Hello Diamond Earrings Pay It Forward Weekend Flash #Giveaway


Welcome to this Super Sparkly Flash Giveaway!

Sponsored by Say Hello Diamonds

They beautiful earrings were featured on The Today Show ! Every woman loves these.


They normally retail for $195.

Easily the top selling Say Hello Diamond product and the star of New York’s The Today Show, our 4 carat Pantina earrings radiate shine through our round Say Hello Diamond studs. Beauty she can enjoy throughout the week, the earrings are set in cool, polished Sterling Silver and feature butterfly clasp backs.

Review by Mom Does Reviews:

All I could say was WOW when I opened up this little black velvet box! These 4 carat Patina earrings are so shiny and beautiful! My picture does not do them justice. They definitely have a lot of bling attraction! I love them! They are perfect to where anywhere- work, dinner, dancing, anywhere you want. These aren’t the type of earrings your only wear for special occasions. These are the type of earrings that will make any occasion special when you wear them.

The Patina earrings are cubic zirconium stones with real diamond chips surrounding them. You get the look of luxury for the prize of costume jewelry. What more could you ask for.

I highly recommend these 4 carat Patina earrings to anyone who wants to put a little bling into their day!


Special thanks to my Bloggy Pay It Forward Friends for helping me on this great giveaway!

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  1. Kim Ockhuysen says:

    My wedding ring :)

  2. jeff l cook says:

    My tiger eye diamond ring

  3. My new diamond bracelet my husband just got me!

  4. Megan Aue says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a beautiful diamond necklace that my husband bought me!! He bought it just because!!

  5. Roe Clark says:

    my wedding ring

  6. Athena says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry has got to be my earrings that my hubby got for me

  7. beth wilde says:

    My favorite jewelry is tiny charms of girls representing my daughters.

  8. wedding ring

  9. Allison Hutson says:

    my love’s embrace necklace I got 2 years ago for Christmas

  10. susan wiener says:

    my diamond engagement ring and wedding band. thx

  11. soha molina says:

    My wedding ring

  12. margaret peg m says:

    a pearl necklace from my grandmother

  13. Liz K says:

    My wedding band

  14. Alana K says:

    my wedding band…our home was broken into and my original engagement ring was stolen…before that it was my engagement ring

  15. Trisha Kuster says:

    My wedding ring set.

  16. allison fraser says:


  17. CONNIE says:


  18. Kiki Bacaro says:

    my engagement/ wedding set

  19. Sue Long says:

    I don’t own any jewelry, so these earrings will be my favorite !

  20. Susan says:

    wedding rings

  21. Christine Allen says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is of course my wedding ring!

  22. Michele hutchinson says:

    Either my diamond ring my love have me or my pearl bracelet with a cross on it that my nana gave me rite before she passed last month

  23. Teresa Stricker-Pester says:

    my grandmas ring

  24. ruby reis-wade says:

    my wedding ringssssss, my amber necklace, my saphire ring, my fossil watch…

  25. rebecca day says:

    my wedding ring

  26. Roxann Johnson says:

    my wedding ring of 25 years :)

  27. maleficent mcneff says:

    i don’t own any jewelry yet…

  28. Kelsey Taylor says:

    My engagement ring and wedding band!

  29. Dena Jackson says:

    I do not own any jewelry but i would like to

  30. my weddin ring

  31. Kathy Goyer says:

    My angel necklace from my husband

  32. Tara says:

    My engagement ring (Yes, I like it more than my wedding ring)

  33. Jennifer Serrano says:

    I actually dont own any… i topped wearing it yrs ago when had a baby

  34. Janine Ann La Page Martinez says:

    My pearl and diamond necklace my husband gave me when we were dating! :-)

  35. lorna says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a ring my son gave me when he was 18.

  36. Jennifer Crane says:

    My daughter gave me a turquoise elephant necklace I love it but,anything she gives me would be my favorite

  37. debby gibbs says:

    I have a heart that says mom on it…. it is my most cherished piece and will carry it with me to my grave

  38. my favorite piece of jewelry i own is a diamond horseshoe ring.

  39. Sue Wilson says:

    My favorite jewelry is a ring my husband gave me with my birthstone in it, a real Ruby.

  40. Robin Wilson says:

    a ring my husband worked overtime to pay for while I was sick

  41. Brenda says:

    I love my sapphire earrings I got in Australia

  42. terisa says:

    My wedding ring. It was my grammas too.

  43. Rene Fox Gibbons says:

    My engagement ring

  44. Taryn Pasco says:

    My Mothers Day Ring my husband got me for my 1st Mothers Day <3 :)

  45. Christine C says:

    my grandmother’s wedding ring set

  46. my pendant from my grandmother given to me a long time ago.

  47. Liz Ticona says:

    Love the necklace I got right after I gave birth to my baby boy 3 mos ago with his date of birth & hospital map coordinates engraved on it :)

  48. Lisa Burke Cook says:

    A cross necklace that I have had since I was 12.

  49. Pat R says:

    my wedding rings

  50. Tracey McCullough says:

    A thin little gold necklace with a small cross my father gave me for my 16th birthday. Since then family members have added a small gold charm that means something to them including a Claddagh for love, loyalty, and friendship from my Aunt, a sisters half heart (she has the other half of course) and an angle with my birthdate inscribed because ,y Mother says an angel was born that day. :) I only wear it for special occasions and feel them with me when it’s on.

  51. My daughter Brookie received an angel necklace from my dad but she never wore it, so I do, and I love it.

  52. My angel diamond necklace

  53. Andrea Smith says:

    My heirloom engagement ring.

  54. Ny wedding ring and my necklace my son got me for Christmas about 9 yrs.ago.

  55. Gayle J says:

    Several years ago my Mom got me a ring made with Black Hills gold, love it!

  56. Hope says:

    my mothers ring that has stones for each of my children.

  57. kathleen ayers says:

    very pretty, thank you for a chance to win these beautiful earrings

  58. Oneila vicki byrd says:

    My moms ruby and diamond ring / earring set

  59. JoAnn F. says:

    My Mother’s ring
    jofo120 at yahoo dot com

  60. SUSAN KIRBY says:


  61. Becky Grayson says:

    My grandmothers wedding ring. Very simple but full of over fifty years of love between her and my grandfather.

  62. Kathy Donovan-Ellis says:

    My grandmother’s engagement ring

  63. Angie Kisel Weightman says:

    A gold coin pendant my late Dad gave me.

  64. TONYA says:

    My favorite piece of jewlry is a gold charm with my beautiful daughter’s pictures on it.

  65. Jennifer K. C. says:

    I love pearls but I would also love some nice earrings!!!

  66. Amy Bower says:

    my wedding ring..for sure!

  67. Sylvia says:

    my wedding ring

  68. Lee Ann Kaplan says:

    my wedding ring : ) and my ruby butterfly necklace :)

  69. Grace says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a white gold bracelet given to me by husbands grandmother from Italy

  70. Megan Cromes says:


  71. My necklace my grandfather gave me

  72. annette says:

    A heart pendant that is made of porcilline with my parents picture painted on it

  73. Kelli Joyce says:

    My wedding ring!

  74. heather mason says:

    my heart necklace that had mine and my childrens birthstones.

  75. Debra Neiman says:

    gold hoop earrings

  76. veda poff otto says:

    my engagement ring

  77. Cindy R says:

    My wedding ring!!

  78. pam bailey says:

    A silver angel necklace that was given to me when my son passed in May..all the more special because his last name was Angell

  79. darby says:

    My engagement ring :)

  80. My Mother’s anniversary ring.

  81. susan rumble says:

    a bracelet i got for my 5th anniversary.

  82. illy junus says:

    my wedding ring

  83. Lori Pate says:

    These earrings are beautiful. I use to have 2 pairs of diamond earrings but one of children took them and pawned them. It would really be nice to have another pair.

  84. Mikki Cross says:

    My favorite is a pendant my son gave to me many years ago when I was going through a rough patch. It says #1 MOM.

  85. Cassi Warfield says:

    my wedding rings

  86. Debby says:

    My earrings!

  87. april says:

    My wedding ring.

  88. Felina Maris says:

    The locket my son gave me.

  89. heather jolly says:

    i have a artfully crafted handmade bracelet that i adore

  90. Karrin says:


  91. Shelly Johnson says:

    i JUST got a necklace for christmas, one of those with the “children” where the girls dress is my daughters birthstone and the boy charm has my sons birthstone on the shirt area. I have always wanted one :) so I was really excited to open it. My new favorite piece!

  92. Tonya Bowman says:

    My engagement ring and wedding ring.

  93. Laura Lambie says:

    I have an onyx ring that belonged to my grandmother.

  94. billie c says:

    my wedding ring

  95. Lisa Schweizer says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my Mother’s ring that my husband gave me when my son was born!

  96. Victoria Zumbrum says:

    My wedding ring

  97. Leah CB says:

    My pearl necklace & earrings my parents brought me back from Hawaii.

  98. Pretty for daily wear.

  99. My favorite piece @ this time is a plain white gold band with a row of sparkling diamonds – worn on my left ring finger!

  100. Patti Wilder says:

    My wedding ring

  101. Kathy Ross says:

    My diamond ring from my boyfriend!

  102. My wedding ring set my late husband picked out

  103. jodi leah baird says:

    Pair earrings my kids got me

  104. Lisa Nicholson says:

    My wedding ring and band

  105. I’d love to win.

  106. Paula Feldman says:

    I love my wedding band.

  107. Cathy Truman says:

    My wedding ring with my Mothers Diamonds in it.

  108. tammy young says:

    i dont have none

  109. cindi janes says:

    my favorite jewelry is going to have to be my wedding set, the stones are my birthstone (peridot) with diamond accents and set in silver, the band was made in ireland it’s a beautiful infinty set that i will love forever. the diamond earrings would look so great with them, thank you so much for the chance to win them.

  110. kaye lake says:

    My anniversary ring…

  111. Mary Ann Knox says:

    My pearls that belonged to my grandmother.

  112. I have a round solitaire diamond ring so these would be great!

  113. My diamond draped cross necklace!!
    Luv em!!!!!!!!!!

  114. melissa stephens says:

    I have a few favorites of course my engagement ring and wedding band.. A necklace my husband got me of a women holding a baby with a younger child hugging her(me and my babies) and my name necklace i got a million yrs ago when i was 16 from my father for my sweet 16.. I had a name ring that i got for my 13th birthday from my mom and grandma who passed a few yrs ago but someone stole it at my wedding i am still forever upset about that one
    thank you for this fabulous oppurtunity!

  115. Angie Adelman says:

    My grandmothers engagement ring and it is all the more special since she recently passed.
    Thank you for this opportunity

  116. Carolann Leibenguth says:

    A Ruby ring that used to be my grandmas

  117. joann tompkins winborn says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a SS treble cleft charm that I have had for over 35 years.
    Oh the stories it would tell if only it had a voice.

  118. I love the earring!

  119. Love the earrings!

  120. Beth Buchanan says:

    Diamond earrings from my hubby…oh, and my wedding rings!

  121. A Butterfly necklace 24 karat gold from my sister in laws as a wedding gife 32 years ago!!

  122. Marci Cline says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry that I own is a replacement wedding ring my husband bought me when we were on a cruise in Alaska we were docked in Ketchikan. We went to International Jewelers, picked out a tanzanite stone and had it set in a custom diamond setting.

  123. Lisa Johnston says:

    The charms on my necklace, it has two little feet that represents the two little babies I lost at four and five months pregnancy.

  124. The ring my daughter bought me last mother day , its a birth stone ring of of my birth day and my granddaughter March

  125. Patricia B says:

    My wedding rings.

  126. Katherine says:

    I like this one pretty bracelet my friend gave me

  127. Jennifer Willard says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a silver heart necklace from my mom that she got from her mom when she was a teenager.

  128. Adrien Beatty says:

    my ring from my first love

  129. Jamie says:

    My wedding ring

  130. Becky McC says:

    My wedding ring set

  131. Tiffany Gallehugh says:

    My canary diamond that every few years my husband upgrades.I just can’t let go of this one.2 Carats and it is beautiful.

  132. Amy Bailor says:

    My wedding ring set

  133. Anna C. says:

    I have a few necklaces that I cherish that carry reflections of my favorite people- a charm, a gifted cross, and the names of my daughters.

  134. Julie Keyworth says:

    My wedding set <3

  135. ronnie says:

    my sapphire crystal watch

  136. Becky Atchley Worley says:

    My diamond tennis bracelet that my husband gave me when we were dating

  137. I would have to say a ring that my deceased grandmama gave me

  138. Jennifer Pittman says:

    a locket with my son’s picture in it

  139. Lori says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding ring! LOVE IT!!!

  140. Aryana Attaran says:


  141. Tracy says:

    My wedding band.

  142. Misty Taylor says:

    My favorite would be my pearl necklace my husband gave me on our 5th anniversary

  143. Penny Altman says:

    Gold necklace my husband gave me.

  144. Melissa W says:

    My engagement ring. It is from the 1930′s and I love it!

  145. Glenna Evans says:

    I have a heart with a Ruby stone that my husband got for me the first year we met!

  146. sean pynaert says:

    My favourite piece is the wedding ring I gave my wife.

  147. Leticia Kozbial-Brown says:

    My cadusus that I bought myself for successfully completing LPN school and passing my boards!

  148. sherry warlick says:

    I love my gold venitian rope chain with my charm that says someone special. My husband gave it to me while we were dating.

  149. Jeannie Eplion-Holley says:

    My necklace that says mother and my daughter has the matching one that says daughter:)

  150. My diamond horseshoe ring …

  151. my wedding set because my husband was nice enough to not guess what i liked and let me pick it out myself.

  152. Bobbie Jo Parnell says:

    My favorite would have to be my diamond engagement ring:)

  153. Winona says:

    My wedding ring. :)

  154. Cathy Alger says:

    My charm necklace

  155. Renee says:

    My mother’s ring that my girls brought me when the where younger.

  156. My diamond engagement ring and matching wedding band my husband bought for me, I almost love it as much as I do him, not really…lol… but I do love it!

  157. tara b. says:

    my engagement ring :)

  158. Melanie C says:

    My diamond wedding band that I wear every day. : )

  159. Camery says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a beaded necklace made by my paternal grandmother who passed three years this february.

  160. izzy says:

    engagement ring

  161. Sara D. says:

    A bracelet from my guy!

  162. jennifer says:

    i love my wedding set but mostly for the personal meaning it holds!

  163. Lovely!!

  164. stacey says:

    so beautiful!

  165. Sonya Furgerson says:

    My wedding rings not because they r fancy ( they r not) but because I lovey husband so deeply.

  166. Candace says:

    My wedding rings. I also love and wear everyday my grandmothers wedding band that she gave me. These are so special to me.

  167. Sandy Erwin says:

    My favorite piece is a gold family necklace that has a symbol for me, my husband and three daughters. It’s shaped like a heart. I get so many compliments on it.

  168. The earrings are so beauttiful

  169. Heather Reid says:

    I sell Avon, & just got a new necklace/earring set….love it!!! :) Thanks

  170. Jane says:

    Great earring s would love to win xxx

  171. Tammy S says:

    My wedding ring. :)

  172. kris newcomb says:

    I have never had a pair of diamond earrings. I’d love to win. Happy New Year.

  173. Donna Hornback says:

    My first ring that my fiance bought me :)

  174. My favorite piece of jewelry that I own is my wedding band.

  175. cindy mckean says:

    A good luck charm bracelet my daughter gave me a few years ago.

  176. Georgina Meis says:

    a diamond ring I won in an ebay auction

  177. Vanessa W. says:

    My wedding rings are my favorite piece of jewelry.

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