Where In The World Have You BEEN????? UMMM…..

I have been asked that along with about 10 other questions from everybody wanting to know how I am. Well I didn’t get abducted by aliens, that would be way to much fun I guess ;) .

Most know I’ve not been well for the last few months, I have a doctor for about every single part of my body, if not I’m sure they’re not done with me yet lol. After more doctors appointments than I can count, infusions and about every vitamins on the market added to my daily routine along with a few hospital stays, I think they’re done with me for a little bit.

In all I’m back and feeling a lot better than I was, as for answers, I don’t think they even have all of them to tell me what happened or is happening. To all my sponsors waiting on reviews and giveaways, I’m truly sorry for the delays and hold ups. I will be working as fast as I can to get everything going so we can get my to do pile down to a done pile. I would love to thank each and every one of you for being so understanding about everything.

I would also like to thank everybody for your emails checking up on my throughout my on and off rocky road the last few months. You’re all the best and I have missed everybody! I’m now back and ready to get some things done, I have to get all this done so I can claim my living room again :) ! Even though it’s past my 1 year, I still have to celebrate it with y’all and I’m so excited about that. By next week there is going to be all kinds of thing going on here, so stay tuned for lots of fun.

If you have sent me an email and not yet heard back from me, please resend me one. I have over 2 thousand emails to get through, I’m slowly trying to sort through them. I haven’t logged into my Facebook in so long that it told me I logged in from an unknown device last night, it took me till this morning to get back into my account. I guess Facebook thought something was wrong if I hadn’t logged in for over a week, that’s bad lol.

So here is to a whole bunch of better days and a whole lot of fun to be had. I’m Back, just not in Black ;) !

About Kimberly

I'm a 37yr old single mother of three amazing kids. They are the light, and joy in my life, the best thing I've ever been called is Mommy. I'm new to blogging and websites, it seems I caught on really fast and found something I feel I'm good at. But I'm not new to talking and rambling. I'm great at it :) I'm a writer, singer, photographer, and I Love to Laugh.
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  1. sending prayers your way hoping everything goes good for you…. and welcome back!

  2. Ruth Buning says:

    Welcome Back, you take your time we can wait, most important is that you are feeling better…

  3. Kimberly says:

    Than ks so much Ladies! I adore all of you and love having amazing people in my life! Also thanks for the emails I got today after posting this, I promise I will be getting back to everybody soon. I thought I was going to get to reviews done today, but I only made it through 1. But tomorrow is another day and as each day goes by, I get stronger :) HUGS <3

  4. veronica lee says:

    Welcome back, Kim! You have been missed!

    Sending lots of hug and prayers your way!!!!

  5. Barbara says:

    Welcome Back, you take your time we can wait!!!! :)

  6. dawn k says:

    Hoping you will feel better everyday. Welcome back!

  7. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    Glad you are feeling better and back! :)

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