Furby of choice 4 Hour ONLY Flash #Giveaway


Welcome to another Edition of


You have exactly 4 hours to enter to win the prize tonight of a Furby of choice ( as long as it is in stock when the winner is emailed the email will also include a list of all colors available)
8pm-12pm est!!

We love to Pay it Forward to our Fans for being so amazing!!

Tonights Pay it Forward Crew is:

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  1. ashley o says:

    I start in January, but only clearance stuff until October!!

  2. sonia ball says:

    A few weeks before Christmas…I always want to start early but I can’t keep a secret…:)

  3. Robyn says:

    probably sometime in October or November like I do every year :) our daughter’s birthday is in March so anything I find now will be put up for that :)

  4. michele hutchinson says:

    honestly, i really hope to start in feb or march when my hubby gets his taxes back.. this yr (2012) was really rough, i was only able to get my son a few things but nothing for anyone else

  5. Rhonda Sparks says:

    In about 5 months ;)

  6. angela reed says:

    i plan on asap. buy one a month then black friday buy the rest

  7. Teresa Stricker-Pester says:

    I have already started!!! :) )

  8. Mary Ann Knox says:

    Hopefully next year I will be able to put items on layaway in September or October, so that way I can get more & not wait until the last minute!

  9. Nancy Riley says:

    I try to start by June

  10. Leanne Jacobson says:

    a lot earlier than i did this year

  11. Tina M says:

    I already started..:)

  12. jodi howe says:

    The same time I always do. The week before Christmas to take advantage of the sales, unless I find something during the year that I know would make a great Christmas present.

  13. Elizabeth Coburn says:

    I plan on doing the shopping at least one to two month before christmas

  14. Megan Cravens says:

    I would like to start in April but we will c

  15. Joanne White says:

    plan on starting in October

  16. Jessica Powers says:

    As soon as they open lawaway back up at walmart. :-)

  17. June says:

    I start when ever I come across some great deals. Start finding them right after Christmas most of the time.

  18. Leslie L. Stanziani says:

    I will start shopping as soon as I get the money to start.

  19. amy deeter says:

    about july

  20. Renee Travis says:

    I usually look all year for good ideas, but don’t start until about October!

  21. Juana R says:

    I plan to start Christmas shopping earlier throughout the next 11 months, so I’m not scrambling in the month of December. I should have a stash of toys.. but where to hide them? lol

  22. Katt Kassidy says:

    a lil bit all year round!

  23. kimberly lippel johnson says:

    Start and finish on Black Friday!

  24. trista doerfer says:

    usually on christmas eve or so

  25. Lisa says:

    i have already grabed something that was 50 percent off now if i can hide it from my son that long

  26. Miesha L says:

    I usually start my Christmas shopping right before Thanksgiving!

  27. Trista Morrison says:

    We already started since my husband will be deployed next Christmas.

  28. christina bennett says:

    im thinking tax time to avoid a repeat of this year

  29. Monica P Younes says:

    As soon as possible and when there’s extra cash on hand

  30. Debra says:


  31. Tracy Link says:

    Next October

  32. Carolann Leibenguth says:

    I usually start shopping for Christmas in June. Thank you so much for this opportunity my 5 year old wanted one so badly and I couldn’t find one for the life of me.

  33. Karen smith says:

    Black Friday

  34. Kelly B says:

    I try to start in September especially with the kids things

  35. April-ish, depending on what I find.

  36. Melissa Hartley says:

    In the summer I usually start :)

  37. Kenda Stoltz says:

    I’m starting right now!! lol The day after Christmas is when I start. It’s the only smart thing to do with 3 kids and one on the way!

  38. patricia magliochetti says:

    i start in october but for the next christmas imgoing to start in september

  39. Sherri Stevens says:

    I always plan on starting early but probably won’t start until a week before Christmas.

  40. Glenna Evans says:

    I started on December 26th! :)

  41. Debra Hall says:

    the day after christmas

  42. sonya says:

    whenever i see sumthin on sale or i find it on the low low

  43. Alissa Gossard says:

    My kids would LOVE this since I couldn’t get them much for Christmas.

  44. Chrissy Bierman says:

    Probably the week before again :0(

  45. Alexandra Clatterbuck says:

    I will start about a month before like I usually do lol =) Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  46. I usually start after the last of my 4 girls b-day — in August. :-)

  47. Jennifer Crowell says:

    The Day after Thanksgiving

  48. jeff l cook says:

    In Jauary I begin for the next year

  49. Becky D. says:

    We have good intentions of starting early every year. Sometimes we buy stuff and hide it but forget about it until we do a spring cleaning the following year…oops. It really just depends on the year but the sooner the better.

  50. Debra L. Doughty says:

    Hopefully i will be stating Christmas shopping sooner than this year !!!!!!Maybe next week sometime :)

  51. Cheryl Bielich says:

    as soon as possible… save time and money

  52. Holly Spence says:

    This summer :-) homemade gifts take time!

  53. i already started my shopping for next year

  54. KC J says:

    As soon as possible:)

  55. Lisa Boyce says:

    whenever i see a sale…

  56. Monica Gonzales says:

    January 2

  57. Allison Hutson says:

    as soon as I possibly can!!

  58. Wendy g says:

    Starting now

  59. Holly Talarzyk says:

    Probably in November.

  60. Amanda Chronister says:

    We usually start planning in August :)

  61. Sue Long says:

    My granddaughter has been asking for one of these! I would be so happy to be able to give it to her.

  62. Ruby Yoshi says:

    I am planning to start in August

  63. Jenn says:

    Already started (:

  64. Jackie says:

    Already started my shopping for next year today!

  65. Shanna M says:

    I start collecting presents as soon as Christmas is over! LOL I like to be prepared.

  66. Ana says:

    I don’t usually plan an exact time. I pick up items when I see them and they are a good price.

  67. Rene Fox Gibbons says:

    I start in the summer

  68. Rosemary Dawson says:

    already started….:)

  69. Kerry says:

    I will start shopping for next Christmas now.

  70. nellana cook says:

    I shop throughout the year when I find the right item for the person.

  71. Dena A Jackson says:

    Next May

  72. margaret peg m says:

    it’s all about the sales…starts in summer and ends x-mas eve.

  73. karen says:


  74. heather mason says:

    i have no idea at this point lol

  75. Juanita A May says:

    I have already started!

  76. Georgina Meis says:

    as soon as possible

  77. Rae Ann says:


  78. Rae Ann says:

    asap! thanks!!!

  79. Shecki says:


  80. Amanda Pennington says:

    I’m already looking for good deals…

  81. Christel Reynolds says:

    Been looking for one of these since Thanksgiving .

  82. Christel Reynolds says:

    Looking for one since Thanksgiving.

  83. Rebecca Mayerlen says:

    I have already started.

  84. pam bailey says:

    I usually start about a week before Christmas

  85. Louetta Carpenter says:

    I always start around October.

  86. Erica gomez says:


  87. wendy g says:

    start now

  88. DEBRA LASHER says:

    in august usually

  89. Kimmy Moore says:

    No better time than the present ~

  90. Cynthia Johnson says:

    I’m always a last minute shopper but hopefully I will be able to start sooner rather than later and this will kick that off for me!

  91. Cheryl Gross says:

    same time every year- Black Friday :)

  92. I plan on starting in Oct

  93. Black Friday of course!

  94. Dec.26,2012. Doesn’t everyone?

  95. Dawn says:

    June or July, its when I really start seeing what the girls are into for the year.

  96. Jennifer McCullough says:

    I try to start in October any earlier and I have a tendacy to give the presents early

  97. Liz K says:

    Never know when as times change each year

  98. Sherry Wilson says:

    I have already bought 3 presents for next year! I started day after Christmas!

  99. Melissa Robertson Marcum says:

    I try and start in January :)

  100. Liz K says:

    Never know when as times change each year to year

  101. MADDIE says:

    Probably in September, though I do on occasion pick up gifts during the year if I know someone is wanting something. I pick up large gifts on Black Friday or as in the case of this year, on Thanksgiving evening (which totally worked out well for me).

  102. Stephanie says:

    Always end up waiting last min

  103. lorraine says:

    If i see a bargain i will pick it up but normally wait until december

  104. Courtney says:

    I just know my young son would adore one of these! Thanks so much for the chance to win him one…what a great surprise that would be for him! I honestly shop year round starting right after Christmas…all about getting the perfect gift for the perfect person at the best price with as little stress as possible! ;)

  105. Beth M. says:

    I always say I am starting early….but I never do. October is when I really start.

  106. Tiffiny Duke says:

    Tomorrow would be nice!

  107. Ruthie Tomes says:

    As soon as possible. And I mean that.

  108. Tiffiny Duke says:


  109. Casey says:

    If I see something, I will pick it up when right then, and put it up for Christmas. But I don’t really start until December (when I can buy for Christmas). :)

    Thanks for the chance! Good luck everyone!

  110. Christine Allen says:

    I usually start my Christmas shopping few weeks before Christmas.

  111. Nicole P says:

    Probably not until something big comes out later in the year that my boys want. Octoberish.

  112. I always start in October ty for this last chance Kimberly to win

  113. Sunnie Burkhardt says:

    ALl year when things go on sale.

  114. mELISSA says:

    I started today!

  115. Leticia Kozbial-Brown says:

    Whenever I see something I want to give someone.

  116. Sue Wilson says:

    As soon as I have extra money.

  117. Kim says:

    Right now or whenever I see something spmeone can use

  118. Emily Swan says:

    Prob in September

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