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Disclosure: I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Delta Faucets. I received a product sample and promotional item as a thank you for participating.
This summer we’re remodeling our bathroom and kitchen, they’re in need of some major upgrades along with a full makeover. When I applied to be an Ambassador for the  Delta In2ition Showerhead I was so excited at the thought of being approved for it. When I got that email telling me congratulations they had picked me, somebody should have been recording my response. Not only was I doing my happy dance all around my living-room, I felt like a child who had just got something they have been dreaming about for years. See women are not that hard to make happy, if it’s helping make life easier for us as mothers and saves us time, it’s always going to be a win-win situation. Getting a top of the line home improvement company like Delta wanting you to review their product brought tears to my eyes.

As a single mother, time is always going by way to fast, there never seems to be enough hours in my day. If you’ve done any home improvements to your bathroom or kitchen I don’t have to tell you that Delta Faucets are things us moms do dream of owning. I had seen advertisements for the Delta In2ition Showerheads, I admit I was drooling as I watched just how easy they made it to keep your shower clean. The day my Delta In2ition arrived I found out there was so much more to it’s magical wonders, than just making it easier to clean.

Dual Showerheads

As you can see below this is by far the most amazing shower head I have ever seen, the things you can do with it are unbelievable  It’s gives you many options on how you can take your shower, if you’ve had a rough day relax and enjoy a massage. You can change it just by the push of a button, there is nothing complicated about using the Delta In2ition, from installing it to enjoying a nice relaxing shower, Delta made it as easy to use as possible.
Delta In2ition Ambassador

With H20kinetic Technology you get a powerful spray using less water. I love the fact that Delta In2ition Showerhead allows you to put the water on pause, this is something that is a huge water saver, and perfect for people who have water wells. Unless you live in the city here you have a well, in the summer if it’s been dry, water consumption is something you have to watch for.
Delta In2ition Ambassador




No matter how you like your showers, Delta In2ition Showerhead is for sure a wonderful choice, plus you may find out just what you’ve been missing all these years. Don’t worry I have a whole lot more to tell you about this awesome universal 3 in 1 shower head. I will be posting a video along with a follow up after we’ve used it for a longer period of time. I’m loving my 4  jets, shiny chrome In2ition so far, plus it’s guaranteed for life. Delta I think I’m your biggest fan!

Delta In2ition Ambassador

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  1. Shirley Carr says:

    Very funny commercial about this shower head!

  2. Thanks for the post and I love Delta faucets, they are a very reliable company.

  3. rebeka deleon says:

    i love that it is 4 different settings! maybe i should look into a new shower head. this is great

  4. Shirley Carr says:

    Reminds me of a really funny commercial!

  5. lisa says:

    That shower head looks so cool. We have an old home and I suspect the original shower head. It’s about time to replace it. I’m going to check this out. Thanks!

  6. natalie parvis says:

    I need to get one of these! So nice!

  7. laurie damrose says:

    Wow1Looks like I found my new showerhead1Thanks

  8. laurie damrose says:

    Nice showerhead.

  9. veronica lee says:

    Our shower head needs replacing and this might just be the one we’re looking for.

    Thanks for this very informative post!

  10. Tina says:

    I am loving the look of this showerhead! I also love that it has 4 spray settings and allows you to put the water on pause. I definitely want one of these. Thank you for the awesome review.

  11. essijay says:

    i’ve lived in my current apartment for nearly 5 years now… and we share our bathroom with the renter(s) in the other downstairs apartment… i totally LOVED the showerhead that we had for the first 4 years, but when the current guy moved in he switched it with some inferior head and i hate it. dunno if i’d actually like this, apparently i’m a bit picky lol

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