My Job Chart Free Online Chore Chart and Reward System For Your Kids

I have always felt kids and responsibility should start as soon as they can understand what picking up their toys means and start helping you do it. Oh course it’s all fun to them at an early age, kinda like a game. When they figure out that it’s really work, then they don’t want to play your game anymore.

This amazing chore chart system was created by a dad of six. Just guess what his job is? Certified Financial Planner, now this was right up his alley to invent something to help the kids do their chores and to also want to with excitement. Was was intended for his six kids two years ago, now has 297,499 members and growing daily. I think he hit something big with this idea.

How Works! from on Vimeo.

This online program makes it easy for both kids and their parents. It help keep everything straight, encourages the children to want to do their chores. Helps the parents assign chores, plus make sure they’re done and reward for their hard work. To get your children to to their chores without complaining, wow that in itself has me ready to give it a try already. I would have loved for something like this to have been around ten years ago.


Another thing I love is that you can leave little notes for each other, the small things are what seems to mean the most, when we look back at our childhood, like little notes that say I love you. My Job Chart also help teach your children to save their money, so they can work towards something they’re really wanting.  It helps instill strong work ethics into the children, showing them at an early age just what hard work and dedication can get you, if you’re willing to put in the time and effort. How important it is to save your money, when you’re working towards a goal of something you’re wanting.

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  1. This is such an awesome idea!!!!

  2. Jenn says:

    Yay, thanks for the referral, my sister who has 5 boys is looking for something like this that will actually work for her family

  3. Stephanie L. says:

    I am in love with this! What a neat idea, whoever thought of this is brilliant! lol

  4. bella says:

    This is a great Idea.Thank you for sharing,

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