It Factor’s Quick Blowdry Shampoo,Conditioner,Simply It Smoothing Lotion #Giveaway 5 Winners $60+

Welcome to It Factor’s Quick Blowdry Giveaway! 
Have you heard of It Factor? If not, you will. It Factor has been dubbed by People Watch Magazine as “What’s Hot in 2012” and an “Amazing New Beauty Find.” InStyle Hair Magazine said their products have “The WOW Factor” and called them the “Best Quick-Dry Duo,” and  Launchpad Magazine awarded It Factor its “2012 Reader’s Choice Award for Best Shampoo and Conditioner.”


It Factor reduces drying time by up to 50% and leaves hair soft, smooth and shiny! To see Style, Decor & More’s review, click HERE!
It Factor Beauty has teamed up with Style, Decor & More, Kimberly’s Thoughts , and an amazing team of bloggers, to bring you this fantastic giveaway with extra chances to WIN!! 

FIVE (5) lucky readers  will each receive It Factor’s Quick Blowdry Shampoo, Quick Blowdry Conditioner and Simply It Smoothing Lotion! ($60+ ARV)
Giveaway Rules: Open to residents of the contiguous US (except where prohibited by law),
18 years of age and older.
Winning entries will be chosen by and verified.  Winners will be notified by email and will have 24 hours to respond to their winning email or risk forfeiting their prize! 
The giveaway will begin 2/3 at 12:00AM EST and end on 2/06/13 at 11:59PM EST.

♥Good Luck!♥

***There is only ONE mandatory entry. All other entries are optional.***

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Disclosure: I  received no compensation for this post. It Factor is responsible for prize fulfillment.

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  1. Mandy myers says:

    I would like to try any of them

  2. Tiffiny Palm says:

    I always need something for frizzies

  3. Autumn B says:

    I want to try them all!

  4. Carole Herold says:

    I would like to try the conditioner

  5. Pam Donica says:

    Definitely the smoothing lotion…. lots of frizz here.

  6. Lori Tobin says:


  7. Terra Heck says:

    I’d most like to try the shampoo. Thanks.

  8. Kathy Goyer says:

    I think the shampoo.

  9. Brandy Collins says:

    Smoothing lotion!!!

  10. Ally says:

    I could really use the smoothing lotion!

  11. Jeannie Eplion-Holley says:

    Trying to win this for my daughter so the smoothing lotion :)

  12. Toni Holbrook aka:Native Heart says:


  13. Michele K says:


  14. Pamela Warren says:

    The shampoo. ive been using the same stuff for too long

  15. I would love to try the conditioner, thanks

  16. rochelle haynes says:


  17. Cristina C says:


  18. Lisa Burke Cook says:

    I am looking forward to trying ALL of them but the smoothing lotion is what I really want to try!

  19. Debra George says:

    i would really like to try the shampoo

  20. Sarah P says:

    I have tons of hair and need the help big time.

  21. trista doerfer says:


  22. Nikki Elkins says:

    the smoothing lotion

  23. Heather! says:

    I need the conditioner!
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  24. Gayle J says:

    I would most like to try the shampoo

  25. Adonna says:

    smoothing lotion!
    i’ve tried the other 2 and they’re amazing

  26. Melissa A says:

    the smoothing lotion

  27. Erica Gomez says:

    Any one of them! But I am always looking for a new smoother so I think the smoothing lotion

  28. Amy McHargue says:

    The shampoo & conditioner – I can stand there with the blowdryer for 20 minutes and my hair is still only half dry. Drives me crazy!

  29. vicki hale says:


  30. Mimi Langer says:

    Conditioner. My hair is curly and always gets frizzy.

  31. Dawn Sterner says:

    The Smoothing Lotion!

  32. Allison Fraser says:

    would love to win

  33. Cheryl Bartram says:

    The conditioner, thx!

  34. I’m curious as to what the smoothing lotion could do for my curly mop?!?!?

  35. Cheryl Lynne says:

    I would like to try the shampoo.

  36. smoothing lotion

  37. Connie Lee says:

    I would like to try the shampoo

  38. Kim Cowgar says:

    smoothing lotion

  39. Melissa W says:

    The conditioner. Not too sure about the lotion.

  40. dale bartlett says:

    i have long hair.too my butt. it takes at least an hour or more for my hair to dry. what a hassle

  41. Tammy Greer says:

    I’d choose the shampoo.

  42. Becca Wilson says:

    I need the smoothing lotion!

  43. Michelle Proper says:

    The Smoothing Lotion for sure! Thanks so much!

  44. william saylor says:

    I would love to try the smoothing lotion.

  45. Karen Glatt says:

    I really like the smoothing lotion! It sounds like it really helps to give a nice smooth to my hair!

  46. Victoria Zumbrum says:

    I want to try them all. Thank you for the giveaway.

  47. Maddie K. says:

    i would love to try them all, but I think that the smoothing lotion sounds pretty enticing.

  48. April says:

    Conditioner. I need a change from current routine

  49. Donna Cheatle says:

    The conditioner!

  50. lisa says:

    I need the conditioner.

  51. Cindy Merrill says:

    smoothing lotion- hair very frizzy.

  52. Brandy W says:


  53. Joanne Alvergue says:

    Conditioner— we ‘re always running out!

  54. Denise Gardner says:

    Great giveaway. Thank you for sharing.

  55. Darlene Owen says:


  56. I would most like to try the smoothing lotion.

  57. poppy rushing says:

    Quick blow dry sounds amazing!

  58. Kelynnma says:

    I’d love to try the conditioner!

  59. Kathy Lane says:

    I would like to try the smoothing lotion.

  60. Kelly Beam Brown says:

    The smoothing lotion sounds great!

  61. Pennie Britz says:

    They all sound great, but the smoothing lotion would be my choice.

  62. Katherine says:

    the shampoo

  63. april says:

    I definitely need the smoothing lotion the most.

  64. Tara L says:

    The smoothing lotion

  65. Melanie says:

    I am on a quest for the perfect shampoo. Maybe this will be IT.

  66. IRENE CYPHER says:

    I need the conditioner for my dry hair.

  67. Karla says:

    I want to try the smoothing lotion..

  68. Nancy Musser says:

    I tweeted and shared again PLEASE I HOPE I WIN

  69. Natalie says:

    Smoothing lotion

  70. rita says:

    smoothing lotion

  71. LaNette Beck says:

    I would like to try them all.

  72. Barbara T Dunaway says:

    The smoothing lotion

  73. Patricia B says:

    Want to try the blow dry shampoo. thx

  74. tammy sbrocchi says:

    id love to try a condition

  75. Ashley P says:

    the smoothing lotion

  76. Melissa says:

    My fly-away hair needs the smoothing lotion

  77. Sonya says:

    the conditioner is what I need most.

  78. Ashley says:

    The smoothing balm

  79. Mitzi Fisher says:

    The Shampoo

  80. Linda Childers says:

    I need all of them, but the Shampoo would have to be the one.

  81. I could really use the lotion.

  82. Glenna Evans says:

    My hair seems to frizz out towards the bottom. My hair gets oily very quick too. I need something that is going to soften my hair and take the frizz out without making it more oily!

  83. Lisa Nicholson says:

    All of them

  84. Teri C. says:

    All of them :)

  85. amelia barhitte says:

    I have long think curly hair. I need some help sometime!!:o

  86. Denise says:

    Smoothing lotion

  87. Jennifer Nixon says:

    The smoothing lotion. Thanks for doing this giveaway :D

  88. Penni Ebina says:

    I would like to try the smoothing lotion

  89. Roxann Johnson says:


  90. Laura B says:

    I’d like to try the conditioner

  91. sarah gaines says:

    smoothing lotion

  92. ava perry says:

    I need anything that will help my thin and sometimes frizzy hair.

  93. angela says:

    any not picky

  94. christina holmes says:

    conditioner!: ) btw i love your blogs and giveaways ! thank you!

  95. Melissa Hartley says:

    Smoothing lotion since I color my hair often & sometimes it get’s frizzy ..
    thank you :)

  96. terri tillman says:

    i think the conditioner is what i need most.

  97. Trisha Kuster says:

    The smoothing lotion. I get horrible flyaway hairs in the winter.

  98. Mary Ann Knox says:

    I definitely need the smoothing lotion. Even after straightening my hair I still have flyaways & frizzies.

  99. Micaela P says:

    The conditioner! I always need a good one!

  100. Nancy Cargil says:

    all really! lol but the conditioner would be great!

  101. Jacki Tonyan says:

    The lotion

  102. LuAnn Anderson says:

    Would especially love to try the Quick Blowdry Conditioner!! This cold dry weather is so hard on my hair!! Thanks!!

  103. Renee Ziaya says:

    I cant wait to try these products even if I don’t win the contest I would be interested in a trial! :o )

  104. Polly Bourke says:

    I would love to try them all…I have never heard of them before

  105. Christina Cannon says:

    All three.

  106. Tiffany Gallehugh says:

    I have been dying to try this line.

  107. Christy H. says:

    I want to try the Shampoo!!

  108. Jennifer Sharpe says:

    I want to try the shampoo and conditioner. It takes hours for my hair to dry

  109. Phyllis Storms says:

    The smoothing lotion…facebook name: pm storms

  110. Christine C says:

    Smoothing lotion

  111. brandy b says:

    i want to try the shampoo and conditioner! thanks for the chndce

  112. estee says:

    Smoothing lotion

  113. Deana Avella says:

    i woudl like to try them all but conditioner is what i need lol

  114. Susan Galvan says:

    smoothing lotion

  115. Kristi Cartwright says:

    Soothing Lotion would be different, but most useful would be shampoo and conditioner! :)

  116. Shara Hayes says:

    I would love to try all three. But if came to needs I would probably use the smoothing lotion. Because I have really dry skin and nothing seems to work

  117. Gina Solomon says:

    The shampoo

  118. sue williams says:

    Smoothing lotion

  119. Samantha D says:

    Using all of them would be great but I’m most excited about the smoothing lotion.

  120. richelle leffler says:

    smoothing lotion

  121. Elsa Diaz says:

    I want the shampoo!

  122. Maria B says:


  123. Kelley Z says:

    The smoothing lotion

  124. co schaefer says:

    would love to try it all esp the smoothing lotion. thanks for the contest!

  125. Sandy Erwin says:

    I would like to try them all. My hair takes forever to dry.

  126. Cyndie says:

    The shampoo

  127. jennifer esparza says:

    I think give aways are fun and lovely ..they make others peoples lifes better and it distracts us away from problems just for a moment :) thank you ..good luck everyone!!!!Jennifer:)

  128. louise croft says:

    blow dry shampoo

  129. Lola Haley says:

    The Smoothing Lotion.

  130. misaki covington says:

    both of them please

  131. pattie stepp says:

    the conditioner!!

  132. Laura says:

    Any of them, my is in need of somefixing

  133. Laura says:

    any of them. My hair is need of repair.

  134. Smoothing lotion

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