Good Cook Touch Codes Treasure Hunt April 16 – May 21, 2013 US Only #GoodCook

What is the Good Cook Touch Treasure Hunt?

The Good Cook Treasure Hunt is all about Good Cook costumers and our readers having an adventure together. Good Cook has put together this awesome treasure hunt where you’re going to be searching for the Good Cook Touch Codes. Where will you find them at? They will be spread out on Good Cook and the 59 participating bloggers websites. We have all joined together to make sure this is a fun and exciting thing for everybody involved.

Good Cook Touch Treasure Hunt

Search for Good Cook Touch Codes on these Featured Touch Products

#1- 3pc Mixing Bowl Set

#2-  Measure from above 3pc “measuring cups”

#3-  Bowl, batter 2qt

#4-  Nylon locking tongs 12″

#5-  Nylon whisk

#6-  Nylon potato masher

#7-  Silicone pot holder,glove

#8-  Apple Wedger

#9-  Spreader Spatula

#10- Plastic mixing bowl, 3 qt.

#11- Poultry Shears

#12- Citrus Zester

#13- Santoku Knife 7”

#14-  Wood Turner


Still looking for some  Good Cook Touch Codes???


Well look here and enjoy your journey on finding all the Good Cook Touch Codes! I wish everybody the best of luck! And I hope everybody has as much fun doing the treasure hunt, as we are providing it for you. The ones who find the most or all 115 codes will be entered to win one of three Good Cook Touch grand prize gifts! So there is going to be 3 Grand Prize Winners!!!! Sound awesome to you? I’m SO excited for this and have been waiting weeks for it to start! Ready? Set? GO!!!!! The Hunt is ON!!!!!


During the Good Cook Touch Treasure Hunt we will be offering giveaways for this amazing 2qt Touch Batter Bowl. I will be breaking them up into giveaways so they’re running throughout the treasure hunt. I will be giving you options for daily entries so it spreads the entries out and gives you better odds of winning. SO make sure you you come back for your daily entries!

Good Cook Touch Treasure Hunt

If you’re looking for some amazing kitchen products you can get 10% off with promo code:  HUNT 

To make things even more awesome the Touch products have an instant savings of 30% off.



PLEASE this is US Only, Sorry about that and I don’t like saying it, but if you enter without a US address and you’re one of the winners, then you forfeit your prize and a new winner will be picked.

Good Cook Touch Treasure Hunt
No prizes will be mailed out till the 2nd week of May. Sponsor has 4-6 weeks to get the prizes to the winners.

Good Cook Touch Treasure Hunt

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  1. rochelle haynes says:


  2. D SCHMIDT says:

    I have found 17 codes so far!

  3. Holly Uhler says:

    In case it’s important… 1 site link is bad 7 have yet to post their codes

  4. Holly Uhler says:

    As for how many…I am now at 42

  5. I have found 38 so far.

  6. 25 so far thank you for this hunt

  7. Kayla says:

    I’ve found 4!

  8. Rachel S says:

    So far 54

  9. Mary Beth Elderton says:


  10. Lisa Brown says:

    I found one

  11. Anastasia says:

    I’m up to 65 codes so far :)

  12. Angela says:

    I’ve found a bunch, but i haven’t entered them yet!

  13. Holly Thomas says:

    none yet!!

  14. Jeanine says:

    I can find touch codes, but I don’t understand how you enter them. I went to the website but i didn’t see anything about codes there. Help?

  15. Laura Smith says:

    I found 20 so far

  16. Michelle Harasewicz says:

    Gluten Free For Jen has the bad code

  17. Suzie Williams says:

    I’m at 52/115.

  18. DANIELA TAPIA says:


  19. Renee says:


  20. Candice says:

    The code for your page is not showing up. :(

  21. Fawn H says:

    I have found 4 so far, but just started about 45 minutes ago. I like to check out each blog as I go.

  22. claudia ellis says:

    67 so far and I plan on finding them all :)

  23. sandra says:

    only 27 so far

  24. Nancy says:

    I am on code 8….I have a ways to go!

  25. Nicole Carter Weasley says:
  26. Wendy says:

    I’m at 28!

  27. Michele P says:

    I am just getting started, so I have found 17

  28. Davis says:

    I have found 22

  29. Holly Abreu says:

    I’ve found 101 (I started from the bottom of the list and worked my way backwards).

  30. Andrea Williams says:

    I have found 45.

  31. Cindy Munkelt says:

    58 codes

  32. Joni Owada says:

    none yet,

  33. Ashley Morrow says:

    I found 107.

  34. Mippy says:

    I’ve found 4 so far! :)

  35. I have found 19 codes so far

  36. Angela Yeremenko says:

    I have found 97 codes so far.

  37. brandi hawn says:

    i’ve found 40 on their website but that’s it :)

  38. TawndaM says:

    16 so far… I’m doin it casual… lol

  39. Amber Faith says:

    I’ve found 3 already! I’m working my way to get to 115!

  40. amy rouse says:

    7 so far

  41. Kate F. says:

    I’ve found two.

  42. Helen May says:

    4 so far.

  43. Melissa P. says:

    I’m up to 109 codes.

  44. Shil says:

    Does anybody know how to find the good cook code on twitter? i am new to pinterest and twitter and i have no idea how to search for them…also i am missing 3-4 codes not sure how…any help…i went thru the blogger sites and the touch codes plus the FB code so i am up to 105…thank u in advance!

    • Kimberly says:

      If you go to to find the codes that are released on the social media. They will be posting them through out the hunt on Twitter and their Facebook page. There is 6 codes that they will post at random. I would make sure you’re got all the bloggers and then search for the rest. After you have all those it’s a waiting game for them to release the last of the codes throughout the hunt :)

  45. Shea Balentine says:

    7 =)

  46. Leah Shumack says:

    3 so far!

  47. Kim Pinch says:

    I have only just started and have 3 so far.

  48. Heather says:

    I have found sixteen!

  49. Christy Cummins says:

    I’ve only found about 40 so far, but the fun continues!

  50. Vanessa says:

    I found 21.

  51. lisa says:

    yeah find 200

  52. David Haug says:

    Four, but just getting started

  53. I’ve only found 1 so far! But now I’m looking, I just started.

  54. Gayle S says:

    I just started, yours is my second.

  55. ELIZA ELLIOT says:

    17 so far for me!!

  56. Shannon says:

    I have found 20 so far…it was 19 before I came here :-)

  57. Yolanda Flores says:

    I found 108 so far

  58. lisa says:

    yeah 201

  59. Tina W says:

    I have exactly 100 codes.

  60. Vera S says:

    I have found 33. :)

  61. donna joyce says:

    I have found 68 to date (hey that rhymes)!

  62. richelle says:

    I have found three

  63. Kathie Craig says:

    I have 97 codes

  64. Natalie J Vandenberghe says:

    I’ve found 55 codes so far (almost half-way!) Thanks for the giveaway.

  65. Judy Lipcsak says:

    I have found 26 codes

  66. Angela Erving Busker says:

    None yet, I just read the directions.. but I’m gonna start looking right NOW!!!

  67. none yet

  68. Amanda Rauch says:

    So far, I have found 17 codes.

  69. dawn k says:

    I’ve found 13.

  70. Pamela Summers says:

    I hace 21 so far

  71. Carmen S says:

    I only have 4 or 5 so far, but I plan on catching up today :)

  72. Rachel E. says:


  73. Heather Bridson says:

    I have 89 so far

  74. Sue Hull says:

    I only found 2. Thank you :)

  75. Kim Cowgar says:

    2 so far – just started

  76. Pam Lercher says:

    I love little things like this. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win

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