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As you know I recently received a Delta In2ition Dual Showerhead to review. Have you ever wanted to change your shower head and thought it would have to be done professionally? Well this post is to prove just how easy it is to install In2ition Shower Heads, it really is just as simple as 1-2-3.


As you can see in the picture below, there is a screen, seal and the threads to screw your new shower head on.

  • All you have to do is remove your old shower head by unscrewing it.
  • Then you wrap the plumbers tape around the threads of your shower pipe to insure there is no leaking and a tight fit for your new In2ition Shower Head.
  • Slide your new In2ition Shower Head up to the pipe and firmly screw it onto the pipe.


Dual Showerheads
As you can see below it really is that easy, my teenage son installed our Delta In2ition Dual Showerhead in less than 7 minutes. I thought he was just taking it into the bathroom to look at how it went on, he came out and said “Hey Mom, it’s done and you’ve got to see how great it works!” After I got over my shock of him installing it without me taking any pictures of him doing it or recording the whole installation, I jumped up to check out his handy work.  He’s still in the dog house for doing it without me, but he did offer to take it off and do it again if I wanted. I declined thinking about my mom always saying if it’s not broke, don’t mess with it.
Dual Showerheads
He did an awesome job installing our new Delta In2ition Dual Showerhead, you can see where he took the plumbing tape up higher than he needed, but it’s not a problem at all and I know it’s for sure not going to leak! The little lever on the side helps you decide just how you’d like to take your shower. You can use just the 6 inch fixed showerhead or you can use just the handheld shower and if you want the full effect you can use the lever to turn them both on at the same time.
Dual Showerheads
We are 100% satisfied with our amazing Delta In2ition Dual Showerhead, from the easy installation right down to the awesome choices we now have for taking a relaxing shower. I picked a chrome  finish, I love everything to shine in my bathroom, the chrome is easy to clean for the perfect shine in just seconds.
Dual Showerheads

The fact that this shower head can be turned into a handheld shower just by grabbing the handle and pulling it off the magnetic base, is a huge plus for me. I can’t think of anything else I could want in a shower head, thank you Delta for making the perfect shower head for my life and bathroom decor.
Dual Showerheads



Below in the video you will see my wonderful son explain what he did to install our new Delta In2ition Dual Showerhead. It is short and sweet since he installed it without me in the bathroom, but he did a recap of what he did. He’s not big on being filmed, I think he’s going to be better at it before I’m done with him and reviews. Besides he is the one who installed it without me in there, right?

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  1. Amy Green says:

    We have this model in our upstairs bathroom and it’s great!

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