Ring in the New Year Hidden Treasure Candle Flash #Giveaway


Hidden Treasure Candles and Thrifty Momma Ramblings have teamed up with an

amazing group of bloggers to ring in the New Year with a Hidden Treasure Candle Giveaway!

One lucky reader will win a Hidden Treasure Candle of choice (except for layered candles).

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Just fill out the Rafflecopter Form below and Good Luck!

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Disclaimer: Kimberly’s Thoughts did not receive any compensation for giveaway. I am not responsible for prize fulfillment, and prize will be sent from Hidden Treasure Candles. This giveaway is in no way affiliated with Facebook. US only and ends on Friday (1/04/13) at 11:59PM EST!

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  1. Stayed home with the hubby!

  2. richelle leffler says:

    at my granny’s with my dad, sister, daughter, and nephew had a blast then played in the snow with my sister and nephew and 9 yr old daughter making snowman :)

  3. Christa C. says:

    Nice and quiet new year at home with husband ! Loved it

  4. Katarina Kopasek says:

    Stayed at home w/ hubby & kids & had some friends over

  5. Deborah D says:

    Stayed home

  6. ashley okeefe says:

    I rang in my new year with my whole family :) we had a great time playing games and joking around

  7. Stayed at home with the family and watched zombies on tv lol.

  8. Kim Ockhuysen says:

    Dinner with the family :)

  9. betty reeves says:

    i stayed home with the s.o and the kiddles :)

  10. shela says:

    I spent it at home with my family playing board games and eattn snaks:)

  11. librarypat says:

    The usual, I watched the ball drop in Time Square in NYC from my sofa..

  12. Went to bed and snuggled.

  13. Devon says:

    board games and a little wine with my hubby

  14. Elizabeth Coburn says:

    I rang it in with my family

  15. Tracy Melhinch says:

    With my family!!

  16. Melissa Duncan says:

    With my beautiful family of four. My bf of 9 yrs, our 8 yr old son and 6 month old daughter!

  17. Kristan Reynolds says:

    watched frankenweenie with my boyfriend and kids

  18. KC J says:

    At home with my family and watched the ball drop:)

  19. Tamika Buckley says:

    Relaxing with the kids at home! Loved it…

  20. Kimberly Smick says:

    Watching movies with my hubby and babies! Great New Year’s Eve!!

  21. Courtney says:

    I spent it snuggled up and in bed early…a perfect way to start the new year with my boys…both the hubby, my son and the dog got kisses in bed as they slept as the New Year began! A quiet night but perfect for our family!

    Stiletto Storytime

  22. wendy g says:

    went to bed early

  23. Lauren Rochon says:

    I went to bed early on New Year’s Eve, and then went to the aquarium with my boyfriend the next day.

  24. Rhonda Sparks says:

    With my husband and friends ;)

  25. Danielle Greenlee says:

    I was in bed…lol I’m getting old

  26. Stayed in with the family

  27. nfmgirl says:

    I spent a quiet evening at home.

  28. BarbFS says:

    We rang in the New Year with a fabulous fondue party with family and friends! :)

  29. maleficent mcneff says:

    Nerd style. video games.

  30. Dawn Sterner says:

    At home with my husband & kids!

  31. Amber B. says:

    At home, pretty boring.

  32. Kati says:

    Made champagne punch and fell asleep before midnight

  33. Vanessa W. says:

    At home with my husband & kiddos :)

  34. jennifer willard says:

    stayed home with my son and fiance and played games, then had a few friends come over once my son went to bed and we just played games all night=)

  35. laura n says:

    we stayed home and saved money!!!

  36. vickie says:

    Was with friends and family

  37. Renee says:

    A small party at a friends house

  38. sally grubbs says:

    I rang in the new year at home with my daughter.

  39. Leeanna says:

    At home with my kiddos. Best New Years eve kisses ever! <3

  40. Michaelyn Pappert says:

    We spent it Wii bowling at our neighbors house

  41. julie Boehlke says:

    At home in bed. LOL.

  42. Mikki Cross says:

    Stayed home ad watched the ball drop on TV.

  43. Kathy says:

    I actually fell asleep while it was the new year…lol

  44. Jacqueline Lane says:

    I was on Facebook (suprise!) lol :)

  45. louise croft says:

    quiet evening at home…eating kraut..cabbage..pork for good luck..

  46. Sandy Patton says:

    spent new year’s eve at home with hubby….kids were busy with their families, so it was quiet…

  47. jessica hager says:

    I was in bed asleep.

  48. Chelsea d says:

    We rang in the new year in our backyard with friends.

  49. Karen Beck says:

    We stayed at home with our kids and watched a marathon of Big Bang Theory, and watched the ball drop on tv and had some sparkling Peach wine!

  50. Katherine says:

    I didn’t do anything special

  51. Charlotte Raynor says:

    I stayed home and watched New Years Rockin Eve. Thanks for the giveaway! :-)

  52. Ashley says:

    I watched the local new years drop with my husband

  53. Jillian DeMarco says:

    at home with my husband and children…..after they went to bed at 10 … we spent the rest of the time quietly enjoying the evening :)

  54. donna roberge says:

    I was sick so i did not celebrate new years

  55. Carissa says:

    Got Married =) It was a lot of fun!

  56. Nikki Moyer says:

    Quietly at home w/the kids.

  57. Cathy Knox says:

    roaming around on the internet, reading bloggs entering giveaways and texting with my loved ones.

  58. karen says:

    Quiet evening at homw with my Dog, Millie.

  59. Shauna Lynn says:

    Playing XBox, haha

  60. Patti Wilder says:

    with our sons

  61. Leah CB says:

    Quiet evening in with my husband and kids.

  62. Angela Cash says:

    I spent a relaxing evening at home this year.

  63. Sonya says:

    stayed home with my family

  64. Zoleaykah Whittaker says:

    as i always do w/ my 2 girls

  65. Me and my granddaughter brought in the New Year together =D

  66. Debby says:

    Stayed home and slept thru it. lol

  67. My second son turned 18 on December 30 and so on the 31 his friends threw him a surprise part that doubled as a new years eve party, so we spent the evening with awesome teenagers.

  68. Chelsea says:

    We burnt our tree in the back yard :)

  69. Gayle J says:

    Stayed at home with my husband

  70. Amy Peschel says:

    We were asleep!

  71. jenny green says:

    I just let my kids go crazy and eat what ever they want and watched movies

  72. Joy Lewis says:

    We stayed home with my mother-in-law, watc he a movie and just had a nice evening. Happy New Year to you. Thank you for the excitment in tryuing t win your give-a-way. I love it.

  73. June Isbel says:

    Doing fireworks with Friends and family!

  74. Pamela Halligan says:

    I spent the evening with my mom playing Scrabble and watching the ball drop.

  75. Sacha Schroeder says:

    At home with the kiddos. :)

  76. Lisa Schweizer says:

    I stayed home with my husband . It was the one year anniversary of my brother’s death, I was to sad to celebrate..

  77. Quietly!

  78. Josie Hink says:

    Just hung out at home with the kids watching movies


  79. Les Johnson says:

    I celebrated at home with my family.

  80. Dawn B says:

    Stayed home and stayed warm!

  81. Donna says:

    Stayed home

  82. Christine C says:

    With my husband and 2 sons. This was the first year they were able to stay away until Midnight (our boys, that is)!

  83. Megan Cromes says:


  84. Connie Lee says:

    I slept through it!

  85. Laura says:

    My husband and I popped fireworks with our daughter until the rain started pouring down on us.

  86. terri tillman says:

    was in bed before midnight. not very exciting at our house.

  87. Paula Feldman says:

    At home with the family.

  88. My hubby and I stayed home in our comfy clothes and had a movie night with great appetizers and just enjoying each others company and reflected back to how many memories we could remember, After all, we’ve been married 36 wonderful years. We had one of the most enjoyable nights one could ask for.

  89. stayed at home it was nice and quiet :)

  90. april says:

    Quiet night at home with the family.

  91. Tammy says:

    quiet night at home..

  92. Trisha Kuster says:

    Reading my Kindle in bed and waking my husband up to kiss him at midnight. :)

  93. Regina DLG says:

    Home with the family! Watch a movie we have been waiting for awhile!

  94. Kathryn Scott says:

    Went to the neighbors and played Just Dance 4!

  95. Ronda says:

    Went out early with my husband and we were home by 11:00.


  96. christine porter says:

    i rang in the new year by being sick…..yucckk

  97. Marti McCorkendale says:

    Rang in the new year very quietly at home with my husband.

  98. Stephanie Wright says:

    With friends but I called my family at midnight!

  99. GayAnn Wright says:

    With my family! :)

  100. Jean Fisher says:

    Went to bed early and then took the kids (3 and 5) to see Rise of the Guardians on New Year’s Day.

  101. lynn says:

    With my husband and my dog at home enjoying the peace and quiet.

  102. cheryl f says:

    at home with my family

  103. Denise says:

    I slept thru midnight. I’m getting old.

  104. Candace says:

    At home with my family :)

  105. Julie S says:

    hanging on the couch with my family!

  106. matt says:

    With a mini-vacation to Hot Springs, AR and a SPA

  107. Angela Carroll says:


  108. debbie b says:

    sat home and watched the ball drop from NYC

  109. Stephanie Thompson says:

    At home in the peace and quiet where it was warm and safe.

  110. Michele Koterbski says:

    I rang in the New Year at home, quietly falling asleep next to my husband of 20 years. Both teenagers were gone with other family for the night, so it truly was quiet.

  111. Marcia McGuire says:

    At home, with my husband and son. :)
    Thank you so much for the giveaway!!

  112. Danielle says:

    At home with my husband and kids!! The best way! Being surrounded by your loved ones (:

  113. Gianna says:

    I made lentil soup and fell asleep.

  114. Heather Pfingsten says:

    I spent the evening at home with my husband and daughter. :)

  115. Jamie says:

    at home with the kids

  116. kuiann says:

    With my honey and daughter( it was her 10 th birthday).. went to dinner had cake.. watched fireworks by statue of liberty.. it was her favorite thing fireworks and statue of liberty

  117. jennifer serrano says:

    Stayed at home with The kiddis, neighbors did fireworks

  118. Pam Lercher says:

    I just love candles.

  119. lorie ray says:

    rang in the new year with hubby and his friend, hangin out at home

  120. marie says:

    watching tv

  121. In the East Texas rain, under a covered garage with the kids, grandkids, watching the grownup men get rained on, just so the kids could see fireworks. It was a good day.

  122. kimberly lippel johnson says:

    Fireworks sparklers kids hubby friends and a bottle of wine!

  123. Kelly says:

    I spent New Years with my sister and her family, and some friends. Good times!!

  124. family

  125. luree freemon says:

    cleaning house

  126. Bonnie Ridenour says:

    I stay home with my Family and spend quality time!

  127. Crystal Lane says:

    At home with the kids and my sister and my mom and niece and my mom boyfriend

  128. Crystal Lane says:

    with my family and kids

  129. Crystal Lane says:

    at home

  130. At home watching tv,..

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