Bluewick Candles “Red” for Valentine’s Day #Giveaway 3 Winners $100 Value each

Some of you may remember a few weeks ago, we introduced you to the wonderful world of Bluewick Candles! We did a giveaway with three lucky winners, and they were absolutely thrilled with their selections of Bluewick Candles!
Now it’s your turn to win! The generous folks at Bluewick Candles are partnering with us to give away 3 sets of their new fragrance, “Red” for Valentine’s Day. I have to tell you, this fragrance is sexy! It’s lush and sensual, and will be perfect to use in your home for all of your Valentine’s Day plans, whatever they may be! Three of you will win everything you see in the picture…a box candle, a jar candle and a diffuser. Each package is worth almost $100!! These candles are to home decor what haute couture is to fashion, or gourmet is to cuisine!

We have partnered with some other super bloggers to help us bring this giveaway to you. The Rafflecopter form below is a big one…but remember, you can complete as many or as few entry options as you like! The more you do, the better your chances!

Why is the Rafflecopter form so darn long??? Well…it’s not to irritate you! We know that your time is limited and valuable – you have a lot to do! But all of the bloggers on the Rafflecopter entry form have something to offer you…great deals and info on their pages! And they all wanted to be able to bring you this great giveaway! So just enter as many or as few as you like!

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**Open to residents of the United States. Bluewick Candles is responsible for shipment of prizes. This giveaway is in no way sponsored by or affiliated with Facebook.

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  1. Bonnie Ridenour says:

    I would pick the red if I won!

  2. ginger says:


  3. Jeanine says:


  4. johna says:


  5. Linda M says:

    I’d pick black.

  6. kristen rosato says:

    i dont care what one i get, just be happy i won :)

  7. Barbara says:

    Love it thank you

  8. Donna C says:


  9. Michelle C says:

    I would pick the Navy.

  10. KC J says:

    None really still thinking of what to do!

  11. Barbara Powell says:

    Just making hubby a beautiful cake from scratch an spending time decorating it for him.

  12. debby gibbs says:

    My fiance and I are going to be putting a lot of miles on the car this year for Valentines day. We decided that we are going to announce to both of our families that we are engaged and getting married. Our kids are spread out but we can make the entire trip in one day. There should even be time to stop and see my dad, he has alzhimers but not that bad yet, and let him know that I am finally getting married and to the right guy this time. My first husband died 31 years ago leaving me to raise the three kids on my own. I always called my dad to help me fix things around the house. One day he asked me “When are you going to get married and settled down so all my daughters are married and I can finally relax and well I can’t die till ya’s are all married”. I said, “if that’s the case I am never gonna get married.” We both smiled and I hugged him like I was never gonna let go. We had a big party for my dad this past summer his birthday and surprise family reunion with all his sisters that are still with us. He loos so frail. But he is still that strong handsome man I have known and loved all my life. I go to him now with a heavy heart but I know that he grows tired and I know that I do have to let go. Back in 1976 I was engaged to a wonderful man, but on February 14th of that year he died from complications from a car accident where a drunk driver had cut him off the road. I lost that beautiful soul on Valentines day, I feel it only appropriate to tell my dad that the love that I lost on that date has not been replaced but I have found the man who treats me as well as he did. I know that this is going to be my most memorable Valentines’ Day. It will restore my faith in Cupid, and in Love. I know my Dad will be happy for us and I will know that he can finally relax and rest.

  13. Mary R says:

    I have nothing planned creative or otherwise.

  14. Renee Dunford says:

    Our class at school is going to make pink and white, white chocolate covered marshmallows to take home.

  15. Marcia McGuire says:

    Only thing I have planned is spending the day with my husband. That’s about it.

  16. kaye lake says:

    I would pick the navy if i won….

  17. kaye lake says:

    No great ideas, just a nice romantic dinner, some champagne and maybe she chocolate covered strawberries…

  18. A walk on the beach, a dinner for two, time spent with one another, just me and you.(poet and don’t know it!)

  19. Cozy dinner for my husband and I

  20. Dana Denay says:

    Dinner and a movie for my husband and myself and will make a bag of treats for my teenager. I’d pick the navy if I won!

  21. Becky Grayson says:

    Pink cupcakes is about all I can muster after handling the needs of four kiddos. LOL

  22. Tina says:


  23. Kathleen Murray says:

    have had no one in my life for years. Love of my children,grandchildren and great grand children siblings nieces and nephews and friends is all I need.

  24. Jaime Saunders says:

    A nice surprise at work for my honey

  25. Mandy myers says:

    Nothing special in mind, gonna spend valentines day with my husband and my son! <3 em! Ty

  26. Red Velvet Cupcakes and Champagne

  27. Terri Rickert says:

    Fill a cabin with red and pink balloons, cover bed with rose pedals . Make sure to put candles and disapearing soap rose petals aside in the heart shaped spa tub for later, with champagne and chocolate covered cherries. Oh well it is our Anniversary also.

  28. Sandy Patton says:

    Ill just be spending it with my granddaughters, maybe make something for their mom and daddy

  29. mary ellen ashenfelder says:

    A family dinner with my loved ones — my Valentines. Lots of yummy desserts like red velvet cake — red sugr free jello for the hubby — heart shaped chocolates.

  30. AVA PERRY says:

    Red if I win.

  31. Brandi Brown says:

    I’m not a very creative person. But this year I. Have a secret date planned for my hubby. Since our anniversary is just a week later

  32. Amber S says:

    I think im going to make my own chocolate covered fruit & candy :)

  33. Anita Leibert says:

    My hubby comes home from work to find rose petals from the door to the bedroom. An awesome smelling roast is cooking in the crockpot ( His favorite ) I’m dressed in something that he will find quite pleasing and wearing his favorite scent. A nice warm bubbly bath is waiting for us with candles burning around the room. Satin sheets await us :) The rest is history!!

  34. Melissa O says:

    Go to the “first date” or “first meeting” place, if possible, to celebrate Valentine’s day

  35. Anne Milkie says:

    Bake a cake

  36. Charissa says:

    I’m honestly not sure. I won’t be celebrating this year.

  37. dymphna says:

    i dont have any good ideas…maybe i can get one from your other followers

  38. Kathy Lane says:

    Not much!I always do the same thing card,and out to dinner.

  39. Laura B says:

    My creative idea is to always make him a card, and create an awesome meal…

  40. Jan Waldroup Squyres says:

    Make red velvet cupcakes for the little ones. Would love the red one, thank you!

  41. Patricia Wright says:

    I’m not creative

  42. Michelle Proper says:

    I filled up little heart shaped boxes with candy and cookies I made and gave them out to my friends and family with old fashioned Valentine Day cards :) They loved them!

  43. Karen says:

    my beloved husband like legos , star wars, Lord of the rings so I look for those items

  44. JoAnn F. says:

    I will make heart pancakes for my kids!
    jofo120 at yahoo dot com

  45. Lori Tobin says:

    I have a stamp that puts a heart on the toast, make heart shaped pancakes, and put a smile on my husbands face :)

  46. 。 barb says:

    Love it!

  47. Ruby Yoshi says:

    Hiding the Godiva chocolate box that I won in their contest.. to surprise him on Valentine’s day

  48. Hoping to get a sitter and have a nice romantic night in

  49. christine porter says:

    doing something special for my daughter and best friend…something i’ve never done before..don’t really know what it will be yet??? but something super special, that they will always remember…..thank you

  50. April says:

    Dinner alone while kids are in bed

  51. Coby Green says:

    I don’t think I can talk about it here! lol

  52. Arielel says:

    To have an, easy, nice and relaxing night with the bf.

  53. Sue Hull says:

    Well since I’m single I’ll make myself dinner and hopefully win some chocolate. A candle to eat by would be nice too. LOL! These candles are so pretty. Thank you for the awesome giveaway! :)

  54. Gayle says:

    My granddaughter is very interested in jigsaw puzzles, this year her card will be homemade and sent to her in pieces. I think she will love putting together her special message.

  55. elissa boone says:

    renting a cabin along a trout stream in the mountains and spending quality time together

  56. Micaela P says:

    I don’t know, really. I’ll be making cinnamon buns in the morning for him from scratch, is that creative? Haha

  57. Give Valentines to my Grandchildren

  58. Amber B. says:

    Not sure. I’ve never had anything done for me on Vday. I’m very creative, but I’m going blank on this lol.

  59. Virginia Evans says:

    Spending with my husband with a special dinner in the plans

  60. Cristina C says:

    No special ideas for Valentines Day. I might cook steaks and make a cake.

  61. Sandra Dupal says:

    We don’t normally celebrate Valentines Day…hubby always said its for the card companies. But there are some years that I rub off on him. hehe And this year I am making him a little book that will say on the cover “52 Reasons why I love you”. Its a scrapbooking idea with all my reasons. I usually do some little surprises along the way.

  62. Christine says:

    I plan on making Valentine cookies or cupcakes with my daughter! My daughter’s Birthday is the day before Valentines Day!

  63. heather mason says:

    when my bf buys me flowers i always let them dry out and use them for special things but 1 yr i made a huge heart on our bed and wrote love in the middle :-) it was really pretty.

  64. Shauna Lynn says:

    I guess I’ve never really thought about it. I’m more the simple type so I’d want something simple though.

  65. Julie b says:

    Typically we stay home and watch tv. Maybe get take-out. Been married 21 years and thats how we roll.

  66. Cassie Korando says:

    Oh gosh, I have no creative ideas aside from eating delicious food. :)

  67. Virginia Rogers says:

    I have no one for Valentine’s day, but the most creative gifts I have ever gotten were the cards and hearts my kids used to make me when they were little, have raised as single mom for 17 years. I do however love candles, thanks so much for a chance at this amazing giveaway, very appreciated.

  68. thuy vu says:

    I am not very creative. I just buy flowers.

  69. carol roberts says:

    i have no plans except to help the kids eat chocholate

  70. The most creative thing that I do is prepare a smoked prime rib roast dinner for my husband because he usually works on Valentine’s Day.

  71. Rachel Holmes says:

    I’d go for the red… and I always give my kids and the hubby something special and a different surprise gift every time

  72. No plans!! Love the red!!

  73. Lois Sturino says:


  74. Kristy Mueller says:

    I have no creative ideas for Valentines day. I’m more a roses or orchid woman with some chocolates :)

  75. Robin Wilson says:

    I NEED a creative idea. These candles would be a start!

  76. Julie Sullivan says:

    My idea would be to get a nice hotel room with a jacuzzi and decorate it with candles, flowers, balloons, chocolate ,red wine , and take my sweetheart their to surprise him!!

  77. Marsha Cecil says:

    just have a relaxing day

  78. Haley Hollan Hernandez says:

    kids at grandma’s and a day with just me and hubby

  79. Denise says:

    To spend it happily alone

  80. Danielle Papsis says:

    Plenty of great ideas but not the money to fund them… Oh well. Dreaming- I would take the weekend with my man, stay at a ritzy hotel, get a massage, have a candlelight dinner, see a comedy act, go dancing… the list is endless.

  81. Nancy Riley says:

    I work with young kids and we do many crafty things for valentines day

  82. Samantha Baker says:

    Since I like to make things, I usually decorate a cake, make a card, or find some other kind of project that I can make at home.

  83. amanda wisby says:

    Im single so my creative plans all involve my 5 year old, heart shaped pancakes, lunch with heart sandwiches and such and decorating cupcakes.

  84. laurie says:

    i think i make a heart cake for my sons this year

  85. Kara e says:

    These look great!

  86. Amy McHargue says:

    Ever? I planned to take my boyfriend to a cabin in the woods at a park about an hour away…wine, candles, lots of love going on…then he broke up with me 2 weeks before Valentine’s Day :-/

  87. Kara e says:

    I’m surprising my bf with a weekend trip to the Gershwin hotel(very artsy and fun) in NYC. Went to the extent of talking to his boss and getting him time off and planning all the activities

  88. Donna Hornback says:

    A surprise weekend getaway!

  89. Jeanine says:

    decorating the house and making some home made goodies!

  90. Mitzi Fisher says:

    I have planned a big day with my husband. I hope we can just spend some alone time :)

  91. stephanie j says:

    I dont have any super plans for mom n dad..i do have a Valentines theme party planned for my youngest daughter who was born on Valentine’s day

  92. sherry says:

    i would pick the red,nice giveaway
    sherrya1210at yahoo dot com

  93. holly betten says:


  94. ive decided that the most romantic thing to do for valentines day is rent a motel room with a hot tub or a sauna a candle light dinner in the room and a very sexy evening with my hubby,

  95. Gloria Washington says:


  96. Maria says:

    I would love a red one:)!!!

  97. Strawberry F says:

    The kids and I are going to paint lots of hearts!! hehehe

  98. Olivia bartley says:

    I think I’m going to paint a heart shaped box, and put little things my husband likes in it.

  99. Make lots of heart shaped cookies :)

  100. Juliette Mariano-Carlson says:

    I’m going to be creative by making a delicious dinner and yummy dessert for my family.

  101. Jane says:

    Going to Red Lobster with the love of my life, my hubby of 23 years!

  102. kasey hinckley says:

    romantic dinner movie n cuddle

  103. Amie Augustyn says:

    love it would love to win!

  104. mickie lee says:

    I’ve never had much of a Valentines day, But I always hoped for something nice and romantic……..still wailting

  105. Jessica VanDerslice (AKA Sunshine Daedream) says:

    I am taking me and my son out for a play date, then a nice dinner (eaten in the park.. no nice restaurants for my two year old!), then I’m going to pamper myself with a bunch of handmade bath stuff and candles and a bottle of wine<3

  106. melanie jones says:

    Giving my s o love coupons!

  107. Elizabeth m says:

    I love it when I can surprise him with something he thought would never happen :)

  108. Heather M says:

    One year I used a red checkered tablecloth on a card table and candlelight pasta dinner. My creativity is lacking.

  109. Kim L says:

    Opening Hobby boxes with him, drinking his favorite drink and cooking his favorite dinner

  110. hayley s says:

    our own personal “spa night in” :) fun with just the two of us before the little guy arrives!

  111. Keisa Rogers says:

    Made a cake for my hubby and then me and the kids went and had our pictures done for him.

  112. michelle mayer says:

    Unfortunetly nothing good but being with my family is kindof special whatever we do

  113. Rae Moses says:

    I am the room mother for my sons class, so we will have a party! My son and I are making heart shaped crayons for all 21 kids ! My Husband has to work that night so I will make an early dinner and pink chocolate chip cookies!

  114. Wendy Pence says:

    The hubby & I don’t really do much, usually he stops at a local steakhouse and brings dinner for two home, gets me flowers or chocolate or both. We hate the crowds that are out that night. I actually really get into making Valentine Day bags for my kids, though. I stuff them full of neat little Valentine’s themed candies and other items. :0)

  115. nellana cook says:

    we don’t really do much with Valentine’s day here….

  116. Amanda Maletich says:

    Who doesn’t love candles?! Thank you!!

  117. Gloria Washington says:

    a dinner for two

  118. Amanda Maletich says:

    I hope I get to snuggle with my hubby and my kids for Valentine’s Day!

  119. tiffany sexton says:

    sadly, I really haven’t had a very creative v’day idea! need to work on that!!

  120. Tiffany Greinke-madan says:

    I am going to use pink food coloring with vanilla almond bark. Melt it down an dip Oreos in it.

  121. April Wray says:

    We like to do homemade gifts!

  122. jennifer dunkelmann-hon says:

    i am going to make dinner and then pack it up and go to our fave spot near the beach to hear the waves.

  123. Sandy Slade says:

    no longer have a reason to celebrate.

  124. Our Valentines consist of having a nice meal and getting each other a card. I don’t like to get flowers because I feel like they are a waste of money because they die in a few days. I don’t like the heart shaped candy boxes because I don’t like half of whats in them Don’t get me wrong the flowers and candy thing is nice but with our budget I don’t want it. Spending a nice quite evening with my husband and a card that he picked out for me is all I need. The card and memories last forever. The flowers and candy don’t.

  125. Keisha H says:

    I don’t have any ideas this year – that’s why I have pinterest :)

  126. Diane Zielinski says:

    Maybe some homemade heart shaped cookies with sprinkles and messages written with frosting for creativity.

  127. Michelle Harasewicz says:

    I would choose the black if I won.

  128. Janice Bright says:

    Just spending time together with a glass of wine, simple nothing extravagant..after 18 years we just bought a new set of wedding rings the other ones were a little too tight..our valentines gift to each other.

  129. Dana billiot says:

    I love cooking heart shape meals for valentines day

  130. jordynn cade says:

    This will be my son’s first Valentine’s day as a diabetic and he’s only 5 so we’re going to bake up some sugar free treats!

  131. Cheryl Bartram says:

    Spending time with my family making cupcakes

  132. Nicole says:

    Perfect for Valentine’s day!!

  133. Kathy Bennett says:

    Wonderful gifts! Thanks

  134. Jennife Crane says:

    I don’t do anything anymore,I like the candels though

  135. Sid says:

    9 yrs and 2 kids later….there are no more innovative ways…but a candlelit homemade dinner with my hubby’s favorite items are ayes every year…small cozy dinner.

  136. Jess B says:

    We just do fun stuff for our kiddos. Cute little baskets and balloons.

  137. shannon says:

    I really don’t come up with too many creative ideas on valentine’s day!

  138. Rebecca G says:

    I am not very creative anymore, after 8 kids. Any time together is precious, especially when one child is disabled and prone to seizures. Chocolate and the hot tub is about all we can pull off.

  139. Danielle says:

    Well I have no creative ideas, my husbands Birthday is the day before so i focus on that! But when we were engaged he took me to special places from our time dating and we reminisced.

  140. suzette arndt says:

    spending it with my kids

  141. Cathi Journey says:

    me creative? roflmao!!

  142. Suzy says:

    Quiet night at home. Nice dinner and back rubs.

  143. Jennifer Roberts says:


  144. patricia webb says:

    It would be red, thats the favorite color in our house.

  145. Jennifer Roberts says:

    Just making cupcakes and hanging out with the kids

  146. michelle gilliland mcafee says:

    I put rose petals from the door to the bathroom and had a hot bubblebath ready with candlelight and a cold beer.

  147. karen says:

    My girl friends and I do a girls night complete with Valentine boxes like in first grade, with grown up goodies.

  148. antane says:

    my boyfriend and I both work on V Day, but we do lots of little gifts on the days leading up to the holiday!

  149. laconda johnson says:

    I unfortunately have nothing planned. I don’t have a special someone in my life. Luckily I have my kids.. but its just not the same

  150. Edna Gonzalez says:

    I like to bake small chocolate cakes for everyone in my family, a small way to show them I love them!

  151. Michelle Graney says:

    We are a family of 7, so no date night for us, so we get In n Out for dinner and eat as a family in candlelightand then we exchange our homemade Valentine’s Day cards and treats!

  152. Penny Shepherd says:

    Homemade Valentine cards

  153. Barb Mac Millan says:

    Nothing this year, maybe next year! I would like the red one :) Thanks!

  154. Cathy says:

    Made valentines with my grandkids

  155. Deb G says:

    I would be very pleased to win any product and try something new!

  156. Jennifer Brenner Dawson says:

    I am planning on having my grandsons make a handprint heart and feet prints for their parents…

  157. Lolo says:

    Nothing special but the Canberra collection sounds as if it were to be a very relaxing scent!

  158. Tammy Lawrence says:

    Going to make red velvet cupcakes in heart shaped silicone baking cups!

  159. alena svetelska says:

    I’d pick black.

  160. Laurie says:

    My hubby will be working on valentine’s day, but I’ve planned a scavanger hunt of sorts for him on the following day off <3

  161. Sierra says:

    Red ;)

  162. Tracy says:

    I dont have anything really creative -planned. I’ll be fixing heart shaped cookies for the husband and kiddo. Also me and the kiddo have been doing crafts so thats been a lot of fun!

  163. sharron thyden says:

    Love helping…. I’m excited , love candles. Thank you.

  164. angela reed says:

    i have never celebrated valentines day so no creative things. and i would love to win the black one

  165. Allyson Hunter says:

    My creative idea is to have a special dinner at home followed by chocolate fondu with fresh fruit and pound cake bites to dip in it. Before hand we could both make each other a homemade card to share while we enjoy the fondu. :)

  166. beth cushman says:

    we don’t get too crazy – usually a little heart of chocolate and a card…………..but definately NO roses – they are just way to expensive at that time of year.

  167. Seyma Shabbir says:

    Most creative is ask each other what you miss most in the relationship, and try to bring it back!

  168. NANCY says:

    of course the RED,ill use it on Valentines Day,My BF dont do or nvr has done V~Day,so this will be my gift to myself,a wonderful scent in the house with a glass of wine & a Great movie ,he’ll still be at work in Louisana ny how….i hope i win ,Good Luck everyone

  169. Terra W says:

    My bday is the 12th so we usually concentrate more on that than on Hallmark holidays! But my dad always sends flowers for me and the kids for valentine’s day and we look forward to that every year!

  170. Pat R says:

    Not a creative bone in my body……..

  171. roseann teri says:

    i want this so bad lol

  172. Toni Holbrook aka:Native Heart says:

    a surprise pre-stocked & decorated hotel visit for hubby & I :)

  173. I only have one for kiddos V-day card ideas. Get silicone heart muffin pans and take a bunch of your childs old broken crayons pell the paper off if they still have it on and fill the heart muffin tins about 2/3 of they way with broken crayon pieces. bake in the oven for about 10 to 20 mins. on 225 or until crayons are melted completey then let them cool pop out and add to a decorative homade card that says “YOU COLOR MY WORLD” or any other phrase you deem worthy for the title and place crayon heart on the front. these will be a cute and creative idea for little ones to do for valentines day!!!

  174. Morgan M says:

    Watching romantic movies and a candle lit dinner, with massage coupons.


  176. Holly Koprowski says:


  177. Chavonne H says:

    Oh no I missed the giveaway! Sounds like an amazing prize. Congrats to whoever wins!!

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