Castle Baths Natural Spa Gift Basket #Giveaway $60 value

I Love all natural products, add bath & body, plus spa products and I’m all ready to try them. Castle Baths is going to provide one very luck winner with a chance to relax in luxury, with this awesome gift basket.


Castle Baths specializes in natural luxury spa, bath and pet products. This small business is ran by Laura Dilley Thomas; who makes everything by hand, right in the comfort of her own home.  The list of amazing products are, but not limited to soaps, salts, candles, lotions, body washes, plus going the extra mile with a line of products for pet grooming.  This basket is available in fruitcake or chocolate scent and retails for $60.
  • This gift basket contains: one 6oz bottle of Sweet Dreams Hand and Body Lotion, one 2oz jar of Cocoa Body Butter, one 3.5oz bar of Sweet Dreams Natural Soap, one 4.5 oz piece of Fruit Cake Slice Soap or Chocolate Cake Slice Soap, and one candle, all packaged in a decorative gift basket.
  • This would make a wonderful gift for any woman in your life who loves to be pampered and spoiled. 

Castle Baths Handmade Fruitcake Soap

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Castle Baths is sponsoring a  Slice of Life Gift Basket valued at $60. Winner’s choice of Chocolate or Fruitcake!  Winner will be notified and have 12 hours to respond or a new winner will be drawn.  Giveaway closes at 12 midnight EST Friday, January 11.
Sorry  open to US only.

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  1. heather says:

    if i won i would choose chocolate

  2. Wendy Pence says:

    I would choose chocolate soap. Thanks for the fun giveaway! :0)

  3. Jacque H. says:

    Definitely fruitcake. Yummy!

  4. I would have to say chocolate for sure.. :)

  5. Amie Augustyn says:

    fruit cake

  6. I would try the Fruitcake soap! Unique!

  7. Pam C says:

    I would choose chocolate. Fun giveaway!

  8. John Travis says:

    I would choose chocolate

  9. Dawn Sterner says:

    Fruitcake looks cool!

  10. christine porter says:


  11. Either one!

  12. Rhonda S. Phillips-Tenderholt says:

    I’d choose fruitcake. It looks good enough to eat!

  13. Holly Trudeau says:

    Chocolate! Hopefully I won’t try to eat it ;)

  14. Mary Mudd says:

    Fruitcake!! No, Chocolate!! No, I would choose the Fruitcake, it looks really cool.

  15. Christine C says:

    Chocolate (thought fruitcake sounds intriguing)

  16. Jaime Saunders says:

    I would choose fruit cake

  17. Autumn B says:

    Chocolate soap!! yum!

  18. shauna collins says:


  19. Nancy Cargil says:

    Chocolate one! thank you!

  20. christina holmes says:

    chocolate! : )

  21. Joanne Alvergue says:

    Fruitcake ‘cuz it’s really pretty!

  22. probably chocolate

  23. Susan Johnson says:

    I’d choose the fruitcake, because I like fruit scents better than chocolate for bathing, and the fruitcake is so pretty!

  24. Kathy Goyer says:

    Fruitcake for sure :)

  25. Ester Geraldine De La Cruz says:

    I would love to try out the chocolate.

  26. Kati says:

    Chocolate. <3

  27. Anne-Marie Sears says:

    Ooooohhh the chocolate looks yummy….hahahaaa :) Thanks!!!

  28. ashlee lewis walls says:

    Chocolate is there really any other choice :)

  29. Elizabeth m says:


  30. co schaefer says:

    I love anything chocolate

  31. Shayna says:

    Fruitcake cause id be tempeted to eat the chocolate one lol just playing.

  32. I would choose fruit cake.

  33. i would choose chocolate, thanks for the giveaway.

  34. Renee says:

    I love anything chocolate

  35. Chocolate all the way

  36. sally grubbs says:

    Fruitcake sounds nice

  37. Allison Hutson says:


  38. Christine says:

    I would choose fruit soap!

  39. chocolate please

  40. I would choose fruit cake, thanks

  41. Karen says:

    fruitcake :O)

  42. Barbara Butler says:


  43. BeLynda Smith says:

    OMG chocolate for sure!!!

  44. louise croft says:


  45. Wendy Sanders says:

    Chocolate;) oh yeah, def chocolate

  46. mary fanara coleman says:

    Fruitcake soap looks fun.

  47. Wendy Sanders says:

    Chocolate;) but wait FruitCake; lol! I’d honestly be thrilled with either:)

  48. Allison Revilla says:


  49. Wendy Sanders says:

    I Don’t have a twitter account So I DON’T TWEET. Don’t really understand it!! LoL.. My chances just decreased

  50. Lilia says:

    I would choose Chocolate :)

  51. billie c says:

    chocolate please

  52. Sandy McFadden says:

    Love the chocolate one please

  53. I’d have to choose the fruitcake one. It looks like it has all kinds of fun little floaties in it lol

  54. Susan H says:

    absolutely chocolate…but the fruitcake would be a definite second:)

  55. tracy webb says:

    I would want fruitcake.

  56. Keesha says:

    Chocolate :D

  57. rachel says:


  58. Krysta says:

    The fruitcake is prettier, but I would choose chocolate : )

  59. Sonya says:

    I would choose chocolate

  60. Manette martinez says:


  61. Gayle J says:

    I would choose the fruitcake

  62. Stephanie says:

    fruitcake – since I don’t eat it, might as well wash with it!

  63. michelle warner says:

    fruitcake soap sounds great to me

  64. Jess Lundgren says:


  65. Lisa Schweizer says:

    I would try chocolate! Sounds heavenly :)

  66. tara b. says:

    fruitcake :)

  67. Monica Platz says:

    Chocolate please!

  68. candace swoveland says:


  69. Cassie Korando says:

    Fruitcake. Although I love chocolate, I don’t want to bathe with it or smell like it. :)

  70. I would choose the chocolate soap.

  71. dana flynn says:

    chocolate soap! That’s sound good to me!

  72. Melissa Dealmeida says:

    I’d choose fruitcake! My mother -in -law would get a real kick out of it!

  73. Judy Lee says:

    I would try the Fruitcake Soap,thanks.

  74. Jennifer Rote says:

    I would choose chocolate.

  75. jodi frasier says:

    I would choose chocolate. Thanks

  76. Amy Orvin says:


  77. Debra says:


  78. Leah CB says:

    I would choose the chocolate soap. I love to eat it so much,so I may as well bathe in it!

  79. Michelle Proper says:

    the fruitcake! Thank you!! Happy New Year!

  80. Dena Sablotny says:

    Fruitcake soap please

  81. Holly Thomas says:


  82. Patricia Wright says:


  83. I guess fruit cake

  84. Jane Ritz says:

    Chocolate.Thanks for this giveaway.

  85. Eric Sanders says:

    The chocolate soap

  86. Laurie says:

    chocolate please :)

  87. brianna newbould says:

    chocolate lol ive never been a fan of fruit cake

  88. Mikki Cross says:

    I’m thinking I’d choose fruit cake. It looks so pretty in that mold.

  89. Chocolate =D

  90. Karrin says:

    Chocolate soap

  91. Amber G. says:


  92. Kathryn W says:

    I’d go with chocolate

  93. Angie Adelman says:

    Fruitcake flavored so I could give it to my sister for a Birthday gift

  94. christine porter says:

    fruitcake please..thanks

  95. shannon stotler says:


  96. Theresa Sigourney says:

    chocolate Thank you

  97. karen says:


  98. terri tillman says:

    oh my…..chocolate!

  99. jennifer davis says:


  100. Caitlin Clark says:


  101. Courtney says:

    I would probably go fruitcake…since I have made the switch to more natural, organic and handmade cosmetic products this is a really exciting giveaway to possibly win. Thanks!

  102. Jo Ricker says:

    Fruitcake soap

  103. Jenny Lynn says:

    I would like fruit Cake Please. Good Luck Everyone!

  104. Lisa Hackney says:

    I would choose Fruitcake! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!

  105. Katherine says:


  106. cheidy moya says:

    fruit cake

  107. Lori H says:

    fruit cake

  108. Chelsea says:

    I’d choose the fruitcake soap!

  109. runinboise says:

    i would pick chocolate but i would be tempted to eat it! lol

  110. tyra young says:

    the fruitcake looks awesome~

  111. Lisa Burke Cook says:


  112. rebecca says:

    pms-ing nee the chocolate

  113. connie smith says:


  114. Chocolate

  115. chocolate I love how it smells

  116. Pam Sims says:

    I would choose chocolate soap

  117. Diane Wolf says:

    I think I would go with the Chocolate

  118. Misty Taylor says:

    Chocolate all the way

  119. Vanessa D. says:

    chocolate please! :)

  120. Stephanie G says:

    I would have to go with the chocolate.

  121. Tammy Hollar says:


  122. Cea Bea says:

    Fruitcake, because I don’t need any inducement to gain weight in the winter, lol……

  123. KRISTINA MILLER says:

    chocolate for sure!

  124. Nancy R says:

    I love the chocolate.

  125. carol l says:


  126. Kimberly Wood says:

    Chocolate as I am a chocoholic! Thanks for the chance.

  127. gerry davison says:

    i think chocolate, although i really cant imagine which, fruitecake or chocolate soap would make me smell better? never thought about taking a bath with either,but would love to try both!!

  128. rochelle haynes says:

    Fruitcake soap!!

  129. brenda myers says:

    I would choose fruitcake :)

  130. Jan Waldroup Squyres says:

    I would choose chocolate. Thank you!

  131. brandi hawn says:

    probably the fruit cake b/c it looks so cool :)

  132. Felina M says:


  133. Jennifer frank-Lopez says:

    Chocolate definitiely.. Sounds AMAZE!!

  134. kemberley crosswhite says:

    chocolate :)

  135. Melissa T says:

    I would choose chocolate soap.

  136. Cristina C says:

    I would choose fruitcake soap.

  137. Elizabeth W says:


  138. Nancy Riley says:

    Fruitcake :)

  139. mary ortiz says:

    I would choose chocolate, mmmmmm

  140. Kellie S. says:

    The fruitcake soap. Because I have been told I am fruity ;)

  141. Brelyn Maciolek says:


  142. lisa says:


  143. holly buckley says:




  145. Yvonne M says:

    fruitcake soap…sounds interesting

  146. molli mcandrews glowacki says:

    Fruitcake would be fun!

  147. Debby Chandler says:

    the fruit cake soap sounds interesting.

  148. Cassi Warfield says:


  149. willis flanagan says:

    fruit cake soap. It ia sure pretty.

  150. jennifer barr says:

    chocolate :)

    chevybelair1 at juno dot com

  151. jennifer lane says:


  152. IRENE CYPHER says:

    Would have to be chocolate!

  153. carole says:

    chocolate of course

  154. Alesia says:

    Chocolate please!

  155. Rhonda Best says:


  156. Barb says:

    Hello. I would choose the Chocolate basket. Very nice :)

  157. michelle dement says:

    I would get chocolate :)

  158. mary ellen ashenfelder says:

    i would choose fruitcake :)

  159. Amber Kolb says:


  160. stephanie guenther says:

    the chocolate soap

  161. nicole kersenbrock says:

    I would choose chocolate

  162. Ana says:

    I would like the fruit soap!

  163. Ree says:

    The fruitcake looks really cool but I looooove chocolate :)

  164. Lisa Nicholson says:

    Fruitcake looks fun and probably smells amazing

  165. Melinda Dartmann says:

    C’mon…I’m a woman, it’s gotta be chocoalte

  166. Judith Coe says:

    I think I would liketo try the Fruity Fruitcake! Happy New YR!

  167. michelle gilliland mcafee says:

    chocolate please

  168. I’d more than likely choose the chocolate soap, but the fruit cake one looks really cool. :)

  169. Judy says:

    would love to win this

  170. leona H says:

    Chocolate for a spa day at home and york pattie finsh.

  171. i love it, wish to try this.

  172. i love chocolate as always :)

  173. Lindsey g says:


  174. Melissa W says:

    Most definitely chocolate!

  175. Doorsie says:

    Fruitcake :)

  176. Lobella Dela Pena says:

    fruitcake soap please

  177. Michelle Hicks says:

    Chocolate Please!

  178. Judy Gregory says:

    i’d choose fruitcake. my roomie might try to eat the chocolate

  179. barb h says:

    I would definitely loooovvvveeeee chocolate!

  180. alisha ramsey says:


  181. kaye lake says:

    I would choose fruitcake!!!!

  182. Cassandra Bapst says:


  183. Debbie Moon says:

    I love chocolate :)

  184. Trisha Kuster says:


  185. Marsha D says:

    I would choose the fruitcake…it looks interesting :)

  186. Sherry says:


  187. Brenda Marquis says:

    Chocolate of course, lol!

  188. Taryn Pasco says:

    I would choose chocolate.

  189. Kelly McGrew says:

    fruitcake just because its funny! lol

  190. Stephanie Evans Gordon says:

    Fruit cake :)

  191. angela reardon says:

    That is hard choice. Probably fruit cake!

  192. Debbie Hartfield says:

    the chocolate because then I could smell it all day! ;-D

  193. tiffany greinke-madan says:


  194. Jeni Mitchell says:

    I’m tempted by the chocolate, but would choose the fruitcake.

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