$25 GC to CafePress 4 Hour Flash #Giveaway



Welcome to a Pay It Forward 4 Hour Flash Giveaway for CAFEPRESS!!

Tonight we are giving away a $25 GC to CafePress where you can use it to get a few item as they have a ton of items for under $25 on their site! You can view some of them “HERE

Many of their cool iPad cases, unique iPhone 5 cases, personalized gifts are under the $25 threshold so this giveaway should meet any persons choice of item to receive!

If you can dream it they can Create it!



Emptynester Reviews favorite Item that jumped out to her was, this amazing Shower Curtain

There are literally hundreds of designs of shower curtains for every taste.

“Personally I think finding a shower curtain I like, is one of the hardest parts of decorating. I do not like just anything and hate the generic frilly one I have now. I have never even seen such a unique and original Shower curtain as the one pictured below”~Emptynester Reviews



Tonights Pay It Forward Crew Members for the 4 Hour flash giveaway are as follows…

Emptynester Reviews, Mom Does Reviews, Powered By Mom, Zoe’s Printable Coupons, One Mom’s Moxie, It’s Free at Last. Free Fun Fab Findings, Cajun Couponer, Donna’s Deals and More, Fuggs and Foach,

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  1. Lori Stahl says:

    I would love to have the phone cover!

  2. cheryl crain says:

    I think a mug, there are many things though

  3. JenniferB says:

    I would get the I love my awesome husband tshirt- too cute

  4. Poppy rushing says:

    Ty for a great contest!

  5. pamela says:

    the heart pendant

  6. Katherine Cano says:

    I would love to get a fun custom shirt !

  7. Becca Wilson says:

    I would love one of their mugs but there may be some other things up there I overlooked!

  8. shannon dewease says:

    I LOVE the bacon is meat candy apron!!

  9. Della Dabner says:

    I saw a t-shirt my teen daughter would adore. It said “blah blah blah” on the front. That’s her all the way!

  10. stephanie j says:

    Id love to get something for my mom

  11. Stephanie OMalley says:

    I would like to make my husband his own water bottle

  12. Daphanie says:

    The Sheldon quotes water bottle

  13. mary benack says:

    What a awesome giveaway i love the heart pendent an the mugs i would buy both

  14. I am in agrrement with the whole shower curtain thing, there may be different colors and such, but so plain, or too frilly, I would love to have something that I really like, and just goes with my taste and decor style. I also think designing your own Iphone case is pretty cool too!

  15. Christine says:

    I would like the heart pendant!

  16. Stephanie G says:

    A homeschooling shirt for my daughter :)

  17. Debra says:

    I would get a t shirt for my 13 year old that says “either you like bacon or you are WRONG”

  18. Stacy Bauer says:

    There are so many awesome things I want from CafePress!!! Custom t-shirts for me and my husband for our 10 year anniversary would be awesome!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  19. Nancy Cargil says:

    I like the heart pendant also! Great giveaway!

  20. LeeAnne says:

    After the day I’ve had, I’d
    love something given to me… :)

  21. Rhonda Sparks says:

    I like the lost t shirt

  22. Maddie K. says:

    I would let my daughter pick something out. I think she would ejoy it.

  23. Kim C. says:

    I’d let my 14 year-old son pick a funny t-shirt.

  24. Taryn says:

    Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway. I’d probably spend my gift card on the “I Make Stuff Up” Unicorn T-shirt.

  25. jeanette says:

    i would find something for my hubby,hes always thinking about me.

  26. Debbie Loy says:

    I new hoodie.

  27. Shana Franklin says:

    probably a mug for my grandmother..sheisaddicted to coffee..lol

  28. peggy fedison says:

    probably the shower stuff

  29. Mikki Cross says:

    I’d probably design a personalized ipod case.

  30. Mandi says:

    I love to make my own mugs. I drink out of my very own coffee cup every day :)

  31. Vicki says:

    I would love a t shirt with a cute saying

  32. Tracy says:

    Custom made shirts is what I would use it on!

  33. Nancy Stinson says:

    CafePress has some really cute t-shirts that I want

  34. Adrien Beatty says:

    the heart pendant

  35. Alison Roberson says:

    I honestly don’t know for sure, so many great ideas and things that I want!!
    Fingers crossed I would so love to win this Awesome Giveaway!!

  36. Judy Charger says:

    phone cover for my husband

  37. Guarddog88 says:

    My boyfriend LOVES T-shirts. This would be his for sure! :)

  38. Atiya Y. says:

    I would buy my husband a “Push button, Receive bacon” mug or t-shirt.

  39. Amy K. says:

    Printing T-shirts!!

  40. Dawn Cates says:

    theres too many things I would want to list lol

  41. Katherine H says:

    I like the mugs!

  42. Tanya Marie Franklin says:

    Oh a coffee mug! Adorable stuff

  43. Samantha Baker says:

    I would probably design a coffee cup!

  44. Beth McCall says:

    I would get a shirt for my business.

  45. Janet W. says:

    I would love to get a photographers T-Shirt.

  46. Amy M says:

    I really love the black and white polka dot license plate with the red bow…. so cute!

  47. Peggy Greco says:

    a pendant and/or mug

  48. thank you cards :)

  49. Kayla says:

    I would love the phone case

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