Eye Of Horus MAKEUP 4 Hour Flash #GIVEAWAY (Rv $149)

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Welcome to a Beauty Flash 4 Hour Giveaway tonight !

We believe in Paying to Forward to our Fans and Tonight is no exception!

Enter to win the Eye Of Horus MAKEUP GIVEAWAY! (Rv $149)


Eye of Horus Ultimate Gift Pack, rv $89

Ultimate Gift pack includes all our products:

  • Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara
  • Natural Smokey Eye Pencil
  • Eye of Horus Liquid Define Liner
  • Custom Eye of Horus Compact Mirror
  • Microfiber Cleansing Cloth
  • Custom Cosmetic Sharpener

Bronze Amulet Goddess Pencil. rv $30

Obsidian Goddess Pencil rv $30

Awaken your sensual goddess within with subtle shimmer. Seriously Smokey and sensational.

  • Sensational for Day wear, very fair, and mature eyes
  • Creamy rich formula that’s easy to apply, waterproof, smudge-proof and long-lasting
  • Resists oil and perspiration with no fading

Total Retail Value of tonight’s Giveaway is $149!!


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  1. Yes Eyeliner! Thanks

  2. Staci Wells Mefford says:

    Yes I do

  3. Missy Nugent says:

    Could really use this and some luck lately

  4. Eleanor says:

    Makeup is one of the hardest things to shop for. What works for one friend, might not work for me so I spend so much time and money trying to get it right.

  5. Holly says:

    Yes, but right now am liking some Mary Kay products my friend gave me!

  6. Mary Blanton says:

    Yes, I have green eyes and I have a hard time finding shadow that looks right on me.

  7. Becki says:

    I would love to win this!

  8. christi baham willie says:

    Yes I do! Being I just lost all my hair from the chemo and only 32, it affects me lots so right now make up is a HUGE thing to me and I have to get it just right!!

  9. Amanda Geronimo says:

    Sometimes finding a creamy enough eye liner is difficult.

  10. Kellie S. says:


  11. Lisa says:

    Would LOVE to try something new!

  12. Lyn says:

    I like to keep it simple, so its not usually too hard, but I like to look nice quick and easy

  13. Kati Minas says:

    Yes!! Primer helps, but I have to use smokey eye shades or else I look silly. :)

  14. rhonda koons says:

    yes i like as close to natural as i can get. that way when i wear more its very dramatic and sexy.

  15. Debbie Moon says:

    Yes I do find it hard to get the right match

  16. Tracey Miller says:

    Yes. I usually do have a hard time finding the right combination. This makeup looks like it would help with THAT problem though! Thank you for the “flash” giveaway!

  17. Cassie Q says:

    Yes, I usually end up sticking with the bare essentials that I usually use.

  18. im pretty good with doing my eye makeup

  19. Yes with cream I do.

  20. Nadine says:

    yes, I have very light eyelashes and eyebrows and have a hard time making my eyes look natural.

  21. Jeanne says:

    Yes I do! Due, in part, to the fact that I need new makeup!

  22. Kelly Britton says:

    I never wore much makeup, but hopefully going to start dating again and Lord knows I can use all the help I can get. :)

  23. Melissa R says:

    I’m makeup obsessed so not really.

  24. Judith Short says:

    Yes, I find that the techniques and shades I fall back on are outdated and no longer age appropriate

  25. Debra Roehr says:

    Would love to win !!!!

  26. Jacqueline Lane says:

    YES!!! I like darker blues and purples with shimmery white highlights.

  27. Rhonda Sparks says:

    I do have a hard time I love the smoky look.

  28. Debra Roehr says:

    I have a hard time finding mascara and eyeliners

  29. Rae Moses says:

    I am no good picking out makeup, I usually just wear powder and lip gloss but I would love to win and try something new

  30. Jenn says:

    I don’t have a lot to spend on make up, so finding the right make up for the right price is hard.

  31. Melissa Hartley says:

    Yes & sometimes I get one lid darker or lighter than the other .. would love to win this makeup!!

  32. megan harris says:

    I always love to try bright bold new colors and get compliments every where I go on my eye make uo!!

  33. K. Cleaver says:

    I do have a hard time putting some makeup together especially when I’m purchasing it. When I get home, something won’t be the right shade or color.

  34. Christa C. says:

    I need this sooo bad !! I can never find the right shade for my pale skin :) .

  35. susan wiener says:

    Yes, it’s hard to match the smokey colors. thx

  36. Phyllis Storms says:

    I can never find the right combination…I need help…Facebook:pm storms

  37. Courtney says:

    Yes…I have never been big on a lot of eye make-up but I am beginning to try new things and I think this would be just the thing to get me started in experimenting with new products, techniques and looks! Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

    Stiletto Storytime

  38. Sharon H says:


  39. gerry davison says:

    yes i do im gettig older an i need something different.wish somene would come up with larger eye pencils,its hard getting those small pointed ones on eyes that cant see too good anymore

  40. Ashley says:

    Yes sometimes

  41. ashley okeefe says:

    as I get older I find it alot harder too , lehh sighhh

  42. Sue Mailman says:

    I love trying new makeup…eventually I might find some that really helps! ;-)

  43. Billie Jo Phillips says:

    I do sometimes have trouble finding makeup to get the look I want…

  44. vickie marks allbright says:

    yes i want a change :)

  45. Linda Walters says:


  46. misty rodriguez says:

    Yes, thats why I hate trying to do my own

  47. Susan Johnson says:

    I have such a hard time finding the right combinations of make up. I often wind up having to buy multiple brands to get the look I want.

  48. Susan Johnson says:

    I have such a hard time finding the right combinations of make up. I often wind up having to buy multiple brands to get the look I want.

  49. Suzana H says:

    Yes!! Makeup is one of the hardest! Sometimes I just skip and end up upset! ESP eyeliner/eyeshadow duo! ):

  50. Lisa Kostelnik says:

    I just kinda go with the same as I have for many years.

  51. Linda Foster Mayo says:

    I am a makeup addict. I love new makeup. I’m 64 and getting a divorce and I will need it despartly !!!

  52. Susana H says:

    Deff always have a hard time!! Totally not a master in makeup! Have to try atleast 2-3 times Everytime I attempt makeup ):

  53. Dezraei says:

    ILove All Makeup!

  54. Kelli Easley says:

    Yes I do have a hard time

  55. Tamika Buckley says:

    I really been trying to find the right eye makeup because my eyes are small. I have be buying and trying. I had a profession do smoky colors on me for a wedding and I want to get that look again.

  56. Robin Wilson says:

    Yes I absolutely have a very hard time

  57. I don’t have a hard time at all finding good eye make up combinations. I have very bright emerald green eyes and I love the combinations I can create that just make my eyes pop even more. I look best in earth tones.

  58. antane says:

    Only when I wear glasses…

  59. Daphanie says:

    Yes! Sometimes I go on YouTube to try to find new techniques

  60. Patricia Lacy says:

    Yeah when I actually have the time to do my makeup!

  61. Elissa Indoe says:

    I love eye make-up, but fear getting it wrong.

  62. Dara Brown says:

    Yes, I sure do! I’m always trying new forms of eye makeup

  63. Jana says:

    I always have trouble finding the right combination of makeup but especially I always find the wrong mascara!

  64. Melanie Caton says:

    Yes, my under eye concealer. I still haven’t found one to make the coon eyes disappear!

  65. amy deeter says:

    i have a hard time

  66. Tara Liebing says:

    I usually have no problems with my eye makeup

  67. Lisa Boyce says:

    would love this,,, thank you

  68. sonia ball says:

    Have a hard time with matching both eyes…lol eyeliner is the worse for me…:)

  69. Tammy Moore says:

    I have a hard time finding the right shade of foundation

  70. Cynthia Renee Phillips says:

    I have a hard time finding colors that looks good on me it is usually to dark or light. I would luv yo win this!

  71. Yes because I prefer to look natural

  72. Sharon Winstead says:

    always never can find the just right combination, it looks great on others but cant seem to get it right on myself thanks for the chance

  73. veda poff otto says:


  74. Juliette Mariano-Carlson says:

    Hard to find the right black waterproof eyeliner and smoky eyeshadows.

  75. Bonnie Ridenour says:

    Yes! I have dark circles around my eyes no matter how much rest I get. I really need something to blend in my skin tones.

  76. Aurora McAfee says:

    I have the hardest time finding good makeup!

  77. Kathy Cayabyab says:

    Eye make up + me = Very Difficult

  78. Cris Henry says:

    Yes, I do!!! I could prolly use a few tips…lol!

  79. Noelle Quade says:

    YEs, especially as I get older.

  80. nancy thomas says:

    I need all new makeup,MINE IS Soooooo old

  81. Tammy says:

    I have a difficult time finding eyeliner that won’t smudge and be totally gone within a few hours.

  82. Carrie Perialas says:

    Always! It seems that everything I try never turns out they way it looks in pictures.

  83. sally grubbs says:

    It’s hard to find the right makeup

  84. Trisha Kuster says:

    Yes I do

  85. Heather Noel Conner says:

    Yes… Eyeliner! Well, eyeliner and shadow. I’m okay with mascara, but who isn’t? Haha

  86. Amee Burr says:

    I always have a hard time finding good eye makeup :(

  87. Jessamine Marie Ricafort Dungo says:

    Yes I do. :) I’m picky :)

  88. jody r says:


  89. Tiffany McBaine says:

    Yes! Would love to win

  90. Pam Flynn says:

    Yes I have a hard time finding good eye makeup …all the time.

  91. Ellen Casper says:


  92. Vanessa W. says:

    Yes, I’d love to have sets only.

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