutterfly many times before. The most recent being, making a photobook. I didn’t know, but learned from the video, that if you didn’t like where Shutterfly placed your pictures, all you had to do was drag a picture to where you wanted it to go. This would cause both pictures to switch places. It was quite a difficult task to create a photobook on the site if you didn’t know all of the shortcuts.

  97. karen lanois says:

    How easy it is to make a book and how customized it can be witch is great, love the drag and drop for changing pics

  98. George Fields says:

    My wife would live something like this. She loves taking photos (like over 15,000 in the last 2 months alone) this would be simpler than trying to scrapbook pages all the time with all her stuff everywhere we lose our kitchen table for weeks at a time! Thank you for sharing this site. Whether we win or not it is definitely something we are going to try! Thanks for the opportunity!!!!!

  99. Mary G. says:

    I have always been a little intimidated by the kiosk photo book makers but this has showed me that Shutterfly is simple in the fact that you can edit without loosing everything that you did. I love that it will help you with layouts and themes. Would love this to start making photo books for my Army daughter, grand daughters, son’s, new additions and all of those photos I have in boxes!!! Thanks so much!!!!

  100. Julie says:

    THis would so nice have pics of so many different things and it’s hard to keep them in the date and month I took them in could do a lot of different things.I have a pic program that lets Me do some things I really like .
    This would let Me really expand and learnn many rnew thing also

  101. DeAnn Pilch says:

    I was surprised at the drag-and-drop picture rearrangement feature. It’s so simple!

  102. Crissy Clark says:

    I’ve ordered pictures 1 time from Shutterfly but I’ve never ordered a photo book anywhere, although I have seen them and they are pretty neat. I like how in the video it explains to you that all you have to do is pick your pictures and it’ll put the book together for you. Less time and effort your having to put into it, which usually means less frustration. But if you want to make changes to the book, you can! :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  103. Melissa Leinart says:

    I learned how easy it is to make a wonderful keepsake for myself and for relatives and friends.

  104. Leanna Morris says:

    Love the idea that Simple Path is such an easy way to create a beautiful personal photo book…sounds so easy to do. I’d love to make one with my Christmas photos this year

  105. sally grubbs says:

    I’ve used shutterfly before and I love it. I like how easy it is to drag and drop the pictures and to put names. Never made a photo book before. But I would love to of my kids and grand kids. Thank you so much.

  106. love shutterfly it is one of the easiest sites to use ireceived a freebie a while ago for a free 3 by 5 album ? uploaded pics of my dad i carry it in my wallet since he passed earlier this year

  107. Dawna Surdi says:

    I learned how much easier simple path photo books would be to make opposed the the custom path. I have always done custom and I takes me hours lol.

  108. Timika Gibson says:

    I learned and loved the fact that the photobook can be made in minutes and if you do not like the way it is setup you can change styles, arrange photos how you want, and even add text to pictures. That is what I think is so awesome you can personally make the book yours because everyone is different and this makes it special for you.

  109. pat says:

    Love that an album is arranged from selected pictures for you and how easy it is to make changes.

  110. Karen Hedden says:

    WOW! I had no idea you could use Shutterfly for making a photo book too! A friend of mine is very loyal to shutterfly when it comes to pictures, now I see why! The site is amazing! I love that you can make each family member an album, you can crop, change pages around without deleting it and starting over, like other sites I’ve used. I love how it is so simple and well explained in the video, even the computer challenged liked me can do this! Thanks for the chance, I would really LOVE to try them out! Merry Christmas!

  111. Becky Davis says:

    I learned you can customize your book the way you want it to look.

  112. Chelsea b says:

    I had no idea how easy it is to make a book. I think we’ll have to make one for our daughters upcoming birthday.

  113. i like that i can put a text on every page giving it a personal touch

  114. Hi everyone, it’s so nice to meet you. Thank you for participating in this giveaway. Thank you for having me as a guest blogger Kimberly. xo

  115. Terri Rickert says:

    I love this i have never used shutterfly before and this sounds so easy, I will be giving this a try since i have a growing family of children and grandchildren.

  116. Angela C says:

    I love the way you can change everything to your own style. Thanks for the chance!

  117. I had always shied away from Shutterfly because I thought it would be difficult to navigate and create. I learned that it is, for the most part, as simple as clicking!! I love the fact that you can easily change your layout and I did catch the price for the book that was shown in the video and Shutterfly seems very affordable!

  118. Jennifer Landry says:

    I’ve ordered and stored photos on shutterfly, but I had no idea how easy it was to make a custom photo book!!!

  119. Becky says:

    Shutterfly is my favorite site for making photo books. We did that instead of ordering expensive books when my husband and I got married. :-)

  120. Megan Painter says:

    I didn’t know that you could store pages and share online…that is awewsome!

  121. amanda crews says:

    i learned how to change the styles of your books. they have some great styles and themes this would be so cool!!

  122. thats awesome you can have a safe and be able to keep all your photos and then you can choose who sees them what a fantastic ideal,

  123. Lara Winton says:

    I love that it puts the pictures in chronological order!! Such a time saver!

  124. Danielle says:

    I love this! It is an awesome way to preserve all those special memories :) I love the fact that you can personalize each page with the option of cropping and placing your photos just the way you like! This is an awesome idea…I would love to have the opportunity to make one!

  125. angele yohn says:

    I like that with one click of the style button I can reset the back ground ,edge,layout,and Font for the entire book . so Easy !

  126. Amanda Goldsmith says:

    Thanks for the opportunity, I love that the pictures are in order and that you can remove extra pages if you take photos out. Also didn’t know you could share online. That’s pretty awesome.

  127. Lisa W. says:

    I learned that there are a variety of styles to choose from and I love how there’s different layout options for cover of the photo book.

  128. Cindy Rieber says:

    I love how easy they make it to customize it to your liking.

  129. Heather Garcia says:

    You select the pics right from your computer

  130. Alecia says:

    I just learned that Shutterfly does books, I just thought it was a site to make and store pictures.

  131. Genevieve Tilley says:

    I had no idea you could customize pages or put pics in chronological order! I tried to make a book years ago through another site and it was a disaster so I never tried with Shutterfly. I’m looking forward to checking it out now!

  132. Terra says:

    I did not know that you could add words, titles, or captions to the picture pages. Thank you for sharing!!!

  133. Wendy St.John says:

    You can choose to have an image on your cover. You can rearrange photos by dragging and dropping onto the picture you want tho switch with. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  134. Elaine says:

    Love how you can change pictures just by dropping them

  135. Lori Thomas says:

    I like that you can customize the book and share it

  136. i love tis, thnks so much! i learened alot but what i love the most is how i can create my own book, change what i dont like and love that i can share it with my family and friends! thanks so much

  137. How to change style of the book.

  138. Amy Moncrief says:

    The fact that you can customize the book to make it your own instead of having to do it their way you get it your way.I admit I am obsessed with taking pictures and turning them into lasting memories and the photobooks are the perfect way for that.My kids say I have to many photos as it is but I told them when they are grown and gone with kids of their own they will understand why I take so many photos of them now while they are still growing up.Plus they are always great blackmail for when they start dating lol.

  139. tyra young says:

    Like the way you can arrange and rearange the pictures and things until it is just right!

  140. Jamie Martin says:

    I love that you can add more than one photo on one page — I didn’t know that when I first started out!

  141. Tarah says:

    Been trying to work on a scrapbook but traveling has made it a true task this is a great idea

  142. Brandy Dowell says:

    I learned how easy it is to create and edit a photo book and changing the style seems super easy too thank you

  143. Brandy Dowell says:

    I learned how easy it is to make a photo book change fonts and styles and save your pictures for free.

  144. Brandy Dowell says:

    I learned how quick n easy it is to make a photo book And how also it is easy to change fonts and styles

  145. Roberta Nugent says:

    wow this is cool

  146. Dawn S. says:

    I learned that it warns you when you’re taking up too much space or going over the page boundaries, so you don’t have any unpleasant surprises when you get the book back!

  147. Cathy C says:

    I learned that you can make the book, even if you have no experience! I have made a couple and am amazed how easy it was!

  148. Carolann Leibenguth says:

    I learned how very easy it is to change themes and add photos to create a one of a kind look that speaks to my memories. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. Have a Merry Christmas.

  149. Brittany Kaitlyn says:

    I learned that you can change it anyway you’d like, it’ll make sure your book looks good by warning you if something you want to do wont fit and you can change the pages around!
    I’d love one of these! My three month old grows more and more every day and I have SO many pictures but no way to print them off and I’ve really wanted a book for her. This would be so fantastic.

  150. Aimee C. says:

    I learned what a simple and easy layout they have vs. Walgreens or CVS….would love this!

  151. Elizabeth_T says:

    What a wonderful giveaway .. thank you! I’ve used Shutterfly in the past to create calendars, but have never done a photo book before. The video showed me how easy it would be to create a lasting memory book of all my favorite photos. I particularly like that there are a number of styles available to choose from, depending on the theme of my photographs, and that I can pick and choose which photos to include, move them around to the spot where I think they look best, etc. This would be a wonderful way for me to keep photos of my grandchildren.

  152. Shayna says:

    I love how easy they make it. They walk you threw it. This would be awsome for my mom to have pics of what my kids are doing in a photo book. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

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    Wow! That was a great tutorial video. I like how easy it is to change the style and background of the pages, crop the pics, add pics and change their locations too. I want to make a photo book!

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  155. christie lopanec says:

    super easy, takes minutes and gives you the option to edit photos or theme

  156. Glenna Evans says:

    I really like this site! Never knew that there was somewhere you could store pictures for free like this. I am going to be doing some neat things now with my pictures!

  157. Melissa says:

    I learned that your photo book is completely customizable by you! Love that I can really make it my own.

  158. carol jean dwason says:

    I was just really glad that its easy to use and that i can do it but i thought it was the post we were o speek on and i walk alone after losing my solemate so i under stand it with a broken heart. thanks for leting me post.

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  164. Cassandra says:

    I have used shutterfly myself. I gave a hard cover photo book to a friend for Christmas and the hardest part of it was getting the photos without them knowing! They loved the book and it is something that is displayed year round to this day! They are are always getting compliments on it and people are amazed at how nice it looks. Shutterfly photo books makes a nice gift for any occasion and they are a nice and unique way to preserve and display your memories!

  165. Luv it
    Nice the way you can change things up and personalize the way you like it!

  166. vicki says:

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  169. Heather Martin says:

    I knew about Shutterfly, but didn’t realize how nice and many styles of photobooks they had. My offer was for a flipbook and prints, so I didn’t really look around on the site that well. Thank you for the more insightful info.

  170. Angela s says:

    I learned you can load your pictures and Shutterfly will arrange them in chronological order. You can review your book and its done if you like it. You can make any changes you like, such as picking the style that goes with the occasion in which you are creating your book. I also learned that you can add text to each page.

    • Cathy Collom says:

      I think these books are adorable! They make the perfect gift! I like that you can make any changes, move the pictures and even delete pages if you want! I learned that you can also add texts and pick a cover for your book! Always wanted to do one! How fun and easy! Love them!!

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    I learned that it was very easy to make and design your own books in your own way , as well as that they have a photo storage that keeps y photo’s safe .And its really easy to figure out how to navigate around the site.! So easy and i thought it would be so hard

  177. Stephanie McCann says:

    I have never used the automatic customize book setting, so I learned it will put pictures on pages that correlate. I didn’t know it was capable of grouping similar pictures together. I love using shutterlfy and giving the books as gifts to grandmothers.

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  191. Donna Collins says:

    I love how easy it is to upload your photos and how you can save album and pick what ever pictures you would lke to use, love Shutterfly, what an awesome giveaway

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